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Monthly Archives: June 2018

  • What are thermal labels?

    Barcodes, product contents and expiration dates are very often printed on thermal labels. These labels are very convenient for these purposes, and can be carried out using one of the following two methods:


    Thermal Transfer Labels

    Which process is right for you?

    Here are a few pointers that will help you in choosing the right process of printing for your labels:

    Direct Thermal Labels Thermal Transfer Labels
    How it works There is a chemical layer placed on the base paper that is going to be used for printing.During the process, the printer heats up the paper at specific locations to initiate chemical reaction that will form the desired print image. A ribbon is placed on the base paper and the heat generated by the printer initiates the carbon pigment from the ribbon to the label paper, creating the desired print image.
    Where are these used? These labels are widely used for short to medium life applications.This kind of print out is widely used in retail and logistics, meat storages and similar places where the print is often exposed to heat, moisture and other liquids. These kind of print outs often end up being used for a long-life application.This type of paper is a good choice where the print quality of a ribbon is preferred over the direct thermal prints, often used with outdoor labeling applications.
    Advantages: 1. These are simple to you as there is no involvement of the ribbons.

    2. Greater productivity due to elimination of the ribbon changes.

    3. Used for both 1D and 3D barcodes.

    4. Can be printed on paper as well as synthetic material.

    5. The quality is good enough for everyday usage.

    1.  Wide variety of papers like, clear, pearl. Metalized, and fluorescent.

    2. Excellent quality for text, image and barcodes.

    3. To get colored print outs, there are colored ribbons too are made available by various manufacturers.

    Disadvantages: 1. Show limited abrasion resistance.

    2. The print starts fading in 6 months to a year.

    3. Over exposure to heat and other liquids turn the print difficult to read.

    1. Require a special printer for use of this methods.

    2. As the ribbons are necessary to print anything, stock of these needs to be maintained and can be looked as an additional expense.

    We hope all this information will help you to understand the complete concept of thermal labels, the two methods that are used in the printing of these labels. If you are looking for a good, reliable and affordably priced source to get base paper and other associated accessories required for printing thermal labels, PackagingSuppliesByMail.com is your destination.

  • Reduce Aisle Related Accidents with Colored Aisle Marking Tape

    Aisle marking tapes are tapes with one adhesive laden side and one adhesive free side, that means these tapes are like normal packaging tapes but are stronger with respect to both the material of the tape and the nature of the adhesive used.

    Polyvinylchloride (PVC) base film, and the adhesive used as a base, is responsible for following features:

    • Durability
    • Puncture resistance
    • Tear and scratch resistance
    • Quick adherence to surfaces


    Aisle Marking Tape

    When it comes to floor marking, the floor marking tapes are extremely useful and preferred worldwide over painting floors based on following characteristics of both:

    Colored Aisle Marking Tape Floor paint

    ● The floor marking tape set rapidly, that is these tapes do not take time to get permanently fixed at the site of application.

    ● The application of the colored marking tapes does not require any expertise.

    ● The tapes are cheaper to use as compared to other alternatives available.

    ● The floor paint takes a while before it dries completely, holding the area of application unusable for a longer time.

    ● Use of floor paint requires an expert for proper, attractive and long-lasting application.

    ● Floor paints are expensive as compared to colored aisle marking tapes.


    Places that often use colored aisle marking tapes:

      • Supermarket aisles - Large areas, customers who are not well accustomed to the aisles, constant movement of pallets, forklifts, etc.


      • Hospital hallways - Hospitals have extremely long hallways, and getting into the right place in time is of utmost importance. In most cases, paramedics who do not work in the same hospital rely on markings.


      • Manufacturing facilities: At manufacturing facilities, time means money. Speed is a necessity at such places, and machines can be dangerous, so the floor marking tapes add direction amidst the chaos.


    These tapes are made with vinyl material that is designed to ensure high visibility and immediate impact. The bright colors or striped pattern make these tapes perfect for lane marking and for marking out hazards.

    The varying colors of these tapes make the usage of these tapes much higher, including applications where color coding or identification is required.

  • Wholesale Packaging Supplies: Best Way to Order BIG with LOW Pricing!

