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Brianna had been working late the last two weeks. When she got hired in March, her boss mentioned, “We always want the best quality product. This includes our packaging. It might take longer, but let’s do it right.”

Although Brianna was tired of packing boxes every night, she knew this was true. Additional time spent wrapping merchandise could create a better customer experience.

1. Branding Purposes

Customers tend to engage with brands that go above and beyond. Adding small touches to packages increases the likelihood of people purchasing again. According to Sharon Michaels, a successful business-woman featured within Forbes Magazine, “If you are not consistently reminding your target market that you are actively doing business, they will forget about you and go elsewhere.”

Attention-to-detail creates a long-lasting impression. Printed Tape notifies buyers of valued merchandise. Colored Tape is great for branding purposes as well. Choose from blue, green, red, white, yellow, black, or orange to match your store colors. These durable tapes offer a colorful appearance to shipments. Not to mention, 2 Mil tape can hold up to 25 pounds of supplies!

Fragile Tape

2. Identifying Packages with Special Instructions

Whether you are moving to a new office, or a new home Pre-Printed Tape is perfect for sealing up valued materials. Individuals can choose from various ‘warnings’ to fit their needs. ‘Fragile’ Tape can identify frail supplies that need handled with extra care.

Not to mention, coworkers or moving personnel have a visual warning of delicate product. Individuals do not need to continuously worry about items breaking in transit. Less anxiety creates a smoother moving day.

3. Security Features

‘Caution’ Tape is great for distribution centers securing merchandise. This durable tape offers a further warning: “If Seal is Broken Check Contents Before Acceptance”. These special instructions save time and money. Customers can always take a photo of tampered product and send it to a company representative for added guidance.

Sometimes packages can be tampered with during shipment. Industrial pre-printed tapes are a simple and effective way to check for missing items. Stop Sign Printed Tape cannot be realigned once a box is opened. This durable tape mentions: “If Seal is Broken or Package Damaged – Check Contents Before Signing Receipt”. Any evidence of tampering will remain visible.

Overall, printed tape helps customers recognize quality product. Taking extra steps to assure materials are safe speaks highly of a company.

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