Etsy Packaging

It only takes 7 seconds to make a great first impression according to a Harvard study of communication. First impressions count even more in business transactions. Great, initial communication can be the difference between a life-long customer and a complaint on Google.

According to Shopify Plus, a tech company that helps entrepreneurs start their business websites, ". . . Delivering a complete brand experience extends beyond the product itself and transcends into the whole experience.” We at PackagingSuppliesByMail want your Etsy store to create amazing customer experiences—from the first click online to the final product on a doorstep. We have a variety of packaging materials to step-up your customers' "unboxing" experiences.

Stepping Up: Packaging Supplies

Poly Mailers safeguard valuable product from dirt & dust during the shipping process. These Poly Mailers come in a variety of thicknesses to ensure your product gets to its destination safely. These mailers are already UPS, FedEx, and USPS approved—so shipping just became easier!

Glamour Bubble Mailer

Glamour Bubble Mailers

If you want to add a little "sparkle" to your packaging preferences—grab Glamour Bubble Mailers. These metallic mailers add uniqueness and a pop of color to your shipments. Not only are these mailers attractive, but they are puncture resistant as well. Glamour Bubble Mailers keep valuable items from getting lost in the mail.

Bubble Out Bags

Bubble Out Bags

Bubble Out Bags are perfect for shipping handmade jewelry securely. The protective bubble lining safeguards valuable product from damages. These Bubble Out Bags can be used as extra padding for your most fragile shipments. Additionally, these bags are made from 100 percent CFC-free recyclable material—so you will feel good using them!

Kraft Corrugated Boxes

Kraft Corrugated Boxes come blank—so you can add stencils, colors, or unique graphics to showcase your Etsy brand. These boxes ship in quantities of 10, 20, or 25 and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Not to mention, all box orders ship free—putting extra money in your pocket!

Colored Bag Tapes

Colored Bag Tapes & Packing Tapes  

Add an extra touch of color to your Poly Mailers with Colored Bag Tapes. These tapes can be used to seal mailers securely for transport or to customize customers' packages. Go the extra mile and brand packages with your store colors. Colored Packing Tapes are perfect for sealing boxes and offering a colorful appearance to shipments. Colored Packing Tapes can add appeal to any corrugated box and provide customers with an exceptional unboxing experience.

Overall, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail want to see your Etsy store thrive. We offer as low as one case quantity per item—or pallet size quantities as your company grows. Use these tips and tricks to create customized packages your customers will love.