When it comes to safety, sanitation, and economic sense, our Disposable Beard Covers are the ideal choice for your cleanliness tasks. Disposable Beard Covers are primarily used within the food service sector, however, if they are an excellent source for any industry looking to guard against bodily contaminates. You'll discover that we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are an industry leader in performance and price when it comes to quality Disposable Beard Covers.

Beard Covers

Our beard covers are made from polypropylene material. They are easy to use, and offer the appropriate thickness so that users are not irritated and they're able to maintain efficiency and effectiveness to complete their job duties. It's a pain to deal with personal protective equipment that can cause hindrance and slow workers down. Not only does an individual or company suffer productivity wise, they also have to deal with the complications of either being stuck with a personal protective product that they paid for, or they have to go through the return policy hassle which in the end will cost a company a restocking fee and more than likely, shipping and handling charges.

Here at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com, we specialize in providing a relevant product so that you or your company my successfully accomplish your personal protection standards without compromising efficiency and effectiveness. We are noted for low pricing, swift order processing and delivery and friendly service. Whether you're and company that is seeking bulk volume amounts or an individual that is looking to purchase a single order, we are your source. Our Disposable Beard Covers are latex free so that anyone who has an allergic reaction to latex is protected. Our beard covers offer breathability and form fitting qualities so that workers are void from being annoyed and able to keep a steady and substantial pace throughout their job tasks. Our Disposable Beard Covers are just right for you because they supply a most size fits all attribute and they are in a bright white color to compliment your professional look. Don't hesitate to view our entire catalog. We offer the finest in industrial packaging, first aid medical and personal protection safety supplies!