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  • How to Prevent Heat Stress Hazards at Work?

    What is Heat Stress?

    When an individual is exposed to extreme heat or works in a high-temperature environment, he is prone to heat stress that can lead to occupational injuries or illnesses. Workers involved in outdoor jobs or jobs that emit a lot of heat such as bakeries, farming, mining, fire-fighting, and others, are majorly affected by heat stress.

    Heat Stress

    Occupational hazards due to heat stress

    Heat stress can result in serious injuries like heat stroke, heat rashes, heat cramps or heat exhaustion. Heat can also increase the risk of injuries caused by dizziness, fogged-up safety glasses or sweaty palms. Employees can also get burns if they accidentally come in contact with hot metallic surfaces.

    Apart from the physical injuries enlisted above, it has also been proved by many research studies that heat stress causes workers to commit mental errors when the temperature rises above 95°F. A NASA study reveals that if the temperature is 95°F or above for an extended period of time, people usually make 60 mistakes per hour, without even realizing it. The mental fatigue is caused due to a disturbance in the human body’s natural, primary cooling system. At temperatures above 90-95°F, the human body loses its natural tendency to release internal energy which results in overheating and dehydration of the body. This consequently causes physical discomfort and fatigue along with diminished cognitive thinking skills which thereby hampers workers’ productivity at their jobs.

    How to prevent heat stress injuries?

    Train workers: Training is an important part of industrial workers as it prepares their minds to recognize and understand their job environment. It also helps them spot and treat heat stress injuries at the earliest to prevent further damage.

    Equip heat stress relief products: Safeguarding workers’ interests by ensuring proper medical aid at workplace is an important factor in motivating them. Equip essential medical supplies including heat stress relief products and burn care products to provide immediate first aid in case of an emergency.

    Provide plenty of water: Keep water in convenient locations to prevent workers from dehydration during work.

    Schedule short, frequent breaks: Plan your work schedule so that every worker gets sufficient amount of break in air-conditioned or shaded areas. You can also equip instant cold packs in the break area to soothe the workers’ heat stress.

    We cannot avoid heat; however, we can take preventive measures to control its effect. Certain environments require high temperatures and manual labor must be there to accomplish tasks. We can care for the employees and protect them from hazards by having optimum safety supplies and first aid medical kits. There are a variety of medical supplies, safety gear and industrial supplies, you can visit the online store and build your cart now!

  • Everyone’s Must Have - First Aid Kit

    Every office, household and even industries have a first aid kit lying somewhere. Public transportation too is mandatorily carrying medical kits, which are made easily available for the passengers in cases of emergencies. Whether it be an educational institution, corporate office or manufacturing plant, preliminary stages of training during introduction involves first aid training as it the very basic of healthy survival in a society.

    The first aid kits and supplies are made available with the following features:

    • Available in different models
    • Available in different capacities
    • Have the capacity to facilitate small to large groups of people
    • Available with a wide range of first aid products


    First Aid Kits and Supplies

    The material of the first aid kits (heavy gauge steel)provides the following properties:

    • Dust resistance
    • Weather resistance
    • Rust resistance

    The boxes have a hinge based handle that allows the first aid kits to be mounted on walls, making them easily accessible in case of an emergency. This feature is an extremely important part of the product, as ease of access cannot be compromised when it comes to emergencies.

    The first aid boxes include:

    • Plasters
    • Eye dressings
    • Triangular bandages
    • Scissors
    • Sterile Gloves
    • Safety Pins
    • Tweezers
    • Crepe bandages
    • Sticky tapes
    • Alcohol free wipes
    • Antiseptic cream etc.

    All the content of the first aid kits provided are ensured of complete sterility until and unless the packaging is found to be tampered with or opened.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com strives hard to provide its consumers with the best quality of products and the first aid kits in their inventory are an example of their efforts. Visit packagingsuppliesbymail.com today and assure safety and emergency treatment at your offices and households at the market’s best prices!

  • Medical Supplies Guide 03: Safeguarding Your Vision from Occupational Hazards – Use Eye Protections

    Looking at the numbers of occupational hazards happening, one must be alarmed and save the delicate beautiful little senses in place. Job related eye injuries have even caused workers to lose their sight. Not only this, there is a huge cost bearing on the employers and insurance companies on workers’ compensation costs. To prevent eye injuries, OSHA’s standards require industrial workplaces to provide eye care protections to employees that would provide proper protection against chemical, medical, environmental, or radiological hazards.

    Medical Supplies Guide

    What usually causes eye injuries at work?

