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Healthcare Packaging

  1. Why Are Biohazard Specimen Bags So Important?

    You must have come across plastic bags that have 'biohazard' symbol printed on them. These biohazard Specimen Bags are largely used in the medical industry to carry biological material from one facility to another or a test has to be performed on certain specimen. 


    The patients' information is usually written on the bag in order to prevent any mismanagement when diagnosing laboratory results. Every medical facility may have their own color coding to identify different types of biological material so that no confusion occurs when

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  2. Why are MULTIVAC Packaging Solutions So Popular?

    The making of packaging material means a warehouse full of powdered remains and scrap from the cutting of trees. The residue is sometimes recycled and the non-recyclable is trashed. There is a need to eliminate the traditional manufacturing process and stay more organized, clean and eco-friendly.

    Healthcare Packaging Products

    The MULTIVAC machines are designed diligently to save manufacturing units from producing so much waste. The intelligent design and technological expertise utilized in MULTIVAC thermoforming machines, promotes clean rooms, while enhancing efficiency which is mandatorily required in

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