The world of shipping supplies is now not restricted to just cartons and rolled up balls of newspaper. There are various types of shipping supplies that are designed and manufactured to perform a specific niche of work. For example, now there are various types of packing foam available depending upon type of material that needs protection. The Poly Mailers are a part of these specialized shipping supplies.

Clear View Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are a type of protective mailers that are manufactured from durable plastic with properties like lightweight, moisture resistant and weatherproof structure. These are available in several different sizes and dimensions and various colors and clear too. 

Why are poly mailers so popular?

  • They provide a cheap option for Kraft or corrugated shipping supplies
  • The poly mailers are weatherproof
  • Because they are made of plastic, they are very thin and take up less space
  • Even thin plastic is durable and tear resistant and mailers made from plastic retain those properties
  • Plastic can be recycled and reused
  • Available in clear, transparent versions, that allow packed goods to be visible
  • Lighter than most of the other mailing options


What stuff can I send in these poly mailers? And what I cannot?

The poly mailers are ideal for packing apparels and other fabric products. These can be used for other additional accessories like shoes, hats and non-precious metal jewelry.

But to figure out what can be put in the versatile mailers, answer these two questions:

#1 - Is the product fragile?

If the answer is YES, do not use the poly mailers. We mentioned thinness as a feature, nothing thin can provide padding and shock resistance to the fragile product that you plan on putting inside the poly mailer.

The Clear Poly Mailers may attract you to use them because of the see-through nature, but with fragile material without proper padding, poly mailers cannot be recommended.

#2 - Does it fit in the mailer?

Every package is bound to face some level of transportation and handling, if the product does not fit properly in the mailer, it can tear it off and cause loss, or worse, loss of a loyal customer.

If the product fits perfectly, then it's a go! For example, packing a well folded t-shirt in clear view poly mailer is the way to go. The product will remain secure in the mailer, will not get damaged and will reach to the customer in good condition.