Why stretch your body? Answer: it loosens up your muscles so that you prevent injury, relieve tension and experience higher performance. In similar regards, Clear Stretch Wrap works the same for your packaging, storage and shipment needs. Here's why:

Stretch Wrap

It stretches your budget

While many other forms of packaging, storage, and shipment equipment stiffen your budget, Clear Stretch Wrap offers you financial freedom while supporting your daily requirements. One of the factors that make Clear Stretch Wrap valuable is its availability in multiple applications. See below:

  1. Bundle stretch wrap - great for small packages, pole shaped objects and securing small items
  2. Hand stretch wrap - great for stabilizing irregular shaped loads and heavy loads
  3. Pallet wrap - ideal for manual palletizing
  4. Machine wrap - great for conversion machines and pallet wrapping machine
  5. Vented wrap - ideal for wrapping breathable items like wood, produce and garden items
  6. Pre-Stretch wrap - superior manual performance for palletizing and wrapping heavier irregular shaped items great for moving companies
  7. Extended core - ideal for team projects and bundling small packages

One of the greatest features that Clear Stretch Wrap offers regarding shipping expenses is its low cost. The advantage that users retain is that it allows them in most cases, to bundle multiple packages so that common 3rd party shipping couriers such as UPS, USPS, and Fed X will not charge per individual box (who doesn't like the 2 for 1, 4 for 1, and 8 for 1 deal). This advantage allows for vendors to be more competitive in the pricing, which in turn, enhances more revenue opportunities.

Another valuable aspect that Clear Stretch Wrap provides is safe packaging attributes. Granted it's difficult to predict the weather forecast, so what this shipping mechanism offers is protection against climatic weather conditions. In reference to the storage, your goods are safeguarded against the typical dust and moisture build up that occurs in most warehouses, basements, garages or shelves. Clear Stretch Wrap allows for your items to be protected for long periods without compromising the products value. This attribute works especially well for vendors who have attributed a price break from a supplier. Now the vendor is able to buy more wholesale products at a lower cost. And although they may not be able to distribute the product more than there demand allows, they are prepared in advance and able to be very competitive for future discount offers and specials that they may choose to present.

Now when it comes to laborers who daily package items for shipment and storage, many prefer the advantage that Clear Stretch Wrap provides for aiding in completing their tasks. One factor is that it's less demanding on the body. During manual labor muscle groups tend to get soar amidst the bending, lifting, tossing and turning that is common among this occupation. Clear Stretch Wrap offers a smooth process that tremendously decreases muscle and joint strain. The kick back is that laborers become more effective and efficient and enabled to save the company $$$. Taping boxes, lifting carts, attaching metal guards and roping twine is strenuous, slow and costly.

Clear Stretch Wrap is the product for your shipping and storage requirements. It's a product that is readily available online and very affordable. Surf the net for the vendor that you see most fit for your tasks and discover the advantage that this product offers to your procedures.