Tamper Proof Tape

The end of the year was approaching fast, and Maggie called her first customer with daily updates.

“Hi, this is Maggie, I just wanted to let you know that your package is on its way.” Her voice cracked from anxiety. The customers’ products were over two weeks late.

At this point, Maggie had no idea if this patron would ever buy from her again. Questions riddled her thoughts, “What if it never arrives? When do I give them a refund? Do I send them a coupon for their next purchase?”

Many small business owners have been in Maggie’s situation. Sending packages to customers can be riddled with concerning moments. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail cannot assure that all packages will arrive on time, but we can provide tips to secure customers’ valued items in transit.

Tamper Evident Packaging for the Win

Tamper evident packaging is essential when shipping valued product to buyers.  According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “[Tamper evident] packaging must use an indicator or barrier to entry that is distinctive . . . to alert the customer to the specific tamper resistant features used.” Tamper proof packaging often has a warning label to show product has not been opened. Walking down a Health Care aisle at a local store—one might see warning labels and opening instructions on mouthwash, medication or contact solution.

Most prescription medications have ‘child proof’ locks where individuals push down and turn to open the cap. One can usually tell if this medication has been opened previously. Most medication even has ‘Push Down & Turn’ labels near caps to further help recipients.

Tamper Evident Tape

Broken Seals are Visual Alerts of Tampering

Tamper evident packaging must be clearly mentioned on product labels as well. Tamper Evident Tape mentions, “CAUTION, IF SEAL IS BROKEN, CHECK CONTENTS”. When sealing valued product, this heavy-duty tape creates a visual alert once the seal is broken. This warning message does not line up properly if the packaging was previously cut or opened.

Tamper-evident packaging ultimately safeguards valued product. A patron can clearly see if any contents were damaged or taken upon arrival. This saves customers and companies money. A clearly tampered package can be photographed and sent to customer service representatives for further inspection.

 Below are a few examples of tamper evident packaging you might find in daily life.

  • Medication containers – push down and turn feature
  • Snapple bottles – have a distinct ‘pop’ when opened
  • Security Tape – text does not realign when tampered
  • Contact Lens Solution – unopened plastic seal on bottle
  • Mouthwash – unopened plastic seal over cap
  • Poly Mailers – unopened seal on one side of package

Tamper Evident Tape

Tamper Evident Packaging is great when individuals need an extra barrier to keep product safe. Poly Mailers are a cost efficient protection for smaller shipments. When a user cuts or tears the seal, poly mailers cannot be closed again. Even Returnable Poly Mailers will show some wear and tear from users opening product before returning it.

We hope this information helps you secure future shipments with ease. Browse our complete store for cost-efficient materials to protect your valued merchandise for the long haul.

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