Valentine Day

Janine looked over the crimson red wrapping paper—wishing she could do more. It was her first Valentine’s Day as a small business owner and orders came pouring in. She did not realize her homemade candies would create such a stir.

She sold out within hours of posting her special recipes online. To make the holiday special, she wrapped each candy in red foil—and placed them in a box with a bow. Shipped orders were sealed with crimson paper.  

“This will take forever!” she thought. A special touch was worth it—she had many hours ahead of her.

Valentine’s Day is not just for significant others. According to the National Retail Federation, a website that supports national retail locations, “Customers said they plan to spend an average of $196.31, up to 21 percent over last years previous record of $161.96.” Check out some tips below to ‘dress up’ your packaging to become a part of the celebration.

Glamour Bubble Mailers

1. Add a Personalized Note to Shipments

Woo your customers with metallic Glamour Bubble Mailers for their Valentine’s Day shipments. Choose from crimson red, bright purple, or gold to add some ‘flavor’ to their packages. These durable mailers have a bubble lined interior to protect valued product from damage.

For extra detail, place a little note inside shipments. It might say, “To Someone Special. Here’s 10 % off your next purchase.” Engaging features make customers feel appreciated. A unique unboxing experience leaves patrons wanting more.

2. Sealed with Love

Seal your packaging in true Valentine’s Day fashion. Colored Packing Tape is great for adding a touch of color to boxed items. Choose from white, red, or purple for an over the top unboxing experience. Close poly mailing envelopes with red, white, or yellow bag tape for more zing.

To get patrons more excited, place some crinkle paper within their packages. Small touches help customers remember your company in the future.

Colored Labels

3. Something Sweet

Color Thermal Transfer Labels come in a light pink to add something sweet to packages. If your company is using a ‘gold theme’ this Valentine’s Day, consider blending in yellow as well. Incorporating a bit of color creates a personalized element to any item.

We hope these tips help you decorate your packaging for the festivities.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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