Returnable Poly Mailer

“This line will take forever!” Brittany thought to herself. She recently bought a cardigan and dress shoes from an online store for an interview. Both did not fit. She found herself waiting at her town’s post office impatiently. There were at least five people ahead of her.

“I have places to be! I can’t stand here all day!” With each minute, Brittany got more frustrated. She wished she did not have to wait to return unwanted items. “There has to be a better way to return things.”

There is a better way. Returnable poly mailers allow customers to easily ship products back without the need to stand in line for new packaging. We’ve outlined some of the most common product return scenarios below so you can see how easy it can be.

Shipping Supplies

1. Customer Expectations

According to Invesp, a company that helps businesses gain online customers, “30% of all products ordered online are returned compared to 8.89% in brick-and-mortar stores.” Ecommerce websites see more returns than physical stores. A big issue might be that buyers cannot touch or use materials until they receive their shipment. Some customers may have expectations that are not met once they finally receive their product.

2. Product Defects

Whether it is a manufacturing error or a shipping accident, product defects happen. For customers, it is frustrating to receive a product that is defective. Returnable poly mailers can make product exchanges simple.

3. Shipping Mistakes Happen

Warehouse workers usually check merchandise before securing it for transport. However, screening processes do not always work. Sometimes the wrong products are sent out. Returnable poly envelopes are a great way to mend any confusion quickly and appropriately.

4. Frequently Returned Products

For some industries, product returns are almost expected. We see this frequently with clothing and apparel companies. Customers like to be able to try on items before committing to keeping them. The successful companies plan ahead for this scenario. They may ship a return label in the mailer with every order. Their customers can try on their new products and ship the unwanted ones back with little hassle.

Expandable Poly Mailer

Expandable poly mailers are perfect for clothing as well. These mailing envelopes have a gusseted bottom that enlarges for bulkier sweaters or pants. Overall, returnable envelopes are a great solution to keep customers satisfied with purchases and returns.

Returnable poly mailers are the perfect solution to help ease this process for both businesses and their customers. When a purchase needs returned, customers can place their unwanted items back within the same mailer. Simply peel off the second adhesive and close the lip to seal. These durable, mailing envelopes save customers time and money. Instead of waiting in line to purchase packaging for returns—buyers merely need to place their item within the mailer, print a return label, and send back.

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