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Monthly Archives: October 2017

  • Medical Supplies Guide 03: Safeguarding Your Vision from Occupational Hazards – Use Eye Protections

    Looking at the numbers of occupational hazards happening, one must be alarmed and save the delicate beautiful little senses in place. Job related eye injuries have even caused workers to lose their sight. Not only this, there is a huge cost bearing on the employers and insurance companies on workers’ compensation costs. To prevent eye injuries, OSHA’s standards require industrial workplaces to provide eye care protections to employees that would provide proper protection against chemical, medical, environmental, or radiological hazards.

    Medical Supplies Guide

    What usually causes eye injuries at work?

    • Flying objects are the most common elements to cause damage to the eyes. This may include nails, staples, dust, or cement that are either ejected by tools or blown by wind.
    • Exposure to industrial chemicals can also cause damage to the eyesight. When the job demands constant exposure to cement powder, acids, fuels, or other certain chemicals, it may lead to mishandling or chemical reactions which may in turn harm the eyesight.
    • Swinging objects from a fixed position are another reason for eyes getting hurt. For example, ropes, tree limbs, or chains can be destructive.
    • Ultraviolet radiations are very harmful as they can lead to complete blindness when exposed to regularly.

    How can eye injuries be prevented at workplace?

    The best and probably the only way to protect the eyes from getting injured is to wear eye protections. Eye care protections are also recommended by OSHA standards as they have proven benefits across years. There are eye protections that are suited to specified duty. So, safety managers must determine the type of eye care products they need to purchase for the maximum safety of their employees in the typical workplace environment. Every industry has its own unique requirements and must equip a type of safety gear that best suits its requirements. Moreover, the eye care products, especially the safety glasses and lenses must be approved and certified by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1.

    Medical Supplies Guide

    Eye care products for immediate relief

    Although you stay protected, there are chances that you get hurt accidentally when your eyes undergo unbearable pain and need quick relief. Having Eye Sterile Pads, Eye Drops, and Sterile Eye Wash at your reach is essential as these are clinically approved products for industrial use. To stay protected from foreign materials, covering the eyes with eye cups or eye pads is recommended. At the end of the day, it is better to add eye solutions to eye pads and cover the eyes with them for a relaxing night’s sleep and recovery of any damage caused.

    At PackagingSuppliesByMail.com, we ensure that industrial workers have all the accessories to safeguard their interests at workplaces. Our products are essentially made from good quality material and do not cost heavy on the pockets of users. So, buy our eye care products now to build a healthy workplace and promote good health.

  • Medical Supplies Guide 02: Burn Care Products That Are Essential in Your First Aid Kit

    Flames and extreme heat are no play and burns caused by them give unbearable pains. So, in this blog we will introduce to you a few products that must essentially be a part of your first aid kit. Burns can happen anywhere – at home or at workplace and one must be rightly equipped with products that act effectively to reduce the damage. Also, if not treated properly, there can be bad scars on your skin that will accompany you lifelong and that’s exactly what you would never want.

    Medical Supplies Guide

    Which Burn Care Products Do You Need?

    • Burn Kits
    • First Aid Burn Cream
    • Spenco® Moist Burn Pads
    • Water-Jel® Burn Dressings
    • Water-Jel® Burn Jel/Spray

    Which Burn Care Products Do You Need?

    Our Burn Care Products include Spenco® Moist Burn Pads, Water-Jel® Burn Dressings, First Aid Burn Cream, and Complete Burn Kits. We also stock a good number of Water-Jel® Burn Spray/Jel that is easy to apply over untouchable wounds. We, at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com have a natural instinct to pack safety for our customers and our Safety and Medical Supplies are excellent sources of ensuring safety of individuals both at home and at work. In case you have missed our previous blog on Back, Wrist and Elbow supports, you can read it here – What Organ Protectors are Essentially Required at An Industrial Workplace?

    These Burn Care Products are great to travel with as they accompany you in case any incidence happens during travel where you don’t have access to any medical facilities. While the burn pads soothe the burnt area, the Water-Jel® Burn Jel/Spray speeds up the healing process and prevents bacterial infection on the wound. Also, for speedy recovery and lesser pain, we recommend using Instant Cold Packs and Reusable Cold Gel Packs that are very effective burn care essentials. They have proven their effectiveness in multiple cases. Cold/heat therapy products are often used when the injuries require a cool or warm surrounding temperature to be relieved of pain.

    Medical Supplies Guide

    Cold and Heat Therapy

    Being equipped with Emergency Burn Care Products you can save reckless injuries as the saying goes – ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ The PackagingSuppliesByMail.com team ensures that its customers are safe wherever they are – at a work place, at home or in travel. So, do not waste any minute and order our Burn Care Products now!

    Get them here:



  • Medical Supplies Guide 01: What Organ Protectors are Essentially Required at An Industrial Workplace?

    Usually, workers working under extremely unusual conditions are exposed to dangerous risks and it is the sole responsibility to industry owners to protect them. Even though the kind of work does not include much physical strenuous activities, it may induce continuous movements or stiffness that would lead to muscle strain. For example, tailoring jobs or the IT jobs demand the employees sitting in the same position for long continuous hours which usually causes back aches and painful wrists. Similarly, sportsmen have to practice for hours together and mostly complain of joint pains and hurting wrists. So, a better idea is to equip the facilities with medical supplies which would serve as a protection against these health problems. We, at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com completely understand these essential elements and stock a wide variety of medical supplies along with the packaging and shipping materials. Below are some of our medical supplies that are most undoubtedly a part of any organization that includes continuous physical movements.

    Medical Supplies Guide

    What Organ Protectors are Essentially Required at An Industrial Workplace?

