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Monthly Archives: April 2018

  • How Utility Grade Masking Tape Simplifies Home Projects

    May it be a home improvement project, art work or an intricate paint job, masking tape is a must have product. In any paint project, the quality of the tape and its adhesive are the decisive factors in getting a good quality outcome.

    Masking tapes are available for sale in two different types: 

    1. Utility Grade Masking Tapes
    2. Blue Masking Tape

    Masking Tape

    Utility grade masking tape serves multiple purposes, as the name suggest it is mainly used for masking, but its non-residue nature on any surface also adds utility of alabel device and the good quality of the adhesive makes it capable of sealing air vents like a duct tape too! The utility grade masking tape is easily peeled off without any residue on the surface, reducing the hassles of scrapping and preventing damages like denting, scratching that will result from scrapping of the surface.

    Blue Masking tape also known as painter’s masking tape is a solution of better quality home and industrial painting. This tape can protect any material that it is used on. The blue masking tape can withstand paint leakage, water and oil too. The adhesive used in this tape allows it clean removal in any case, even if it is removed weeks or months after its application. This tape is a big asset during paint jobs as it allows a professional look by helping maintain straight lines and clear edges. The premium quality of service that the blue masking tape gives makes it worth the higher price.

    Both tapes have a property that increases their utility to a very large extent – both are easy to tear. Be it a utility masking tape or painters blue tape, the easy-to-tear quality helps the user to work at a higher speed without any hang ups. These tapes are not weak, and are able to withstand paint seepages too.

    The masking tape is available with PackagingSuppliesByMail.com in multiple sizes!

  • Become Eco-friendly and Safe with Nitrile Gloves

    Various laws and awareness campaigns all over the world with regards to work place safety have played a huge role in making work environments all over the world a lot less dangerous and a more safe.

    Disposable gloves get a major share of the credit in the increase in workplace safety industries, businesses and manufacturing plants. Most of these gloves are manufactured using latex, making these gloves more acceptable and easy to produce, but a significant number of people are allergic to latex made products and can develop rashes on the skin.

    Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves

    To fight the issue of latex allergies, synthetic rubber is used to manufacture disposable gloves. To further protect from powder based allergies, these gloves are produced and sold without any powder and/or proteins inside the gloves. The strength of the gloves is an extremely important feature for the safety, because users rely on its strength when working in hazardous situations.

    Nitrile is the name of an extremely strong synthetic rubber made from two chemicals called - Butadiene and Acrylonitrile. The rubber made from the above mentioned chemicals is resistant to a wide range of chemicals that a person may handle working in an industry or a manufacturing plant, like petroleum jelly, liquid paraffin, xylene, oils, greases, and even certain solvents.

    Nitrile gloves have strong cuffs with a beaded design and are soft, supple. These gloves are blue in color and known as Blue Nitrile Gloves. These gloves are stronger than the normal latex made disposal gloves and are resistant to oil and chemical permeation.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com is a leading supplier of a wide range of a packaging related supplies online, including nitrile disposable gloves, available in various sizes and thicknesses, are a part of the wide inventory. Visit PackagingSuppliesByMail.com for best quality safety accessories including nitrile gloves, and make sure that all your employees are safe and your business is a safe workplace.

  • The Application Wonders of Reclosable Poly Bags

    Reclosable poly bags are wanted and present everywhere, from businesses & offices to households. This versatile tool of packaging is manufactured in a lot of varieties, with different shapes & sizes, and even different sealing mechanisms. Whenever there is a need to pack something that needs to be kept fresh, or for products that need to be repackaged, reclosable poly bags are to the way to go.

    Some of the variants of the reclosable plastic bags, like the regular reclosable bag with the zip top, and the bags with the double track zips are accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Department of Agriculture for use in close contact with food. The amber colored reclosable zipper bags are useful in the pharmaceutical drug industry for transferring chemotherapy drugs as the light sensitive drugs are protected from the sunlight.

    Reclosable Poly Bags

    Made from extremely durable 100% high clarity film, polyethylene reclosable zipper bags are available in various designs:

    • Clear reclosable bags - provides visibility of the stored content and facilitates the organization of the goods being packed
    • Reclosable bags with hang holes - the hole allows the bags to be hung on hooks or nails, making the good contained in the bag more accessible
    • Reclosable bags with white block - the white block in the middle of the bag is a good writing surface and allows labeling without additional hassle of using labeling tools
    • Slider bags - the zip like slider makes the closed opening of the bags stronger thus making the bags more capable of holding goods safely.