    • Flying objects are the most common elements to cause damage to the eyes. This may include nails, staples, dust, or cement that are either ejected by tools or blown by wind.
    • Exposure to industrial chemicals can also cause damage to the eyesight. When the job demands constant exposure to cement powder, acids, fuels, or other certain chemicals, it may lead to mishandling or chemical reactions which may in turn harm the eyesight.
    • Swinging objects from a fixed position are another reason for eyes getting hurt. For example, ropes, tree limbs, or chains can be destructive.
    • Ultraviolet radiations are very harmful as they can lead to complete blindness when exposed to regularly.

    How can eye injuries be prevented at workplace?

    The best and probably the only way to protect the eyes from getting injured is to wear eye protections. Eye care protections are also recommended by OSHA standards as they have proven benefits across years. There are eye protections that are suited to specified duty. So, safety managers must determine the type of eye care products they need to purchase for the maximum safety of their employees in the typical workplace environment. Every industry has its own unique requirements and must equip a type of safety gear that best suits its requirements. Moreover, the eye care products, especially the safety glasses and lenses must be approved and certified by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1.

    Medical Supplies Guide

    Eye care products for immediate relief

    Although you stay protected, there are chances that you get hurt accidentally when your eyes undergo unbearable pain and need quick relief. Having Eye Sterile Pads, Eye Drops, and Sterile Eye Wash at your reach is essential as these are clinically approved products for industrial use. To stay protected from foreign materials, covering the eyes with eye cups or eye pads is recommended. At the end of the day, it is better to add eye solutions to eye pads and cover the eyes with them for a relaxing night’s sleep and recovery of any damage caused.

    At PackagingSuppliesByMail.com, we ensure that industrial workers have all the accessories to safeguard their interests at workplaces. Our products are essentially made from good quality material and do not cost heavy on the pockets of users. So, buy our eye care products now to build a healthy workplace and promote good health.

  • Medical Supplies Guide 02: Burn Care Products That Are Essential in Your First Aid Kit

    Flames and extreme heat are no play and burns caused by them give unbearable pains. So, in this blog we will introduce to you a few products that must essentially be a part of your first aid kit. Burns can happen anywhere – at home or at workplace and one must be rightly equipped with products that act effectively to reduce the damage. Also, if not treated properly, there can be bad scars on your skin that will accompany you lifelong and that’s exactly what you would never want.

    Medical Supplies Guide

    Which Burn Care Products Do You Need?

    • Burn Kits
    • First Aid Burn Cream
    • Spenco® Moist Burn Pads
    • Water-Jel® Burn Dressings
    • Water-Jel® Burn Jel/Spray

    Which Burn Care Products Do You Need?

    Our Burn Care Products include Spenco® Moist Burn Pads, Water-Jel® Burn Dressings, First Aid Burn Cream, and Complete Burn Kits. We also stock a good number of Water-Jel® Burn Spray/Jel that is easy to apply over untouchable wounds. We, at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com have a natural instinct to pack safety for our customers and our Safety and Medical Supplies are excellent sources of ensuring safety of individuals both at home and at work. In case you have missed our previous blog on Back, Wrist and Elbow supports, you can read it here – What Organ Protectors are Essentially Required at An Industrial Workplace?

    These Burn Care Products are great to travel with as they accompany you in case any incidence happens during travel where you don’t have access to any medical facilities. While the burn pads soothe the burnt area, the Water-Jel® Burn Jel/Spray speeds up the healing process and prevents bacterial infection on the wound. Also, for speedy recovery and lesser pain, we recommend using Instant Cold Packs and Reusable Cold Gel Packs that are very effective burn care essentials. They have proven their effectiveness in multiple cases. Cold/heat therapy products are often used when the injuries require a cool or warm surrounding temperature to be relieved of pain.

    Medical Supplies Guide

    Cold and Heat Therapy

    Being equipped with Emergency Burn Care Products you can save reckless injuries as the saying goes – ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com team ensures that its customers are safe wherever they are – at a work place, at home or in travel. So, do not waste any minute and order our Burn Care Products now!

    Get them here:



  • Medical Supplies Guide 01: What Organ Protectors are Essentially Required at An Industrial Workplace?

