It's almost as American as apple pie, it's almost as significant of an American past time as the game of Baseball, it's almost as warranted as much as the newest and hottest television series, its easy to stick with, easy to stick to, easy to spread about and easy to pull things together with, its Clear Packing Tape and its a commonality! Yet, although its easy to get a hold of, its unfortunately easily misleading, simply because it's not always manufactured properly. 

clear Packing Tape


Nowadays, everybody and their Mama have an Amazon or EBay store or a website. And since a commodity such as Clear Packing Tape is a proven and much needed necessity, scammers flock to such a product and prey on the cheap, uniformed or gullible. So the question of the day is what makes it such a commonality that can be misrepresented as a tragedy?

    • Adhesive strength - the most important feature of quality Clear Packing Tape is this characteristic. How can you seal anything if this isn't premium in its performance? The first indicator of a packing tape that is sold for cheap is that it is low in adhesive strength so beware!


    • Gauge thickness - some packages require stronger and thicker gauge sizes so that they can seal heavier loads. However, if you're not accustomed to the market tricks you'll most likely purchase a lower gauge that is advertised as a higher one. The best way to know most of the time is by purchasing a gauge meter and measuring it yourself or by knowing the weight of a case or roll.


    • Version - the two most common Clear Packing Tapes on the market are Acrylic and Hot Melt. The main advantage that Acrylic offers is price, with the exception of its ability to maintain integrity in the freezer like conditions for a longer period than Hot Melt. However, Hot Melt is the best when it comes to adhesive tact; unfortunately, it is more costly per case.


With the common human urge to seek ways to cut corners, I hope that this article helps point out some of the common tricks of the trade, so that you spend your hard earned dollars in the best possible way. There are so many important reasons why you need premium quality tape. Don't sell yourself short by only seeking the best price, seek also the best vendor who provides the best overall service performance, price and delivery.