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  • 3 Packaging Disasters Your Business May Be Making

    Packaging undoubtedly serves more than traditional purposes of safeguarding the packaged items from dust, moisture, dirt and other foreign particles. It speaks to customers even before your product does. Whether shopping online or in a brick and mortar store, packaging is a crucial factor in the decision making of buyers. It is a better communicator of your brand and must be effectively designed to convey your message to the customers.

    However, some companies intending to get creative with their packaging end up making packaging disasters that can negatively impact their product sales. Here are a few things you must consider when designing your product packaging.

    Bubble Wrap

    Mismatching Your Brand

    Your brand message should be in line with the image you have worked hard to create. Any contradiction will only confuse the customers. You must ensure a consistent message that displays across your print materials, website and packaging materials. Selecting a brand message that is distinct, creative and matches your branding efforts is utmost important.

    Practically Non-Functional Design

    In an effort to design creative packaging, sometimes businesses complicate it. Customers may decline their purchase of a decorative packaging if they do not find the information they need or must invest extra effort in opening the package. If your shopping bag suddenly tears even before the customer enters his car, all the creativity and brainstorming would go in vain as you would lose his trust forever.

    Unnecessary Stuffing

    You need to keep it clean and simple. Packaging a non-fragile item with lots of paper cushioning or bubble wraps is simply a waste of resources and would also increase your shipping costs. It also sends out a message that your business is not concerned about the environment.

    Packaging experts suggest being easy but diligent on your packaging styles that would leave a long-lasting image of your brand on the customers’ minds and compel them to stick to your brand for years to come. Any mishap would only lead to customers moving to other options available on the market. Packaging design is a thoughtfully developed idea that incorporates usability, credibility and marketability of a product. So, it must be carefully harnessed and improvised on based on the ever-changing trends.

  • Packaging Types & Methods in Ecommerce Industry

    Most of the online businesses do not really realize the importance of packaging in the entire business model. The reality remains – shipping and packaging can cost millions of dollars if not streamlined properly. Packaging mistakes can have serious repercussions.

    Smart ecommerce packaging design can save millions

    Optimizing packaging for shipments needs certain thought process as the number of possible combinations is huge. Ecommerce packaging material needs to balance productivity and costs by keeping a limited supply of box sizes and shapes. An important thing to consider here is that packaging really matters a lot to consumers. Roughly, for 66% of the US customers the shipping packaging design is a reflection of the company’s reputation rather than the quality of the product.

    Ecommece packaging Solutions

    Density and efficiency in packaging design

    Shipping density is important to maximize profits. If the supplier ships from overseas, you pay for each freight container you use and most of the online products take up to 60% of the package space. This means if you reduce the number of shipping containers, the packaging density increases from 60% to 80%. Ecommerce packaging design must aim at increasing efficiency.

    Protective vs. cost-effective shipping materials

    It can be tempting for ecommerce businesses to choose the cheapest packaging materials but this can be a costly mistake. Companies that prefer using quality packaging material for ecommerce businesses can definitely save items from getting damaged during shipment, losing on consumers’ confidence and return shipping costs.

    The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com store contains several packaging material options that can save you millions per year while not compromising on the quality and protection of your items. Visit https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/ to browse for ecommerce packaging solutions.

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