    Usually, workers working under extremely unusual conditions are exposed to dangerous risks and it is the sole responsibility to industry owners to protect them. Even though the kind of work does not include much physical strenuous activities, it may induce continuous movements or stiffness that would lead to muscle strain. For example, tailoring jobs or the IT jobs demand the employees sitting in the same position for long continuous hours which usually causes back aches and painful wrists. Similarly, sportsmen have to practice for hours together and mostly complain of joint pains and hurting wrists. So, a better idea is to equip the facilities with medical supplies which would serve as a protection against these health problems. We, at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com completely understand these essential elements and stock a wide variety of medical supplies along with the packaging and shipping materials. Below are some of our medical supplies that are most undoubtedly a part of any organization that includes continuous physical movements.

    Medical Supplies Guide

    What Organ Protectors are Essentially Required at An Industrial Workplace?

    • Fingertip Protection
    • Back, Wrist and Elbow Supports


    Stretching and stressing your backbone hurts really bad and can be understood only by feeling the pain. The back supports whole of your upper body and straining it too much isn’t obviously good. Our thoughtfully designed Back Support instruments help maintain a cozy, ergonomic position by establishing proper cushioning at the exact points of distress. These Back Support Bands are effective as preventive measures to avoid back aches and also great as a treatment source to sufferers.

    Wrists are one of the most delicate parts of the human body and one cannot even imagine life without the hands, especially the palm and properly functioning fingers. However, maybe people are too busy to pay attention to this critical organ until it troubles them of pain or non-supportive behavior. The wrist joint needs special care whether or not performing strenuous activities. Our Wrist Wraps, Wristlets, Thumb Lock Wristlets and other wrist supports are specially designed to offer comfort to the wearer and to avoid any injury to the joints. These elastic wrist supports are manufactured with quality material that is completely safe and equipped with anti-microbial lining to ensure safety and feasibility of use. For better comfort, we suggest using our Hand and Wrist Supports as it offers greater strength to the hands.

     Latex Finger Cots available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.comBack, Wrist and Elbow Supports available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.comFinger Safety Tape available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com


    The elbow areas are also the most sensitive parts of a human body and causes unbearable pain when aligned in unnatural positions. Especially sportsmen find these elbow supports of great help as they continuously work out with the elbow joints. Moreover, these accessories are a must-have while performing activities such as gardening, landscaping, construction, hiking, and cleaning. Our Tennis Elbow Support is a medical supply product that has been often recommended by users to their friends and family.


    Other accessories that you would require are fingertip protectors. These fingertip protections are effective in saving your efforts to apply much pressure while not compromising on the speed needed to accomplish certain tasks. They are also useful in tasks that can be done with bare hands and reduce the irritation caused by gloves.


    Swellings are just normal and will go off once I take some rest – is what many think when they observe something unusual in their body. They actually ignore these minorities and face bigger casualties later. These physical ailments are not self-healing. They can be prevented by using these preventive measures. Our medical supplies are effective, protective and affordable. So, do not think twice before checking https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/medical-supplies and ordering the essentials you need.

  • Importance of First Aid Medical Supplies & Training at Workplaces

    First aid supplies save life and knowing how to use them is essential, may it be at home or workplaces. Since certain industrial workplaces are more susceptible to accidents, they ought to be well-stocked with medical supplies that could be used at the emergency hour.

    To buy a kit and put it in a safe place without knowing how to use it ever is easy. Most people have a notion that they are never going to need it. And then, they expire, deteriorate and will not be of any use when an emergency occurs and someone’s life is actually needs them at the very moment. So, to avoid certain mishaps at workplaces, the first aid kits must be regularly checked and items must be added or replaced whenever required. A basic first aid kit at industrial set-ups must include medical scissors, tongue depressors, ammonia inhalants, thermometers, disinfectants, diabetic first aid supplies, and some industry specific equipment. There must be an in-charge who regularly keeps a check on the kit and replace an expired or already item from the kit so that it is always ready to serve those in need. Also, for such critical circumstances, you cannot afford to have low-quality products. So, stock your shelves only with quality medical supplies from reliable suppliers like Packaging Supplies By Mail who have been serving the market from long years.

    First Aid Kits available at Packaging Supplies By Mail

    Only stocking medical supplies is not enough. Knowing emergency treatment techniques is also important. Although most of the people think they know how to treat a person using the emergency kit, a proper training is required for certain complex situations as working with hazardous materials and machinery could lead to unexpected and dangerous situations. Some workplaces are greatly exposed to injury risks due to the machinery and chemicals they use. In an emergency, it is utmost required that others who are going to help must be calm and confident about the care as it would directly affect the injured one.

    By this time you must be convinced that having a good stock of medical supplies is very essential at workplaces. We, at Packaging Supplies By Mail take industrial safety seriously and contribute by offering this medical equipment at very economical prices. Please contact us at 1-800-456-2467 to order your first aid kit now or place your order at our website https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/first-aid-room-supplies.

