Strapping tapes are packing tapes that have heavily reinforced filaments. These are known to possess high tensile strength and therefore are conveniently used for bundling yard equipment, fishing rods, curtains and other tools. The filament strapping tapes are great options to repair damaged book spines.

Strapping Tape

Most often, the strapping tapes are found with athletes who are involved in sporting activities. Athletes undergo constant training and physical exercise which makes them more prone to accidents and injuries. It is important for them to take precautionary measures to avoid injuries and stay fit. The Filament Strapping Tapes are their best companion when it comes to protecting their weak joints and muscles.

Let's understand how to apply strapping tape correctly.

Locate the area of pain: Athletes need to have a complete understanding of injuries and must be able to accurately locate the pain area of the joint in order to tape accordingly for quick and better recovery.

Understand the aim: Strapping tape is used to avoid injury, not cure it. So, it must be applied correctly before playing a sport to protect weakened muscles in the ankle or wrist.

Apply in one direction: The strapping tape must always be wrapped in a single direction and start from far above the actual area of the joint to secure it properly.

Avoid over-tightening: Remember not to apply the tape too tight as it may then restrict blood flow. Sports trainers are usually knowledgeable about the working of muscles and joints and provide for controlled movements of the joint even when the tape is applied.

Use the basket-weave technique: The basket weave technique involves wrapping the tape about the same thickness above and over just like we write the number "8".

The strapping tapes are also an excellent solution to make packages stable during the rough handling during shipping as they go through twisting, throwing and tossing. The store is the perfect place to order reliable and durable quality packaging material at the most reasonable prices. If you are looking for stable taping solutions or need to wrap your injured muscle before heading out for a sports activity, our filament strapping tapes are the best choice.