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Monthly Archives: August 2018

  • Guide to Packaging Convenience for Better Consumer Experience

    The consumer’s perspective has always been a pre-requisite in the packaging industry for obvious reasons. Packaging styles offer maximum flexibility to encourage ease and convenience. Everyone appreciates packaging that is adaptable and keeps the packaged contents fresh and safe, and people from different parts of the world have completely different packaging needs.

    Convenience of consumers widely depends on their demographics and culture. Every lifestyle defines convenience differently and packaging specialists struggle to make the best fit for a larger mass. Some people demand longer freshness of the packaged product as a primary motive, some prefer bulk buying, while others look for easy-to-carry style.

    The industrial market encourages packaging that is lightweight, water-repellent and stands up to harsh weather conditions and rough handling procedures.

    Guide to Packaging Convenience for Better Consumer Experience

    What packaging factors must be considered for a better consumer convenience?

    • The sustainable packaging idea. Packaging that values renewable energy and encourages e-mobility is called sustainable packaging. Some consumers appreciate chlorine-free or recycled papers for making packaging boxes.


    • Single-use packaging formula. People like on-the-go products (especially food items) that can be used only once for adapting to the change in eating habits. With the rise in single-person households, this is an undeniable need.


    • Packaging as a communicating medium. Packages can be used as an effective branding tool. Use high-quality images and attractive, bold colors as well as logos on the packaging for easy visibility.


    • Co-create and customize your packaging. Because convenience is an individual choice, companies focus on co-creating packaging material with brands to ensure delivering the perfect packaging that fits every individual’s personal preferences.


    Flexible packaging options have benefited brands by establishing a global market, as their thoughtful packaging tactics cater to the needs of a larger mass. The packaging industry essentially impacts the sale of any product.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com is a market leader in supplying highly reliable packaging supplies as well as shipping materials. You can choose from the wide selection at our online store for flexible packaging options at the most economical prices. Visit our website for resealable, easy-to-open/close packaging bags, shipping envelopes and essential safety supplies.

  • Why are MULTIVAC Packaging Solutions So Popular?

    The making of packaging material means a warehouse full of powdered remains and scrap from the cutting of trees. The residue is sometimes recycled and the non-recyclable is trashed. There is a need to eliminate the traditional manufacturing process and stay more organized, clean and eco-friendly.

    The MULTIVAC machines are designed diligently to save manufacturing units from producing so much waste. The intelligent design and technological expertise utilized in MULTIVAC thermoforming machines, promotes clean rooms, while enhancing efficiency which is mandatorily required in healthcare packaging products such as pharmaceutical and biotech products. The packaging process finds no exception to producing incomparably finished goods and the modular construction ensures durability.

    Healthcare Packaging Products

    There are separate forming stations, loading areas, sealing stations, perforation units and cutting units. The machine fulfils the requirements of a fully automated set-up, saving both time and effort. MULTIVAC is engineered to meet the specifications of pharmaceutical industry that mandates low microbiological and particle levels. It is equipped to process both flexible as well as rigid films. The machine is designed to construct aluminum as well as other packaging materials.

    The MULTIVAC thermoforming packaging machines offer the following advantages:

    • Process reliability
    • Customized packaging options
    • Durability and hygiene
    • Energy-efficient & cost-efficient
    • High product quality
    • Excellent production output
    • Versatile expansion and configuration settings

    With functionality clubbed with quality performance, the MULTIVAC machines adhere to the highest standards. The popularity is justified by the overall performance of the packaging machines. So, if you are the one with the cleanliness instinct, this intelligently crafted machine must be your first choice for manufacturing packaging material.

    MULTIVAC machines have set standards that cannot be outcompeted in the industry when it comes to price and performance. We equip safe packaging products that are carefully crafted by MULTIVAC thermoforming machines under strict guidelines for the manufacturing of healthcare packaging products.

  • Do Your Shipping Labels Need to be Plain & Simple?

    No! Shipping labels can be informative and an effective medium of communicating certain essential details. Did you know that shipping labels are not just a necessity but if creatively thought of, these can be used as a branding tactic? Labels are important for businesses that ship their manufactured products to multiple recipients. Without tagging products with these tags accurately, the packages could be delivered to wrong customers or get lost.

    Being creative and experimenting with the shipping labels, irrespective of whether you are using direct thermal labels or thermal transfer labels, would help you establish a brand image. Making the labels aesthetically pleasing by customizing them can prove to be helpful.

    Shipping Labels

    Here are a few options to consider:

    Incorporate Logos 

    Incorporating logos or images on your shipping labels help maintaining brand identity. It is easy to include images on the labels.

    Custom Messages 

    You can print custom messages when there is a special occasion like, ‘Happy Holidays’.


    Barcodes display important information about the packaged item and therefore are ideally imprinted on the labels.


    You can consider printing size of the packed item to be printed on the direct thermal labels.

    These and various other items can be included to be printed on the shipping labels. However, you need to consider the amount of space available on the label to select options. Creativity can make the ordinary labels work wonders for you. So, you don’t need to keep them plain and simple. Adding content to customize them would make your product packaging more interactive.

    The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com store has a complete range of packaging and shipping materials. Browse our online store to check out the prices and discount options.

  • A Guide to Using Strapping Tape for Athletes

    Strapping tapes are packing tapes that have heavily reinforced filaments. These are known to possess high tensile strength and therefore are conveniently used for bundling yard equipment, fishing rods, curtains and other tools. The filament strapping tapes are great options to repair damaged book spines.

    Most often, the strapping tapes are found with athletes who are involved in sporting activities. Athletes undergo constant training and physical exercise which makes them more prone to accidents and injuries. It is important for them to take precautionary measures to avoid injuries and stay fit. The filament strapping tapes are their best companion when it comes to protecting their weak joints and muscles.

    Strapping Tape

    Let’s understand how to apply strapping tape correctly.

    Locate the area of pain. Athletes need to have a complete understanding of injuries and must be able to accurately locate the pain area of the joint in order to tape accordingly for quick and better recovery.

    Understand the aim.Strapping tape is used to avoid injury, not cure it. So, it must be applied correctly before playing a sport to protect weakened muscles in the ankle or wrist.

    Apply in one direction. The strapping tape must always be wrapped in a single direction and start from far above the actual area of the joint to secure it properly.

    Avoid over-tightening. Remember not to apply the tape too tight as it may then restrict blood flow. Sports trainers are usually knowledgeable about the working of muscles and joints and provide for controlled movements of the joint even when the tape is applied.

    Use the basket-weave technique.The basket weave technique involves wrapping the tape about the same thickness above and over just like we write the number“8”.

    The strapping tapes are also an excellent solution to make packages stable during the rough handling during shipping as they go through twisting, throwing and tossing. The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com store is the perfect place to order reliable and durable quality packaging material at the most reasonable prices. If you are looking for stable taping solutions or need to wrap your injured muscle before heading out for a sports activity, our filament strapping tapes are the best choice.

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