It just makes the flow easier, it just wraps tight, you don't experience breakage hang-ups and it's lightweight and smooth, it's Coreless Stretch Wrap and it's phenomenal! New, innovative and unique our Coreless Stretch Wrap offers amazing load stabilization through its hand wrap capabilities. If you've been accustomed to using the same old cast or blown stretch wrap, well it's time you change and experience the effectiveness and performance quality that this new and innovative wrap offers.

Coreless Stretch Wrap

Many who labor on a daily in the packaging and shipping industry have of course been much familiar with the way in which various stretch wrap applications perform. Cast and blown stretch wraps are generally the industry standard forms and are made available in various versions including banding, hand, pallet and machine wrap. You'll also witness that superior grade stretch wrap is another typical source of wrap that is common amongst everyday packaging and shipment procedures. And although these various forms of stretch wrap are resourceful in their own right, Coreless Stretch Wrap offers many of the same qualities but its own uniqueness too.

We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your industry leader in high quality stretch wrap and if it's one thing we know well, it's the complete ins and outs of what, where, when, why and how stretch wrap is used. Coreless Stretch Wrap is a product that rearranges the norm because of the various characteristics it offers. For instance, what other stretch wrap on the market can offer you the same load stability strength through a hand wrap application that compares to that of a machine wrapper's ability while at the same time is as durable as blown film and offers a non-breakage characteristic similar to superior grade stretch wrap, none!

Moreover, alongside those high rank qualities stands the fact that users don't have to pay extra or lose company space because of core disposal when using Coreless Stretch Wrap to fulfill their packaging and shipment demands. Another plus is that this kind of stretch wrap is never strenuous on the lower back and shoulder or it doesn't blister your hands. It's available in both banding and hand wrap applications.