The benefits of using stretch wraps for palletizing loads are popularly known across industries. However, you may be skeptical using these packaging wraps when considering outdoor storage of items as they may degrade their quality and compromise with that of the product packed within due to constant exposure to ultraviolet radiations.


UVI Stretch Wrap


Most of the normal stretch wraps begin to degrade within 30 days of outdoor storage. Fortunately, there are stretch wraps that are built with UV stabilization characteristics that prevent UV rays from damaging themselves as well as the products within. Industries like construction, landscaping, building industrial products (cement, tiles, bricks, etc.), and those who bag a certain stock outside of the warehouses due to lack of storage capacity extensively use UV stabilized stretch wraps to palletize their loads as these ensure that the material composition of the products won't be compromised due to longer periods of exposure to sunlight.

How does the UV stabilized stretch wrap film work?

Stretch wraps with UV resistant properties have an additive that effectively protects the material from breaking down under the UV light. Unlike the UV stabilized varieties, the normal stretch wrap films are made from polyethylene plastic material that tends to degrade on the slightest exposure to sunlight which results in losing its stretch and cling ability.

The UV inhibited stretch film is very similar to the regular film. The additive is added in the manufacturing stage of the film. The UV inhibitors have the capacity to protect films for a period of nine months up to one year from breakdown, depending on the amount of stretch wrap used and the number of revolutions.

Why use UV stabilized stretch wrap film

Most plastics lose their physical composition and go yellow, chalk down, get discolored and finally lead to a complete breakdown. On the contrary, the UV stabilized stretch wrap are treated during the manufacturing process of the film that significantly slows down the breakdown.

Packaging materials like stretch films have come a long way from their initial introduction to the market with innovative changes in their making to get along with the existing trends. The store has in stock a huge variety of stretch wrap to perfectly serve the specific needs of different industries. Keeping in pace with the recent market trends, the UV stabilized stretch wraps are the right choice to protect your pallet loads from external attacks including UV radiations.