  • Exam time? If so, get prepared with our Medical Examination Gloves!

    Your gentle hands are exposed to numerous bacteria’s and germs each and every day. With such alarming sicknesses spreading rapidly, it’s time to take care of them. There are many industries in the world which require ultimate protection for hands. Such industries mainly include gardening, factory work, mining, construction jobs, welding etc. Commonly used in the medical and research fields, Medical Examination Gloves safely defends hands against germs, pathogens, and bacteria. Whether you use Nitrite or Latex versions, you’ll experience success because Medical Examination Gloves are highly effective due to their premium slip resistance, flexibility components, and form fitting attributes. Medical workers must surely use advanced quality when it comes to disposable gloves. Premium quality can be measured by the millimeter thickness of the glove, the greater the thickness the higher the puncture resistance. These gloves offer the appropriate level of thickness used for medical and research departments. Not to mention, our Blue Nitrile gloves are both ambidextrous, come with a beaded cuff and they also have a textured fingertip. For economical satisfaction our vinyl medical gloves are a great value too.

    Latex Powder Free - Heavy Duty available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Latex Powder Free - Heavy Duty
    Blue Nitrile Powder-Free ( 3.5 Mil) Gloves available at Packaging Supplies by mail Blue Nitrile Powder-Free ( 3.5 Mil) Gloves

    Our Medical Examination Gloves are also ideal for various medical care and first aid applications not limited to but including: paramedic, lab, medical office, emergency room, urgent care, pharmacy, hospital and first responder care. Your personal preference for the appropriate style of gloves you desire depends on the nature in which you choose to use them for. Factors such as allergic reactions, puncture resistance, and glove thickness, will persuade users to align themselves up with the most directly beneficial individualistic choice. Many forms of harmful bacteria are regularly disposed of throughout the medical field and laboratorial facilities and if not properly handled correctly, an individual or group of people could potentially face infections or sickness caused by improper handling techniques of biohazard materials.

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your ideal source for high quality Medical Examination Gloves. We aim to help aid you in the protection and professionalism that your company thrives on so that you may continue in solid A1 care. Whether you’re a hospital, lab, medical facility, chemical company or nursing home, you can certainly benefit from our premium quality Medical Examination Gloves.

  • Are You Prepared for Medical Emergencies at Work?

    Vendors stay prepared! While your business prospers every single day, there is a huge responsibility you bear – the safety of your staff members. An unavoidable & unpredictable situation may arise anywhere and at any time. And you would be required to take necessary steps to save tremendous health losses to your employees. Therefore, in today’s blog, we are focusing upon stocking first aid kits at workplace.

    While your business performs various operational tasks every single day, the more you are exposed to accidents increases. This is the time when you pull out the first aid kit and help the injured get an emergency treatment, keeping him in a stable condition until any expert care is available. Many vendors have adopted the practice of having a separate cabinet for first aid supplies, which is open to all the employees.

    First Aid Kits available at Packaging Supplies By Mail First Aid Kits

    What elements must you stock?

    1. Empty first aid cabinets: First aid cabinets divided into 2 or more cabinet shelves, depending upon your requirement that are made of acid resistant material are good to be mounted on a wall.
    2. First Aid Kits: To provide immediate treatment at an emergency hour, you must stock an adequate amount of medical supplies. Treating minor injuries with the first aid equipment materials is simple and gives the injured a sense of safety while working. Moreover, you must also ensure the sterility and validity of the stock.
    3. Trauma Kit: Slightly different from the first aid kit, your trauma kit must be equipped with emergency response products like CPR masks and personal protection items like infectious waste bags, examination gloves, and other medical essentials.

    Being proactive and sensible to have a first aid kit at the workplace is essential to providing necessary care to people who need immediate medical attention in case of emergency. Packaging SuppliesByMail.Com is a reputable source for supplying medical supplies for industrial as well as domestic use. We stock enough quantity of wholesale medical supplies at very economical prices to promote healthy living. If you have not stocked an emergency kit until now, it’s not too late. You can still visit https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/medical-supplies to order your own package of medical supplies.


  • Healing Sprains with Ace Bandages – Are You Doing It Wrong?

    Sprains are awfully painful. The sudden twists and misplacement of your limbs (hands or legs) or stumbling upon uneven surfaces may cause you to have a sprain in your muscles, especially in the joints. It gives an irresistible pain and can lead to bumped swellings if not treated properly on time. One of the most-effective traditional knacks that have proven to be the quickest, easiest and safest methods to prevent further serious injury is known as “RICE” (rest, ice, compression & elevation). It is as simple as applying ice cubes for 10-20 minutes and compressing the area with an elastic bandage wrap followed by elevating the limb for a considerable time.

