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Packaging Design Trends

  • Consider Human Senses When Optimizing Packaging Design

    Human consumers are the ones you target to sell your product to. As humans, we distinguish our thoughts and decisions through the five senses which have been observed by marketing specialists for years, in designing products, as well as product packaging. Let’s focus on how triggering the human senses through packaging design can potentially drive them to purchasing your product.

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    Obviously, consumers notice the color, shape and text your product packaging displays and a visually distinct packaging makes you stand out from your competition. Here, make sure you do the exact opposite of what your competitors are doing. For example, if their package is loud with all sorts of pictures and text, follow a minimalistic approach while designing your package.


    Smell is an important aspect to consider as it is mostly overlooked. Remember that your consumers’ package unboxing experience must be unique and this can be easily achieved by carefully choosing what materials go into the manufacturing of your packaging and how they are processed. You may also think of incorporating a good quality scent into your packaging as that enhances the olfactory experience of your consumers.


    It is possible to interact with your consumers with your packaging. Consider incorporating pull-tabs, plush suede or pop-ups that would be truly a unique unboxing experience for the consumers. Such functional and interesting packaging would be worth sharing and you may stand out from your competitors while increasing the list of loyal customers.


    The auditory experience while unboxing your package is also an essential element. Don’t be too noisy with your packaging as that would be really annoying. You can refine every sound your customer hears by appropriate selection of packaging materials. Select heavier materials that sound deep rather than the thinner ones that have a higher pitch as the sound quality relates to the perceived quality of your product as well as brand.


    The sense of taste is more related to the food packaging. All the above factors – sight, smell, touch and sound impact the perceived taste of your product. How you present the packaging, how it feels and smells, everything plays an important role in perceiving the taste of your food product.

  • Useful Tips for A Sustainable Packaging Design

    The packaging of a product is influencing in today’s customer buying decisions, and manufacturers are trending towards using packaging that they think seem attractive to those same buyers.The recent trend has shifted to the use of sustainable packaging designs that are environment-friendly. ‘Green’ packaging is becoming more and more popular, and people are becoming inclined towards contributing in the universal motive to protect Mother Earth from future contamination of huge amounts of wasted material.

    Considering today’s societal situation, complete sustainable packaging is near to improbable, but not impossible. If sustainability is considered a journey, the goal of reducing its overall environmental impact becomes more achievable. While stepping forward towards sustainable packaging, we cannot overlook the obvious utility of packaging. It must fulfill its primary functions of enticing customers, protecting products, and facilitating convenient consumption, otherwise the energy consumed in manufacturing of the product is lost.

    Here are a few tips to re-consider while opting for sustainable packaging design:

    • Understand the life-cycle approach of packaging materials through Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) to know the environmental impacts of different packaging options.

    • Evaluate each component of your package and re-think about possible changes that can be made by using less material without compromising on product integrity and usability.

    • Consider alternatives for distribution packaging that reduces waste at the retailer level by creating bundles, pallets, multi-packs, and shelf-ready packaging. Using stretch wrap machines also helps in sustainable wrapping of products.

    • Look for opportunities where reusable packaging can be introduced especially in food packaging.

    • Employ strategies to encourage product consumption as most of the packaging materials cannot be recycled only due to left-overs sticking back to the packages.

    • Choose packaging material suppliers carefully and confirm that they are equally healthy while manufacturing those materials.

    • Evaluate your distribution system to reduce environmental impact wherever possible.

    When thinking of sustainable packaging solution for your business, ensure that you deal with the right packaging material supplier who adheres to the strict norms and guidelines of the packaging industry. Visit www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com to browse through the selective variety of reliable packaging supplies at very economical prices.

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