    Packaging supplies by mail.com is a market leader in the field of industrial packaging materials and supplies and has deservingly gained a lot of trust in the wholesale packaging supplies market since 2009.

    We strive hard to provide our customers with:

    • Quality packaging material
    • Wide variety of supplies
    • Affordable pricing range in wholesale as well as retail sales


    Wholesale Packaging Supplies

    The wide range of inventory is designed in such a way that all packing supplies accessories and materials that customers may need should be available for sale in wholesale as well as retail quantities.

    Even though fair pricing for all customers is the motto, certain restrictions and factors allow bulk pricing for pallet orders to be set lower than the market rates for retail sale. Larger orders directly mean that even with a lower profit margin, as compared to retail rates, manufacturers and resellers can gain solid profits. Also, large orders directly imply that expenses that will be incurred if the same amount of goods are sent to retail order customers will be saved, making it possible for the resellers to provide lowers prices for bulk orders without bearing any losses on their side.

    The wide range of products that are available with PackagingSuppliesByMail.com’s quality rich inventory includes:


    • Color Machine Wrap
    • Color Machine Tinted Wrap
    • Hand Wrap Down Gauge
    • Pre-Stretch Hand Wrap
    • Pre-Stretch Color Hand Wrap
    • Color Pipe Wrap
    • Color Hand Wrap Tinted
    • Machine Stretch Wrap
    • Blown Hand Stretch Wrap
    • Color Stretch Wrap



    • Narrow Banding Down Gauge
    • Extended Core Down Gauge
    • Pipe Wrap Down Gauge
    • Down Gauge Hand Film



    • Clear Packing Tape
    • Tan/Brown Hot Melt Packing Tape
    • Clear Hot Melt Packing Tape
    • Economy Filament Tape
    • Filament Tape
    • Do Not Break Load Narrow Banding
    • Tan/Brown Packing Tape
    • Packing List Pouches
    • Blue Painters Masking Tape
    • Fragile Printed Tape
    • White Stop Signed Printed Tape
    • Direct Thermal Label Desktop Roll
    • Masking Tape
    • Gummed Tape
    • Duct Tape
    • Industrial Grade Filament Tape
    • Specialty Stretch Wrap
    • Coreless Stretch Wrap
    • Cast Hand Stretch Wrap



    • Economy Poly Mailers
    • Medium Duty Poly Mailer
    • Poly Mailers
    • Poly Mailer Heavy Duty
    • Vinyl Powder Free


    The list may appear to be a long one, but it is just a tip of the iceberg when it comes to the stocked products we offer.  PackagingSuppliesByMail.com provides the lowest bulk pricing for pallet orders, as well as for retail – smaller orders on all kinds of the best quality packaging supplies and accessories.

  • Everyone’s Must Have - First Aid Kit

    Every office, household and even industries have a first aid kit lying somewhere. Public transportation too is mandatorily carrying medical kits, which are made easily available for the passengers in cases of emergencies. Whether it be an educational institution, corporate office or manufacturing plant, preliminary stages of training during introduction involves first aid training as it the very basic of healthy survival in a society.

    The first aid kits and supplies are made available with the following features:

    • Available in different models
    • Available in different capacities
    • Have the capacity to facilitate small to large groups of people
    • Available with a wide range of first aid products


    First Aid Kits and Supplies

    The material of the first aid kits (heavy gauge steel)provides the following properties:

    • Dust resistance
    • Weather resistance
    • Rust resistance

    The boxes have a hinge based handle that allows the first aid kits to be mounted on walls, making them easily accessible in case of an emergency. This feature is an extremely important part of the product, as ease of access cannot be compromised when it comes to emergencies.

    The first aid boxes include:

    • Plasters
    • Eye dressings
    • Triangular bandages
    • Scissors
    • Sterile Gloves
    • Safety Pins
    • Tweezers
    • Crepe bandages
    • Sticky tapes
    • Alcohol free wipes
    • Antiseptic cream etc.

    All the content of the first aid kits provided are ensured of complete sterility until and unless the packaging is found to be tampered with or opened.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com strives hard to provide its consumers with the best quality of products and the first aid kits in their inventory are an example of their efforts. Visit packagingsuppliesbymail.com today and assure safety and emergency treatment at your offices and households at the market’s best prices!

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