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  • Robotic Bagging Solutions Have Revolutionized the Packaging Industry

    Clear, crisp, and even tamper-proof bagging has ever been the need for reliable packaging solutions. However safe the packaging material is, you also need to ensure that you are equipped with the proper packaging machinery. Enter the new and innovatively designed industrial bag closing machine,

    Hamer-Fischbein has introduced a next-generation fully automated bagging solution. This machinery delivers consistent hanging, opening, positioning, and transferring of open-mouth bags with robotic intervention that confirms increase in production capacity while delivering reliable performance.

    Reclosable Bags

    The Hamer-Fischbein bagging solutions have revolutionized the way packages are formed, filled and sealed. They have accumulated experience from over 40 years to invent a fully automated bagging solution that withstand dusty products to produce clean and reliable seals. The huge horizontal machines are crafted to be easily used by anyone who has no experience working with them and they are easy to maintain.

    With the high speed and reliability of Hamer-Fischbein, the horizontal form, fill and seal machines are widely used in the industry in varied applications such as sand, compost, stones, cement, fertilizers, chemicals, metal oxides and dry solids. Their new FFS (form, fill and seal) machine - Model 3100 FFS is specially designed for concrete and specific needs of the market while The Model 2090 FFS is the perfect bagging solution for the wood pallet industry.

    Fischbein has been innovating and successfully bringing to market efficient and productivity-oriented bagging solutions that have satisfied a large sector of the industry till date. Packaging innovations have found a breeding ground with the research team of Hamer & Fischbein. We keep looking forward to such scientifically tested and performance-efficient packaging solutions that save both man-hours as well as man-efforts.

    The Hamer-Fischbein team has introduced many other bagging solutions including bag sewing & sealing machines, Filling & weighing machines, and robotic palletizing machines that have taken bagging equipment to a new horizon.

  • Why is E-Commerce Packaging So Critical?

    Pack it well, or you lose it…

    E-commerce has really made shopping simple and quick. Customers get to see, review and compare products before ordering them, and all of this happens at a single click. With such comfort and ease of shopping, they have become very sensitive towards how sellers attract them. There is no room for compromise and therefore it is essential to recognize every aspect of customer satisfaction.

    Ecommerce packaging

    Packaging is a crucial element of e-commerce business. Let’s understand why…

    Your buyer eagerly awaits the arrival of their package. The customer is obviously more interested in the product packed within; however, if the outer covering of the packaging is tampered, untidy, or doesn’t have that appealing factor, you are sure to fuse the anxiety and lose the customer forever.

    E-commerce packaging matters the most as it is the first physical interaction with your company.

    Some like it simple, others are fascinated by personalized packaging. Striking the right balance requires skill. Simple doesn’t need to be plain. It must include the necessary shipment details that provide the required information to the consumer while ensuring a clean design. If your packaging experts can think of it, there are various creative ways to engage customers, and this can be a standpoint for setting a brand image and earning a loyal customer. Including a packaging surprise along with your product will make a lasting impression!

    Marketing essentials have largely changed with increased conversation of brands with consumers. It is important to create an emotional bond with your customer as an e-commerce retailer by converting a digital process into a memorable e-commerce shopping experience.

    Companies need to win on shelves and online – both to remain competitive in today’s market. Packaging experts suggest using only quality packaging supplies from reliable packaging and shipping supplies dealers to be able to experiment and offer their customers the best shopping experience.

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