How do you recognize what’s inside a package without opening it? They have Packing List Envelopes that are like name tags on every shipping box. Packing List Envelopes are great packaging accessories that bridge the initial gap between seller and receiver by communicating what is packed within. When there are so many packages to stock, it is important to identify the inner contents to organize them properly and allocate necessary handling procedures in order to prevent packaging loss.

Packing List Envelopes


Packing List Enclosed Envelopes ensure to convey the necessary package-related data to the receivers in the most specific manner making shipments self-explanatory. Also known as Document Enclosed or Packing Slips, these accessories play a vital role in the packaging industry. To be able to serve their purpose, these envelopes need to be strong enough to bear various climatic as well as temperature conditions. Also, they must adhere to the guidelines of third-party courier companies such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS because they are the most commonly used platforms for shipping packages across various industries. Since the envelopes are present on the exterior of packaging boxes, they must be resistant to punctures, tears, and moisture for longevity. The Packing List Pouches ought to be easy to open with a strong, uncompromised adhesive that easily sticks to cartons, corrugated boxes, and other shipping material.

There are multiple choices available in the market for different business needs. Some of the most commonly used Packing List Envelopes are:

  1. USA Packing List Envelopes
  2. Packing List Enclosed Envelopes
  3. Re-Closable Packing List Envelopes
  4. Clear Packing List Envelopes
  5. Invoice Enclosed Pouches

Looking into specific business purposes, you can choose the Packing List Envelopes based on the following criteria:

Travel distance:  Your packages may have to travel different distances before they reach their receivers. For short to medium distances, single-use Packing List Envelopes or Re-Closable Packing List Envelopes are recommended. However, when your shipments are subjected to frequent observation, it is advisable to use Side Loading Packing List Envelopes that have a strong adhesive backing and can handle rough shipping procedures.

Transparency:  Sometimes, you may wish to disclose the inner contents of the Packing List Envelopes while sometimes you prefer to keep it private. So, as per your criteria you can choose Opaque or Clear Packing List Envelopes. Opaque Packing List Envelopes are great if you prefer to disclose the contents of your shipments only to selected people such as invoices of your valuable items.

Packing List Envelopes are not mandatory but necessary. Even though you have the same type of shipments coming in, they hold the responsibility of making business transactions look professional and clearer. If you have not yet been using Packing List Envelopes for your shipments, it is time for you to give it a try. Visit to browse a huge variety of Packing List Envelopes.