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Monthly Archives: July 2018

  • Why are White Kraft Bubble Mailers a Popular Choice?

    White bubble mailers undoubtedly find space on the shelf of every business and are a popular choice among the wide range of shipping mailers available on the market. When it comes to shipping professional documents, fragile items or anything that requires proper cushioning, white Kraft bubble mailers are the first pick.

    White Kraft Bubble Mailers

    Color matters…

    White is universally accepted as a professional color and therefore these white colored shipping envelopes are usually selected for transporting professional documents across businesses. They do not disclose the contents packed within the envelope. Moreover, they provide a plain surface for printing custom labels.

    Safety matters…

    The white mailers ensure that your package stays safe from tampering. The self-adhesive closure can be trusted, and you can remain confident that the items packed within will not be affected by moisture.

    Weight matters…

    Although it has a padded packaging, the white bubble mailer keeps low on the weight to save on the overall shipping costs. These featherweight shipping envelopes are widely accepted by third-party courier companies like UPS, USPS and FedEx.

    Recyclability matters…

    Our Kraft bubble mailers can be easily recycled by separating the bubble lining from the paper material. We understand our accountability towards nature and encourage recyclable shipping materials.

    Durability matters…

    When it comes to strength of the packaging material, our white Kraft bubble mailers are no exception. They are manufactured to bear rough handling procedures of the third-party courier companies.

    Cost matters…

    They are extremely low on costs. Shipping large quantities lead to high shipping costs. With these cost-saving shipping mailers, you need not worry about the costs rising high.

    At PackagingSuppliesByMail.com, we understand your shipping requirements and offer you quality, durable and economical shipping material options that serve your needs optimally. Our range of shipping mailing envelopes offers you a wide variety to choose from. We have poly mailers, Kraft bubble mailers, bubble-out bags and packing list envelopes too.Browse our website for shipping materials that can be trusted for quality and cost-effectiveness.

  • Coreless Stretch Film – An Innovation for the Eco-Conscious Consumer

    Palletizing huge loads with stretch wrap is a routine followed in industries to hold items securely together. Stretch films have been evolving to be more efficient and cost-effective which led to the invention of coreless pallet wraps that proved to be light-weight and environment friendly.

    Coreless Stretch Wrap

    Coreless wraps proved to hold an edge over the conventional wraps as they delivered optimum performance when palletizing loads while reducing wastage.

    They are light-weight: Coreless means no hard material and so the wraps weigh less. These become easier to use.

    They are 100% recyclable: With no paperboard core, the coreless stretch films do not leave any waste.

    They are user-friendly: No core, means reduced roll weight, and this saves user energy and enhances productivity.

    They are environment-friendly: These films are manufactured while keeping Mother Nature in mind and thus do no harm to the environment.

    With the coreless pallet wraps, you do not have to worry about storing or disposing of the cores that practically have no use after wrapping the loads thereby reducing storage costs. While being lightweight and considerate towards the environment, these coreless wraps do not compromise on quality. So, they are an efficient purchase as users benefit by getting the highest quality pre-stretched films at the lowest price. The coreless variety is an amazing innovation among the types of stretch wraps available on the market.

    At PackagingSuppliesByMail.com, we provide coreless hand stretch wraps as well as pallet wraps in various sizes. We ensure that product quality is not compromised while delivering the best of wrapping performance.We promote packaging products that meet the highest quality standards and are environmentally safe. Visit the coreless stretch wrap page to order the required quantity of these useful  wraps.

  • First Aid Antiseptic Products – For Your Emergency

    Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere,and at the most unexpected hour… and we must be prepared at that very moment. The best way to stay safe is to have a first aid kit handy that can be easily accessible. First aid kits are meant to provide immediate relief and prevent injuries from getting diseases like septic. However, most people are not aware of the products that should be stocked in the first aid kit. Let’s have a look at the list of antiseptic products that you need to shop for.

    Antiseptic Products


    The first thing to do when someone gets injured is to wipe the wound with hygienic material to reduce the spread of germs and prevent the wound from causing other infections. These wound wipes come in a wide range of varieties – iodine swabs, iodine prep pads or towelettes. The antiseptic wipes are economical and easy to carry along for you to be safe during travel as well.


    When your wounds hurt or you have a burning sensation, it is always recommended to apply alcohol products to reduce the irritation.


    In case of minor wounds, you just have to pick and apply an ointment cream that soothes and heals. A tube or two must always be present in your first aid kit.


    First aid is made easy with this multi-purpose first aid spray that fit easily in your cabinet and are a hygienic way to stay safe.


