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Monthly Archives: February 2018

  • Make The Smart Choice - Use Kraft Mailers, Envelopes & Bags

    Plastic has been identified as the biggest pollutant in our environment. We cannot do without bags, but we can surely replace plastic bags with eco-friendly Kraft paper bags. The Kraft products are available as  bubble mailers, padded mailers and shipping envelopes.

    Wondering how Kraft bags/envelopes will sustain the transit, storage and shipping process? Most retailers prefer to package and display their products in Kraft paper bags. This is not only an eco-friendly option, but also gives a stylish look.

    Kraft Bubble MailersOver the last decade, online shopping has increased leaps and bounds. The agencies supplying goods to the shopping portals are responsible for packaging the ordered product for shipping. Online shopping has become the way of life, and to impress the consumer, the sellers and shippers must come up with innovative ideas to package the product. The main purpose of packaging is to protect the product and ensure its safe delivery to the buyer.

    With the change in the buyer mindset, and for the sellers to create a niche in the market, Kraft paper bags are a great option. Packaging suppliers stock Kraft paper product to suit the needs of packaging and transporting.

    Kraft padded mailers or Kraft bubble mailers can be effectively used to package products safely and securely. Kraft paper is lined with bubble film to provide that extra protection to the packaged product, safeguarding products during the shipping process.

    Use Kraft Bubble Mailers: 

    • Hardware tools
    • Office supplies
    • Jewelry
    • Art and craft articles
    • Books
    • Electronic components
    • Pharmaceuticals

    Kraft bubble mailers, Kraft padded mailers and Kraft shipping envelopes are in huge demand as they come in various sizes and shapes. They are used by big companies as well as hobbyists or even household uses.

    Make the Smart Choice: 

    • Kraft paper bubble mailers give a natural look
    • The Kraft paper and the bubble sheet, both are recyclable
    • It is easy to customize the mailer with your company logo
    • For clarity of packaging, it is possible to print the product details as well on the Kraft padded mailer or shipping envelope
    • Kraft shipping envelopes/mailers can have a tamper proof shield
    • Kraft bubble mailers have taller bubbles to provide more protection
    • The freight is lower when you ship your product in Kraft padded mailers rather than boxes

    Kraft mailers, bubble mailers and shipping envelopes have a greater advantage as they occupy less space so less freight is charged. They are easy to pack the product in so productivity increases as it saves time and labor. The also offer better protection so products reach buyers intact.

  • Clear Reclosable Bags vs. Plastic Grocery Bags

    Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental hazards that earth is facing today. Plastic is made from natural gas or petroleum, non- renewable resources and techniques that destroy the ecosystem. The incineration of plastic not only pollutes the environment, but also has proven to be carcinogenic for the workers exposed to it.

    Plastic grocery BagsPlastic Grocery Bags


    It is estimated that about 500 billion plastic bags are used every year. The grocery plastic bags have handles, which makes it easy to carry the groceries. These bags are cheaper and highly versatile.

    Effects on the environment:

    Grocery bags harm the environment. They end up in rivers and oceans and cause problems for marine life. Birds and animals are often found eating them, which results in their death. When the grocery bags are dumped in landfills they do not degrade properly, choking the soil. The soil does not absorb or retain water, which ultimately leads to a reduction in the ground water table, a vicious cycle of depletion of soil quality and drying up of underground water streams.

    Clear Reclosable BagsClear Reclosable Bags


    Reclosable bags are reusable bags. They are available in a wide range from lightweight to robust bags. Reclosable clear bags are the most flexible option for storage, packaging and transport of any material/product. These bags are available in a wide range of thickness, types, colors and sizes. These bags provide stylish protection, are recyclable, resealable and offer compact packaging.

    Save The Environment

    It is the duty of each person to protect the environment. We cannot do away with plastic entirely, but one easy and simple way is to use clear reclosable bags. They are long lasting, versatile and most importantly can be recycled.

    Why Choose Clear Reclosable Bags?

    These bags are more durable as compared to grocery bags, they are approved by FDA and USDA, and are available in various sizes and thickness. Ideal for packing items that require storage, they also prevent spillage and protect products from dust and moisture damage.

    Switch to clear reclosable bags and help protect the environment!

  • How to package unusual items

    Moving? It is accompanied by its own set of excitement and anxieties. The most treasured items in your home make you think how you are going to pack it? Well, here are a few unusual  shaped items packing tips.

    Bubble WrapTrampoline

    The countless hours that kids have spent on the trampoline in the backyard is a treasure that has to be moved along with you. Well, it's not a mammoth task as it seems. Firstly, keep poly bags and cardboard boxes handy. Dismantle the trampoline,put all the nuts and bolts in the polybag. Remove the net and safety padding. Rinse and let dry. Wear safety gloves and undo the springs from the frame. Label and undo the leg pieces. Pack every odd shaped part in bubble wrap and use bubble wrap bags to store the nuts and bolts. Remember to label the poly bags too.

    Hunting Trophy

    Taxidermy is one of the most difficult item to pack. It adorns most home and has a place in the heart of the resident. Clean the body and hide with a duster, eyes, hooves, wooden part and non fur area should be cleaned with a moist cloth. Carefully wrap up the hunting trophy with bubble wrap packing, making sure that the tape does not touch any part of the trophy. Place the trophy in a box of the right size. Fill in the gaps with Styrofoam to ensure that the trophy reaches the destination in an intact state. It is after your prized possession.

    Fine China

    A chipped china is deemed for the trash can only. Wrap the fine china in tissue paper. Then carefully wrap in bubble wrap, paying extra attention the handles and spout that need an independent bubble wrap. Tape up the bubble wrap. Place the articles in a cardboard box. Fill in the gaps with either foam liners, air bubble packs or Styrofoam so there is no space for the fine china to move. Remember to label the box as fragile.

    Use bubble wrap for all your unusual packing needs and be rest assured that your items will reach in good condition… no transport and transit hurdles will break your articles.

  • Packing List Envelopes: Reliable, Economical, Durable Packaging Essentials

    Packing and delivering a package is a process and ensuring that the package arrives safe at its destination is always a priority. Moreover, the way an item is packaged speaks a lot about the sender. Therefore, it is mandatory to use proper shipping material along with appropriate seal and labeling so that the complete process looks professional. Additionally, using packing list envelopes gives a sense of meaning to your package. Although the envelope can be enclosed within the box or carton, it needs to be displayed on the exterior as most of the times it would need to be inspected.

    Packing List Envelopes

    At the PackagingSuppliesByMail.com’s online store, we stock a wide variety of packaging essentials including different kinds of packing list envelopes. Packages must convey what’s inside and other necessary details to be able to serve complete information to the receiver. The packing list mailing envelopes enclose paperwork that contains product information and also protect it from dust, moisture, and dirt and expands enough to ship multiple documents at the same time.

    We have different types of shipping envelopes that are designed to protect packages from external attacks. The Packing List Enclosed and Clear envelopes are economically priced and available in a variety of sizes and quantity pack options. Visit https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/small-packing-list-envelops to order your required size and types.

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