Packaging does not mean just wrapping items. In more recent times, it conveys more than just what is packed inside. The way an item is packed, sometimes tells a story. So, there definitely had to be a packaging material that broke the protocols and showcased liveliness and glamour to normally mundane packages. Colored bubble mailers entered the market to do just that, while not compromising on the quality and effectiveness of the packaging.

Metallic Bubble Mailer (Group)

With these attractive metallic bubble mailers, there was no looking back. The packaging industry revamped and packers looked for mixing up colors to add themes to their business parcels. These colored bubble wrap mailers addressed the issue of mixed up articles as they differentiated similar categories of items. The Metallic Bubble Mailers also made a huge difference in gifting, as gifts no longer looked monotonous. These colored bubble mailers are also accepted and approved by third party courier companies like UPS, USPS, and FedEx, so that there is no need of any additional packing material. It also enhances relationships as the receiver of an item wrapped with colored bubble mailer can help but smile and picks the colored parcel at his or her first glance among all other parcels.

At's online store, you will find blue, red, green, silver, black, gold, and purple colored mailers that are lined with the bubble in the interior to provide an extra layer of protection to the items packed within. These are ideal for shipping both fragile as well as non-fragile items. They are featured with self-adhesive openings that are easy to open and close. Its lucrative characteristics make the glamour bubble mailers a must-have at industrial as well as domestic set-ups.

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