Amber Reclosable is the solution because they are made for diffusion. Primarily used in hospitals and labs, Amber Reclosable bags filter out 97% of rays in the ultra violet spectrum. These bags are definitely resourceful because if not stored properly, those aspirin or multi vitamins will breakdown, and if used, will cause an uncomfortable stomach irritation. Nonetheless when stored properly you maintain the original potency because this bag remarkably stores freshness! These bags are 3 millimeter in thickness, so that adds to their resistance, they'll never tear or puncture in an instance but will remain durable and persistent. You'll surely be safe with this bag when it comes to protecting your multi vitamins and supplements as well.

We at Packaging Supplies by Mail .Com are proud to say we have the antidote for your storage needs against ultra violet light! Our Amber Reclosable bag is the solution for protecting contents from brittle, discolor and other related ultra violet light damage. With so much energy and power flowing through ultra violet light, it shouldn't be a surprise that anything openly exposed to it for a period of time is guaranteed to be ruined. As you can see Amber Reclosable bags have multiple usage capabilities. It has an easy open and close zipper in which this dependable air tight seal keeps the contents fresh.

For home or industrial use these bags are proficient for storing jewelry, especially silver. It's important to be prepared, so you'll need product ahead. I'm sure those traditional photos you have require proper storage, and what about those expensive electronic devices such as digital cameras, iPod's, mp3's, flash drives, head phones etc. The way they seal freshness is quit tight, so that the inner contents remain fresh; so you can be assured of high performance, uncivilized would be anything less. Try our Amber Reclosable Bags today, you'll certainly be satisfied.

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