    Reclosable poly bags are available in multiple sizes and thicknesses ( from 2 mil to 8 mil ) for multiple uses. Bags of higher thicknesses are used for storing heavy material and thinner ones for lighter materials.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com is a leading distributor and seller of all designs, sizes and thicknesses of reclosable zipper bags at the market's most affordable rates. Visit PackagingSuppliesByMail for all the reclosable poly bags you need for all of your applications.

  • Say “NO!” to Waste with Filament Tape Dispensers

    Filament tapes are equipped with pressure sensitive adhesives that are used for multiple packing applications, like sealing corrugated fireboxes, strengthening packages and bundling items. The specialty of this tape is the presence of fibre glass filaments present on the polypropylene or polyester films of the tape. Different grades of the filament tapes vary with the thickness of the filaments and the different types of adhesives.

    These fibre glass equipped, strong tapes can be used manually by hand but are most often used with a stationary or even a handheld tape dispenser, as they allow usage of the tape with a higher level of ease and a higher rate of speed.

    Filament tape dispensers are manufactured with metal and sometimes good quality plastics to increase the life of the dispensers.

    Filament Tape Dispensers (1)

    Tape Dispenser Features:

    • Compact design, easy to use
    • Strong metal body for a longer life makes the product extremely versatile and easy to store, carry and operate.
    • Available for all the variants of filament tapes, also adds versatility to the product.
    • Simple operation; increases the acceptance of the product in all the industries where packaging, taping and/or reinforcement of packages is carried out.
    • Dispenses tape of 2 inches width and a central core of 3 inches.
    • Features a blade at the end which efficiently cuts the filament tape with ease which otherwise would have been difficult and slow down the whole process.


    The well-designed model of the hand dispensers assures drastic improvement in the packaging and taping performance of the employees, adds a professional look too. The easy to use operation of the hand dispenser is good for the performance also and allows incorporation of beginners in the packaging and taping process.

    The hand dispenser features a hand operated brake, presence of which allows control on the tension of the filament tape. Control on the tension of the tape facilitates achievement of tight, secure wrapping in the process of bundling individual items and even pellets.

    Dispensers for double-sided tapes, start tapes and shipping tapes are also available with PackagingSuppliesByMail along with good quality, long lasting filament tape dispensers, and all the variants of filament tapes.

  • Ultimate Protection from Everything with Stretch Wrap

    For a manufacturer of goods that require long or short distant shipping, using pallets and stretch films are a Godsend. Stretch films act as an indicator of tampering; often reducing the loss of products by securing products to each other and to the pallets. Stretch film often cuts down on possibility of injuries to the workers.

    stretch wrap

    There are two different types of stretch wrap films…

    Blown stretch wraps and cast stretch wraps, these differ from each other with their manufacturing processes. The blown type of stretch wrap isa product of heated beads of resin, which are blown in to bubbles. These bubbles are later transformed into rolls of stretch films. Blown stretch wraps are less popular in the packaging supplies manufacturing industry because of high production costs and low per hour outputs.

    The process of manufacturing the Cast Stretch films involves heating of resin beads and forcing them through a die in the shape of a narrow slit. The sheet-like structure that comes out is re-rolled, wound up on rolls that are cooled to solidify the films. Cast hand stretch wrap is a lot cheaper to produce as compared to the blown stretch wrap.

    The cast stretch wraps stretch easily, making usage better and is unwrapped soundlessly. The wraps cling from both the sides, making the pallets stick together and make stacking of pallets simpler and safer.  Completely clear nature adds one more to advantage list, reading of labels and scanning barcodes is simplified by the usage of clear cast stretch films.

    These wraps are one of the most economical supplies used during shipping of products; they protect a lot of shipments and results in savings. The wraps stick to the products and pallets on one of the sides and other side is used for simpler application with stretch film dispensers.

    These cost effective, efficient and resourceful cast stretch films are shipped by PackagingSuppliesByMail.com along with stretch film dispensers, making them even more easy to use. The cast hand stretch wraps are available as coreless, coloured and down gauge. Using cast stretch film reduces packaging costs to a new low and enhances the efficiency of labor.

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