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Monthly Archives: November 2017

  • Add Colors to Your Packaging: Use Glamour Bubble Mailers

    Packaging does not mean just wrapping items. In more recent times, it conveys more than just what is packed inside. The way an item is packed, sometimes tells a story.So, there definitely had to be a packaging material that broke the protocols and showcased liveliness and glamour to normally mundane packages. Colored bubble mailers entered the market to do just that, while not compromising on quality and effectiveness of the packaging.

    Metallic Bubble Mailer (Group)

    With these attractive metallic bubble mailers, there was no looking back. The packaging industry revamped and packers looked for mixing up colors to add themes to their business parcels. These colored bubble wrap mailers addressed the issue of mixed up articles as they differentiated similar categories of items. The metallic bubble mailers also made a huge difference in gifting, as gifts no longer looked monotonous. These colored bubble mailers are also accepted and approved by third party courier companies like UPS, USPS, and FedEx, so that there is no need of any additional packing material. It also enhances relationships as the receiver of an item wrapped with colored bubble mailer can help but smile, and picks the colored parcel at his or her first glance among all other parcels.

    At PackagingSuppliesByMail.com’s online store, you will find blue, red, green, silver, black, gold, and purple colored mailers that are lined with bubble in the interior to provide an extra layer of protection to the items packed within. These are ideal for shipping both fragile as well as non-fragile items. They are featured with self-adhesive openings that are easy to open and close. Its lucrative characteristics make the glamour bubble mailers a must-have at industrial as well as domestic set-ups.

    Get to know more about these amazing packaging materials here: www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/glamour-bubble-mailers.html.

  • Safety Supplies Guide 03: Differences Between Disposable and Reusable Protective Clothing

    The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com team is a complete packaging and shipping solution for industries and also a reliable safety equipment supplier who cares for the well-being of on-the-job industry workers. Under safety equipment, we provide safety glasses, gloves and other protective essentials. While our last blog spoke about the use of hair nets and beard covers, this time we are going to discuss protective clothing that needs to be worn in an environment that is controlled by certain factors such as temperature and chemicals. Protective clothing is an essential wear in laboratories, manufacturing environments, or any processing industry, and its main objective is to protect the product from contamination while protecting the operator from the harmful environment.

    The choice of using disposable or reusable protective clothing like disposable coveralls or aprons is not just a matter of cost. There are many other important factors that need to be considered while deciding on the protective clothing to be used.


    One of the most important factors in selecting a safety supply company is the purchase affordability. It is important to consider full life cycle of the product and not only the initial investment before making the final selection. A genuine cost comparison must include factors such as energy, environmental and transportation costs. For reusable protective clothing, it must be able to sustain 50-70 sterilization and wash processes.


    Washing garments does not remove contamination fully. Science has proven that some particles remain on the clothing even after cleaning, especially in the difficult-to-clean areas. Studies have also discovered that when washed, the protective barrier of the clothing diminishes with each cycle. So, the safety clothing like disposable coveralls should undergo a physical inspection and repellency testing every time before use.


    Modern protective clothing materials are breathable and lightweight and add necessary comfort to the protective barrier. However, these comfort features also deteriorate after repeated decontamination cycles.


    The disposable garments are available in sterile form at very little extra cost.


    Disposable protective clothing like disposable aprons and coveralls are more environmentally safe, as they emit considerably less CO2 and energy compared to reusable clothing.

    Safety supplies are important items that all industries need to be equipped with, and trusted stores like PackagingSuppliesByMail.com stock essential industrial safety products at the most affordable prices, without compromising on quality.Buyers should be careful while selecting safety equipment, purchasing only from a reputable source.

  • Safety Supplies Guide 02: When, Where & Why to Use Hair Nets or Beard Covers?

    Rgarding hygiene, there are numerous precautionary measures taken by industriesand factory workers to prevent unnecessary products contaminations. No one likes to have hair in their food, and therefore it is the food industry that stocks much of these disposable garments like hair nets and disposable beard covers. The Food Safety Standards require all food handlers to take precautionary measures to make sure that any sort of contaminant from their body or clothing does not mix with the quality of food items. However, it is the responsibility of business owners whether to make wearing hair nets compulsory, tie it securely at the back, or simply have a hat policy.