    However, “RICE” may not help if you are not doing it right. Out of the four steps, ‘compression’ requires specific attention and care while being done.

    How do Ace Bandages reduce pain?

    Ace bandages help by compressing the sprained area in order to limit the blood flow, which in turn reduces swelling and promotes healing. By creating a localized pressure on the affected area, it reminds you to be careful with your movements.

    You are doing it WRONG if…

    • The wrapped area feels numb after a little while
    • You experience a tingling sensation
    • The color changes abnormally than that of other areas
    • The ace bandage hangs loosely off your skin

    How to do it correctly?

    Elastic Bandage Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Elastic Bandage Wrap

    Place the elastic bandage wrap on the top of the injured area and loop it once until you secure the loose starting end beneath. Proceed with looping it around the area until you reach the other loose end of the ace bandage. Ensure that while wrapping the bandage, there is some tension in the elastic fibers to apply slight pressure. Otherwise, the bandage wrap would hang loosely off your skin, resulting in a swelled injury.  When you run out of bandage, secure the loose end with two metal clips that are available within the package. The small metal teeth attached to the metal clips easily hooks to the loose end of the ace bandage and the wrapped loop.

    To wrap a sprained joint, you can roll the wraps crossing over one another starting from an upper part to the lower part. This offers rigidity to the movement of the joint while curing it better.

    We, at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com, are leading providers of all sizes of elastic bandage wraps for general as well as sports injuries. We stock different lengths of rolls for convenient use for people of all ages. All our wraps are free from latex and the polyester knit bandage serves better adherence to re-strengthen the damaged/sprained muscle.

    You must have an emergency roll of this very useful ace bandage for first aid treatments of your sprains. Visit our online store https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/elastic-bandage-wrap.html to select the size & quantity you require. You may also contact us at 1-800-456-2467 to place your order.



  • Stick with Adhesive Bandages! - they stick to being your source for minor bruises

    Adhesive Bandages are the right source for all shallow cuts and small wounds. Although Adhesive Tape can be advantageous, paper cuts call for a specific type of bandage called Butterfly Closures. Here at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com we specialize in a wide host of effective Adhesive Bandages. Bandages such as our Tricot Strips, Flexible Fabric, Metal Detectable, Superflex Foam Action Strips, Sheer, and our Plastic Strip versions work excellent to provide you with the preference you desire and the care that you call for. Whether you’re searching for bulk quantities or you just need one box at a time, we are your leading source for Adhesive Bandages.

    Flexible Fabric Band Aid available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Flexible Fabric Band Aid

    Now, there are an unlimited amount of reasons why you need Adhesive Bandages, but for starters I’ll begin by saying it’s because you unfortunately will cut yourself, bruise yourself, burn yourself, puncture yourself, and injure yourself. However the reason why I tend to be so “frank” about affliction is because I’m so equipped to bring forth recovery. Another very important aspect about the quality Adhesive Bandages offer is that they prevent harm from spreading. They way in which this is accomplished is by stabilizing and covering wounds, blocking the transmission of blood fluid from widening, thus spreading potential harmful bacteria to bystanders. Plus, the assuredly bring protection to your wound by negating the chance of re-injury to your open sore.

    Tricot Strips available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Tricot Strips

    Look, it’s simple, you need in Adhesive Bandages before, during and after an accident happens (which is practically all the time). Adhesive Bandages are needed for two central reasons, in case of an emergency and proactively. Whenever your First Aid Kits are low on stock that’s when you need them, whenever you’re allergic to certain latex brands, that’s when you need them, whenever there is potential for a harmful situation to occur, that’s when you need them, and finally, if your aim is to establish health and safety awareness initiatives, you surely need Adhesive Bandages.

    Adhesive Bandages are the right source for all shallow cuts and small wounds. Although Adhesive Tape can be advantageous, paper cuts call for a specific type of bandage called Butterfly Closures. Here at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com we specialize in a wide host of effective Adhesive Bandages. Bandages such as our Tricot Strips, Flexible Fabric, Metal Detectable, Superflex Foam Action Strips, Sheer, and our Plastic Strip versions work excellent to provide you with the preference you desire and the care that you call for. Whether you’re searching for bulk quantities or you just need one box at a time, we are your leading source for Adhesive Bandages.



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