Success kisses your feet when you stretch yourself to that extent when you think you are about to snap. Bingo!! You achieve what you were striving for in the purest form. This includes no breakage, no spoilage, all the efforts bundled up, remain intact in all manners and achievement of the goal. A stretch wrap film precisely does this- no breakage, spoilage, well bundled and goods delivered to their destination intact. Stretch wrap films have gained major importance, especially for the packaging industry.

Stretch Wrap Films

Goods wrapped in stretch wrap ensure almost damage free delivery of products, whether they are eatables, display items or other kinds of materials this product is handy for store items or homemade goods that need to be transported. It has become absolutely necessary to wrap certain supplies, when talking of terms of long distance transportation. Packaging your goods in Stretch wrap film is a great way to protect the items from any form of damage. It is ideal to use stretch wrap when packing furniture as there is no adhesive, only the wrap sticks to itself which keeps furniture safe.

How can stretch wrap film be used?

There are different sizes and widths available for stretch wrap films. Narrow banding stretch wrap films can be easily used to wrap the few items listed below.  Hoses, Animal chew toys, Air filters, Muffins and croissants, Beauty products, Batteries, Any food stuff like macaroni, cheese, butter containers, drinks, Pots and pans, cutting boards, cleaning supplies, Fruit basket, gift baskets, Laundry room stuff, Cushions, Photo albums, Palletized boxes, Buckets, Clay, Mulch, Electronics, Jewelry, Wire reels, Tires, Furniture, Bricks, Carpet and rugs, Medical supplies You can actually wrap anything with narrow banding stretch wrap. This is just a small list because you can actually wrap thousands of products.

Why use stretch wrap film for packaging?

The products wrapped in stretch wrap films are protected from dust, moisture and other contaminants - You can easily bundle items in various units and then wrap it to the main unit - Seals the lids to maintain freshness inside the container - Efficient way to prevent tampering One can bundle theft prevention devices as well as get extra space for labeling too

Where can I purchase the stretch wrap film?

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