In the world of online shopping, many have succumbed to the plots, ploys and predator schemes because they're uninformed, unaware and uneducated about the ins and outs of certain items. Product knowledge is crucial, and many shoppers limit the potential to receive the bang for their buck, per se, due to their lack of market research prior to purchasing. I guess that's just the trick of the trade, and vendors have a no hold barred type of attitude, especially if they're driven strictly by the cash appeal.

Shipping Mailers

If I was to play devil's advocate for vendors, my argument would be:

  1. Customers don't check the gauge thickness of poly mailers so I market 3 mil but really distribute 2 mil and benefit twice over.
  2. Customers don't really double check the product they've received from me so I send them a premium sample, but after they've purchased, I ship them a substandard product and benefit twice over
  3. Only a few customers actually realize they've been spoofed so I just ask them to keep the product for half price and they do, which all in all, doesn't hurt me a bit because that's actually the standard margin anyway

Shipping Mailers are one of those products that can be sold as a knock off, because any and everybody can get their hands on them for distribution purposes. On e-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay, many Average Joes are purchasing b-grade mailers from oversees vendors and reselling them at face value to end users. In America, the quest for being a successful capitalist sometimes can go too far. Therefore, sellers go through extreme measures and have total disregard for proper ethics. Unfortunately, because vendors can hide behind computer screens, it means absolutely nothing to them about how they treat buyers. Therefore, the recourse is not as personal as it once was. A time ago, buyers could return to the store with their faulty purchase and out of public embarrassment, the owner would hold their supplier accountable.

Below is a list of do's and don'ts when it comes to purchasing various Shipping Mailers

Categories Poly Mailer Kraft Bubble Mailer Poly Bubble Mailer Glamour Bubble Clearview Mailer Returnable Mailer
Request Sample DO DO DO DO DO DO
Review for Inconsistencies DON'T DO DO DO DON'T DON'T
Test Outer Seal DO DO DO DO DO DO
Test Seal Strip DO DO DO DO DO DO
Test Interior Bubble Cushion DON'T DO DO DO DON'T DON'T
Read Customer Reviews DO DO DO DO DO DO

Now that you are aware of how some vendors hustle to pull the wool over the consumers eye, you'll be a wiser shopper and you'll gain more value for your hard earned $!