Corrugated cartons are commonly used to ship items from business to business or business to end users and the struggle of achieving a secure seal due to the corrugated texture of the cartons can be a difficult task. Customers do not wish to receive a poorly sealed carton - it does not display professionalism on your end.

Gummed Tapes


Many companies opt for plastic pressure-sensitive tapes (PSTs) to seal cartons. However, these tapes fail to satisfy the desired level of packaging efficiency. Using PSTs led to an increase in the risk associated with product damage as simply pressing down on the carton allows anyone to slip their hands inside. Moreover, this tampering can easily be covered by adding a strip of tape over the area or simply re-sticking the tape. Not only this, when using PST, packers tend to use more tape in the aim of getting that perfect seal which looks sloppy and degrades the unboxing experience.

So, which is a better way to securely seal the corrugated cartons?

Gummed tape, also known as water activated tape is known to have surpassed the quality and performance tests satisfactorily when applied on corrugated surfaces. Gummed tapes are made of Kraft paper that is coated with a starch-based adhesive. These tapes can be reinforced with crossing synthetic fibers for strength. On the application of the tape to a corrugated surface, the tape adhesive gets activated with water and penetrates into the carton material, thus forming a permanent bond. This completely eliminates the chances of any intrusion with the shipments as it would leave definite signs of tampering.

The water activated tapes possess the ability to maintain the seal in extreme external conditions as well. Whether it is shifting, lifting, climatic conditions or stress during transit and storage, the gummed tapes have proven to be more efficient than the plastic pressure-sensitive tapes.

Are plastic pressure-sensitive tapes outdated?

No, there are so many other applications where plastic tapes are highly efficient. In fact, there are a wide variety of industrial tapes to select from. For corrugated boxes, water activated gummed tapes have proven to be appropriate sealers within a convenient price range for such quality.

It depends on what material you need to seal. Packaging tapes are available in a huge selection to be useful for every diverse industry's specific needs. There are masking tapes, safety tapes, color coded tapes, and many more.