    Disposable hair net

    Packaging and shipping material providers have studied the orders received and found that most organizations follow strict rules when it comes to hair and beard hygiene. PackagingSuppliesByMail.com explains when, where, and why to use these safety supplies.

    When to use?

    Whenever it comes to industries that are very specific to maintaining quality of products such as food items or chemicals, precautionary measures must be followed. Hair has different patterns and certain chemical composition, it can contaminate the things it encounters.

    Where to use?

    Food manufacturing industries are very much prone to get that “ewww!” remark from consumers when they find hair in their products. So, inevitably the industry must have their workers wear hair nets while at work. Also, chemical laboratories include hair and beard nets for lab workers as protective equipment depending on the chemical manufacturing process. In addition, places where electronic components are designed and assembled also demand strict hygiene.

    Why to use?

    Hair normally has a pleasant appearance as a beard or on the head. However, if the same hair if sheds and lands in an item such as food, it immediately can be contaminating creates disapproval and lack of trust among customers. Hair can fall anyway, it does, and most of us never know or think about it.

    The use of disposable hair nets as well as disposable beard covers are undoubtedly as important as wearing safety gloves. Although it seems a tiny accessory, it helps you maintain cleanliness in the industry as people care for hygiene as much as any other trait. Using adequate safety supplies at workplace also helps gain trust from your customers &employees. To get your stock of safety supplies refilled, please visit www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/safety-supplies.

  • Safety Supplies Guide 01: Importance of Safety Supplies at Industrial Workplaces

    With an increased knowledge in the workforce these days, maintaining necessary safety standards has become mandatory for businesses that run in an industrial space. It is beneficial for both the employees and employers, as it strengthens the company internally, and results in satisfied employee-employer relationship. A factory or industrial situation poses several health risks to employees, and the number of workplace accidents has been speaking in large numbers:

    • 1. Workers are exposed to harmful chemical substances like carbon monoxide, flammable materials, and other solvents
      • 2. There are physical dangers scattered around like unnoticed spillages, moving sharp objects and even loud noises
      • 3. Some tasks like frequent lifting or load moving require workers to strain their muscles unnaturally that may lead to ergonomic hazards
      • 4. Exposure to organic components such as blood, animal droppings or bacteria also pose a high danger of risk

    Companies have become more informed and are safeguarding employees’ interests by having a safety room or at least a first aid kit for the emergency hour containing tools for specific industries. Most companies go further, and provide safety training to ensure that their employees are aware of the basic treatment procedures, to avoid potential life-threatening situations when no one is around. However, despite these measures, workplace accidents are very common. To lessen the number of accidents, safety equipment is a preventative measure that is an easy and affordable solution that all organizations must follow. Here are some of the basic supplies that must be housed by every company, small or large, to prevent their employees from getting hurt while at work.

    Protective Clothing – Workmen who serve in the automobile industry must wear protective clothing, as well as people working with chemicals, or those at construction sites, must stay safe with protective apparel such as Safety Vests and Disposable Coveralls.

    Work Gloves – There are certain harmful substances that need careful handling and must not be touched with bare hands while certain tasks require a firm grip. Depending on the industry’s requirements, companies must stock certain varieties of industrial disposable gloves.

    Protective Glasses – Eyes are very sensitive parts of a human body and protecting them at workplaces is a necessity. Safety glasses essentially protect the eyes from debris or any infectious material. Depending on the dangers exposed to or type of work surroundings, protective glasses must be chosen that protect from the specific harm.

    Hearing Protection – Hearing protection is of utmost importance where workers are frequently exposed to loud noises.

    Safety supplies are essential elements that must find space in every organization, whether it is a manufacturing industry, hospital, or construction site, or a chemical laboratory.

    For more choices, please visit https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/safety-supplies. PackagingSuppliesByMail.com, a complete source of packaging and shipping materials.

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