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Monthly Archives: May 2018

  • Guaranteed Shipping of Fragile Items with Strong Adhesive Packing Tape

    Cardboard boxes are an active and important tool in the shipping industry. The strength and versatility of the cardboard boxes have made them extremely popular across the world in households, small hobbyist businesses, and even with huge corporate giants.

    Interestingly, a large chunk of the credit for the popularity of the cardboard boxes goes to a necessary product called packaging tape.

    Many of us have experienced the embarrassment that come when the bottom of a box opens and all the stuff we were planning to move ends up falling on the floor and even getting damaged. Imagine how much damage that could do to a business which depends on moving or shipping the goods for its profits.

    Packaging tapes, also known as shipping tapes, play a great deal in holding the base of cardboard boxes together and in making sure the lid of the boxes stay closed during transport. There are ways to make sure that the packaging tape does its job well, there are proper ways to seal a box.

    Adhesive Packing Tape

    A normal cardboard box has two openings with four flaps on each side along with four closed walls forming a box together.

    • Starting with sealing of the base with shipping tape.
    • A lot of us start with closing the small and the large flaps alternate, making a cross pattern. It is suggested that this sequence should not be followed. Close the smaller flaps of the box first and then the larger ones.
    • Instead of using the industrial tape horizontally and vertically on the bottom of the box, form an ‘H’ shape with the tape closing and sticking all flaps together proves to a lot more productive.
    • While shipping irregularly shaped objects in cardboard boxes, ensure that all the void spaces are filled with packaging materials so that the weight is distributed evenly.
    • It is not advisable to reuse a piece of industrial tape, no matter how fine it appears. The strength of a seal relies widely on the adhesive property of the tape.

    Follow these tips and avoid the losses and embarrassment that comes with abrupt opening of sealed cardboard boxes during shipping!

  • Core-less: Environment Friendly Way to Stretch Wrap

    Coreless stretch film technology is considered an innovation in the packaging and shipping industry, and has done a great deal of work in making the wrapping business friendlier to the environment. This has appealed to a lot of organizations that want to be eco-friendly, desire to cut down their own hassles, or to the clients that want to take a sustainability approach while running their businesses.

    Coreless stretch wrap

    Coreless pallets wraps:

    • No internal core
    • High performance stretch wraps
    • Capable of providing optimal coverage to pallets

    Coreless wraps are considered environment friendly:

    • Eliminates the need of having a paper board core
    • 100% recyclable nature of the wraps
    • Reduces energy consumption during transportation

    As there are no cores in the warp rolls - there is no need to have an arrangement for the core disposal, reducing work and efforts of the employees.

    Coreless pallet wraps are known to increase the productivity:

    • Suitable for use with the newly designed ergonomic wrap dispensers
    • Hand burns that are associated with replacing core-stretch wraps from the old designs of dispensers
    • Reduces the overall weight of the rolls by 15%
    • Presence of cores in the end often turn the last few meters of the wrap useless, absence of the core ensures complete usage of the wrap, increasing the productivity to a large extent

    Coreless pallet wraps find application in wide range of industries:

    • Appliance industry
    • Automotive manufacturing
    • Building supplies
    • Chemical factories
    • Food service
    • Furniture manufacturing industries
    • Artificial foam
    • Medical supplies
    • Paper industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Textile

    Color-less stretch films are known for their cost saving properties:

    • Weight and volume of all the coreless rolls is decreased, a lower price for shipping and transportation is paid for by the customers
    • Reduced waste disposal prices
    • Reduced storage space is required, reduced storage prices

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com has always strived to provide its customers with most quality products at market’s lowest prices, and at the same time have put in a lot of effort to be environment friendly. Products like coreless pallet wraps too are included in inventory. Visit pacakgingsuppliesbymail.com today, order all the core-less warp you need and do your part to protect Mother earth.

  • Communicate More than Words with Colored Bubble Mailers

    Colors play an extremely important role in conveying messages and unsaid feelings in any kind of communication. Cultures, societies, religions and even businesses, use colors with utmost care as color depicts a lot of emotions, thoughts and objectives.

    For businesses that deal with shipping products, documents or other items to their customers, colored bubble mailers can prove to be a very strong tool in incorporating color-based communication.

    Glamour Bubble Mailers

    Colored poly mailers are an upgrade for various reasons: 

    • The colored bubble mailers provide better protection to the product being shipped, be it a fragile item that customer has paid for, or documents of high importance.
    • The inner bubble layers make the envelope strong enough to withstand a lot of rough usage that a package is expected to face during shipping and transportation.
    • The various colored poly mailers also provide a medium to communicate with the customers, with more than just words. Every established business has a color, associated with them because color memories last.


    A bright colored bubble mailer:

    • Red, fluorescent yellow or green attracts attention of the receiver, these envelopes will surely be picked up first, even from a huge pile of letters.
    • To add more to the list colors and their effects on the psychology, yellow reflects competence and happiness.
    • Blue marks competence and gives out a good quality and corporate feel, therefore majority of businesses that must communicate with their customers via mail often tend to use darker shades of blue to instill a feeling of calm.


    Brand awareness campaigns make a correlation of their brands and specific colors through advertisement campaigns, and this helps make a permanent impression in the minds of the customers.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail is a leading supplier of all the packaging material that is required to run a business smoothly. Visit packagingsuppliesbymail.com and choose from an extremely wide range of colored bubble mailers and be the brand that communicates with its customers with more than just words!

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