    When you feel dizzy or dehydrated, ammonia can help you gain energy. At PackagingSuppliesByMail.com, we have ammonia inhalants that contain 15% ammonia and 32% alcohol.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com serves as a complete store to shop for your medical supplies. Our products are used in industries as well as homes, and are easy to apply and economical to purchase. First aid antiseptic kits are a must-have in any situation – home or work. You can order in bulk to save more on your purchase from our online store.

  • Clear View Poly Mailers

    The world of shipping supplies is now not restricted to just cartons and rolled up balls of newspaper. There are various types of shipping supplies that are designed and manufactured to perform a specific niche of work. For example, now there are various types of packing foam available depending upon type of material that needs protection. The poly mailers are a part of these specialized shipping supplies.

    Poly mailers are a type of protective mailers that are manufactured from durable plastic with properties like lightweight, moisture resistant and weatherproof structure. These are available in several different sizes and dimensions and various colors and clear too.

    Clear View Poly Mailers

    Why are poly mailers so popular?

    • They provide a cheap option for Kraft or corrugated shipping supplies
    • The poly mailers are weatherproof
    • Because they are made of plastic, they are very thin and take up less space
    • Even thin plastic is durable and tear resistant and mailers made from plastic retain those properties
    • Plastic can be recycled and reused
    • Available in clear, transparent versions, that allow packed goods to be visible
    • Lighter than most of the other mailing options

    What stuff can I send in these poly mailers? And what I cannot? 

    The poly mailers are ideal for packing apparels and other fabric products. These can be used for other additional accessories like shoes, hats and non-precious metal jewelry.

    But to figure out what can be put in the versatile mailers, answer these two questions:

    #1 - Is the product fragile?

    If the answer is YES, do not use the poly mailers. Wementioned thinness as a feature, nothing thin can provide padding and shock resistance to the fragile product that you plan on putting inside the poly mailer.

    The clear poly mailers may attract you to use them because of the see-through nature, but with fragile material without proper padding, poly mailers cannot be recommended.

    #2 - Does it fit in the mailer?

    Every package is bound to face some level of transportation and handling, if the product does not fit properly in the mailer, it can tear it off and cause loss, or worse, loss of a loyal customer.

    If the product fits perfectly, then it’s a go! For example, packing a well folded t-shirt in clear view poly mailer is the way to go. The product will remain secure in the mailer, will not get damaged and will reach to the customer in good condition.

  • Kraft Bubble Mailer or Poly Bubble Mailer? How to Choose the Right One?

    Different businesses deal with various products of different sizes, that means every business needs different sizes of packaging supplies.

    Proper usage of packaging supplies can be a crucial part for your business and the profit ratios of the business too. A properly packed item is not damaged in transportation and reaches the customers in the state it is expected.

    But the question remains, how to determine appropriate packaging material for your business? For example, poly bubble mailers or Kraft bubble mailers?

    Poly or kraft bubble mailer

    The answer to the question hides in one more question - What are you planning on shipping and what features matter to you?

    Look and feel!

    If getting a natural look that the Kraft paper gives out is what you want, then the Kraft bubble mailer is a more appropriate option; but if the clean look and crisp lines that comes up with the use of poly bubble mailers attract you, then the poly ones should be your choice.

    Also, the poly bubble mailers are considered ideal when you want to print the company logos, addresses and other details too directly on the envelope. Though the print remains visible on the Kraft mailers too but the visibility is low as compared to what you would get with the poly bubble mailers.

    Want to give something back to mother Earth?

    The natural looking Kraft bubble mailers are more difficult to get recycled as compared to the poly bubble mailers, because recycling requires paper and plastic to be separated, that is difficult in case of Kraft mailers whereas there is no paper involved in case of poly bubble mailers.

    What kind of closure matters to you?

    The Kraft padded mailers boast of a self-sealing adhesive opening that is tamper-evident, the paper layer drastically increases that tamper evident nature of the Kraft bubble envelopes. The Poly bubble mailers have anti-static liners that are not reusable, once opened drop off the envelopes.


    The Kraft shipping envelopes also known as Kraft bubble mailer are more prone to let moisture pass through whereas the poly bubble mailers are very strong are resistant to moisture entry.


    The poly bubble mailers take up less space as compared to the Kraft padded mailers. When the space consumption of the utmost importance, go for the poly bubble mailers but when the space is no issue Kraft padded mailers are a good choice too.

    Next time you are confused about which bubble envelope to go for, remember this article, and get rid of all your confusions and help your business ship products more effectively.

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