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  1. Hand Safety Basics for an Industrial Workplace

    Hand injuries are the second most commonly observed workplace hazard. According to the research conducted by the American Society of Safety in 2015 that involved a survey with 400 professionals, two out of five workplace injuries are hand injuries resulting from cuts and abrasions. Hand injuries can be costly for industries, as they cause loss of man hours as well as employee compensation if the company provides insurance facility.

    Industrial Gloves

    Therefore, it is necessary to understand certain basics related to hand injuries. Most of the injuries happen in oil, gas, construction, and manufacturing industries. It is possible to prevent injuries that can be sustained at home and in the workplace. 

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  2. Become Eco-friendly and Safe with Nitrile Gloves

    Various laws and awareness campaigns all over the world with regards to work place safety have played a huge role in making work environments all over the world a lot less dangerous and a more safe.

    Nitrile Gloves

    Disposable gloves get a major share of the credit in the increase in workplace safety industries, businesses and manufacturing plants. Most of these gloves are manufactured using latex, making these gloves more acceptable and easy to produce, but a significant number of people are allergic to latex made products and can develop rashes on the skin. 

    To fight the issue of latex allergies, synthetic rubber is used to manufacture disposable gloves. To further protect from powder based allergies, these gloves are produced

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  3. How Occupational Safety, Protection and Industrial Gloves Work Together

    Safety norms at any workplace must always be defined to ensure security of the entire workforce. Occupation safety aims to maintain and promote the social and physical well- being of employees. There are various industries like the health and wellness, and food and beverage industry which extensively use industrial gloves to protect hands from any bacteria, which may cause health concerns.

    Industrial Gloves

    The Safety and Health Executives are independent regulators, with power to legally punish workers or companies for putting others in danger. The HSE also helps businesses on how the use of Personal Protective Equipment like protective

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  4. Packaging Essentials Guide 03: Why Are Hand Protections or Gloves Essentially Required?

    Why do people prefer wearing gloves for performing certain tasks if they can otherwise be done efficiently using bare hands? This is certainly an obvious question, isn't it? However, hands are one of the most complex parts of the human body as the synchronization of the bones, tissues, and nerves allow you to perform your tasks efficiently. Any injury to the hands would lead to disabilities in accomplishing the tasks as you would normally do. In our earlier post WHY CHOOSING AN APPROPRIATE PACKAGING TAPE IS IMPORTANT? 

    Packaging Supplies

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  5. 5 Chemicals That Essentially Require Using Disposable Gloves

    Industrial hygiene and safety are vital elements for industrial effectiveness. There are quite a few things which must not be handled bare-handedly. For serving the purpose well and preventing contamination, industrial gloves are worn by workers who come directly in contact with certain elements. Let us have a closer look at which chemicals are dangerous if touched without wearing industrial gloves.

    Industrial Gloves

    Wood Stains

    Wood stains are chemical compositions that are applied as a coating over wooden surfaces. They are available in a variety of consistencies and have different chemical compositions. Certain chemicals found in these stains like ethyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, latex, ethylene glycol, etc. are harmful if accidently consumed. Therefore,

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  6. Are Polyethylene Gloves Right for Use in Food Industry?

    Food service industry demands high level of hygiene and thus all who handle food items at different levels must be equipped with the right kind of tool so that there are no chances of contamination. In locations where food is prepared or processed, special attention is given to food safety and cleanliness as consumers often see how and what they are being served. As food needs to be handled directly by hands, there must be a barrier which is both - safe and economical.

    Poly Food Service Gloves

    Amongst the many types of industrial gloves available on the market, disposable polyethylene gloves are the most economical gloves to be used in the food industry. They are light-weight gloves that are designed for quick jobs that provide easy pull-in

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  7. Exam time? If so, get prepared with our Medical Examination Gloves!

    Your gentle hands are exposed to numerous bacteria's and germs each and every day. With such alarming sicknesses spreading rapidly, it's time to take care of them. There are many industries in the world which require ultimate protection for hands. Such industries mainly include gardening, factory work, mining, construction jobs, welding etc. Commonly used in the medical and research fields, Medical Examination Gloves safely defends hands against germs, pathogens, and bacteria.

    Medical Exam Gloves

    Whether you use Nitrite or Latex versions, you'll experience success because Medical

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  8. Willing and Able - the productivity of Vinyl Disposable Gloves

    Vinyl Disposable Gloves are made from vinyl resin and synthetic rubber. These gloves particularly are not form fitting so they tend to feel looser compared to Latex and Nitrile Gloves. Great for cleaning purposes, food service, and industrial environments, these gloves are also available with a non- powder or powder application. Cost efficient, you will find these gloves less expensive than both Nitrile and Latex Gloves. In the cosmetic art field, these gloves are tremendously useful, aiding the stylist in protection against hair dyes and other relative product chemicals. Strongly effective against grease, dirt and grime, you'll find this glove to be highly useful when doing normal house chores such as dish washing, dusting, mopping, and window cleaning.

    vinyl disposable gloves


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  9. Industrial Gloves - Industry Supplies to be Work Ready!

    Now it's important to protect your hands in many areas of occupation. It would be safe to acknowledge that are middle name is Industrial Gloves because of the superb brands and variety we distribute. Now if you seek a glove that is great for various temperature related and weather challenges such as freezer stock, shipping and receiving tasks and so forth, our PVC Double Dot Gloves allow users to experience high grip and flexibility so that they can remain efficient for task completion.

    Industrial Gloves

    When you need a general glove that is great for research, assembly, or food preparation our

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  10. The right choice matters! How to know what glove is the right fit for you

    In the world of Industrial Gloves, many have found it difficult to attribute the correct glove to the uniform task at hand. Meaning, they have sort of failed in selecting the right glove for the right application. Big deal on may say, yet if you're one who looks to make the most out of every situation, if you're one who wants to receive the entire benefits out of any investment you make and if you're one who desires complete satisfaction out of the resources that you put your time into, then determining the right Industrial Glove for your application is very necessary.



    We often take our glove identification for granted, pretty much as a meaningless choice. In many cases we've found that certain gloves are

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