Stretch Wrap is an ultimate packaging solution that reduces shipping damages while offering optimum protection from external sources such as moisture and dirt. However, choosing the right thickness for your Stretch Wrap application is necessary to obtain the maximum output.

Stretch Wrap Gauge

Palletized items require a versatile and flexible packaging. Stretch Wrap is just the right pick for the job. It will protect items from foreign substances while also binding categorized items together securely.

Why is the gauge thickness important?

Apart from the variety of Stretch Wrap such as Blown Stretch Wrap, Cast Stretch Wrap etc. it is equally important to pick an appropriate size. The size of Stretch Wrap determines its resistance to breakage i.e. the ability of the wrap to withstanding pressure. Each Stretch Wrap is defined to secure a specific amount of waste. So, depending on the weight your pallets are subjected to carry, you need to choose appropriately sized Stretch Wrap. If you use a thicker gauge for carrying relatively lighter objects, you may end up losing those resourceful packaging items for heavier objects that actually need them while also increasing your cost.

Different gauge thickness and their application

37 Stretch Wrap Gauge

This wrap is in fact an 80-gauge film that has been pre-stretched with minimal exertion for quick and easy application. This gauge can be used for uniform loads that weigh up to 800 lbs.

47 Stretch Wrap Gauge

This is a typical hybrid gauge because it is made using a resin that offers a tighter, stiffer film with a reduced stretch capacity. It possesses the strength of a standard 60-gauge stretch film which makes it ideal for securing loads up to 1,800 lbs.

60 Stretch Wrap Gauge

This wrap measures exactly 60 microns and suits perfectly to loads weighing up to 1.800 lbs.

63 Stretch Wrap Thickness

Although only 3 microns thicker than the previous wrap, it has slightly higher resistance against tears and punctures. Therefore, this wrap is great for use for loads up to 2,200 lbs.

70-80 Stretch Wrap Gauge

This gauge variety is widely used due to its highly versatile feature. Both the 70 and 80 wrap gauges are rated appropriate for loads of 2,200 and 2,400 lbs respectively.

90, 100, 115 Stretch Wrap Thickness

With the 90 gauge thickness, begins the heavy gauge Stretch Wrap category that is highly resistant to damages such as tears and punctures. While 90 gauge films are suitable for loads up to 2,600 lbs, the 100 & 115 gauge films are ideal for use in securing loads up to 3,000 lbs or more.

150 Stretch Wrap Gauge

This is the thickest variety of Stretch Wrap and is great for application on irregularly shaped or sharp items.

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