    • Fingertip Protection
    • Back, Wrist and Elbow Supports


    Stretching and stressing your backbone hurts really bad and can be understood only by feeling the pain. The back supports whole of your upper body and straining it too much isn’t obviously good. Our thoughtfully designed Back Support instruments help maintain a cozy, ergonomic position by establishing proper cushioning at the exact points of distress. These Back Support Bands are effective as preventive measures to avoid back aches and also great as a treatment source to sufferers.

    Wrists are one of the most delicate parts of the human body and one cannot even imagine life without the hands, especially the palm and properly functioning fingers. However, maybe people are too busy to pay attention to this critical organ until it troubles them of pain or non-supportive behavior. The wrist joint needs special care whether or not performing strenuous activities. Our Wrist Wraps, Wristlets, Thumb Lock Wristlets and other wrist supports are specially designed to offer comfort to the wearer and to avoid any injury to the joints. These elastic wrist supports are manufactured with quality material that is completely safe and equipped with anti-microbial lining to ensure safety and feasibility of use. For better comfort, we suggest using our Hand and Wrist Supports as it offers greater strength to the hands.

     Latex Finger Cots available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.comBack, Wrist and Elbow Supports available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.comFinger Safety Tape available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com


    The elbow areas are also the most sensitive parts of a human body and causes unbearable pain when aligned in unnatural positions. Especially sportsmen find these elbow supports of great help as they continuously work out with the elbow joints. Moreover, these accessories are a must-have while performing activities such as gardening, landscaping, construction, hiking, and cleaning. Our Tennis Elbow Support is a medical supply product that has been often recommended by users to their friends and family.


    Other accessories that you would require are fingertip protectors. These fingertip protections are effective in saving your efforts to apply much pressure while not compromising on the speed needed to accomplish certain tasks. They are also useful in tasks that can be done with bare hands and reduce the irritation caused by gloves.


    Swellings are just normal and will go off once I take some rest – is what many think when they observe something unusual in their body. They actually ignore these minorities and face bigger casualties later. These physical ailments are not self-healing. They can be prevented by using these preventive measures. Our medical supplies are effective, protective and affordable. So, do not think twice before checking https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/medical-supplies and ordering the essentials you need.

  • Packaging Essentials Guide 04: Know More About Pallet Wrapping, Healthcare & Produce Packaging

    Packaging is such a hassle that one needs to be careful, yet quick to save the efforts and time. In our previous blog WHY ARE HAND PROTECTIONS OR GLOVES ESSENTIALLY REQUIRED, we described why it is important to wear gloves while handling items at workplace. With a sense of responsibility on them, the packaging products ought to comply with certain industry standards to not compromise on the company’s credibility and reputation in the market. Moreover, the packaging must also stay low on costs. One of the easiest ways to secure packaging at reduced costs is using Stretch Wraps. Also, some industries have peculiarities that demand for a particular grade of packing materials to retain the freshness and same composition. For these kinds of jobs, we will cover important information about Healthcare Packaging Products and Produce Bags in this blog.

     Stretch Wrap available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Health Care Packaging Products available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.comProduce Bags available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com


    Stretch Wraps available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Stretch Wraps

    When you have a large quantity of items that can be grouped by certain similarities such as material used, purpose, chemical composition, or shape and size, stretch wraps must be your foremost selection. These are a large stretch of effective wrapping material that is designed to withstand high pressure and unitize loads while being water-proof and tamper resistant at the same time. Stretch wraps can be applied by using hands or machines and are available in wide varieties to be able to serve various purposes. PackagingSuppliesByMail.com stock Down Gauge Stretch Wraps, Blown Stretch Wraps, Coreless Stretch Wraps, Specialty Stretch Wraps, and many more to fit your specific purpose. When you wish to wrap your items with a wrap that clearly indicates what contents are packed, Cast Stretch Wraps must be your first choice as they also provide reliable stretch elongation while the Blown Stretch Wrap variety is popularly used when you do not want to disclose the packed items. When it is really hard to keep a count on the quantity, Colored Stretch Wraps are a viable solution to maintaining accurate warehouse stock as colors distinguish one type from the others effectively. In addition to these, Specialty Stretch Wraps are available that protect the packaged items from dust, dirt, moisture, and other substances while ensuring the original composition of the materials.

    Stretch Wraps at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com are a convenient solution for wrapping items together while protecting them from external attacks and saving huge amounts as well as efforts for the packers.


    Health Care Packaging Products available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Health Care Packaging Products

    Certain products are so sensitive that even the smallest tampering would affect their usability. Especially, medical facilities and clinics are equipped with healthcare products that command recognition of harmful contents packed within. These types of products can be harmful if accidently exposed to unfavorable environmental conditions. For example, when sending across certain samples, our Specimen Bags prove to be an appropriate choice to save the samples from tampering. For products that can instantly react with UV rays to result in destruction, we recommend using Amber Reclosable Bags that can be used conveniently in home, industrial as well as medical establishments. They effectively seal freshness of the items and negate dust, dirt and moisture. The Red Infectious Waste Liner Bags are a significant tool for work safety as they preserve freshness of material and prevent contamination and infections due to leakage.

    PRODUCE BAGS – The Freshness Experts

    Produce Bags available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Produce Bags

    When it comes to shipping grocery items, freshness is the prior aspect to be taken care of as they are susceptible to rotting if kept in unhygienic and unhealthy conditions. Produce Bags are perforated bags that encourage one-time tear off dispensing for easy usability and functional packaging. These are popular packaging items that meet FDA standards and can be comfortably used for packing food or grocery items.

    Freshness sealed and originality preserved – only possible with quality packaging materials at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com. Order your desired ones at https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/industrial-supplies.

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