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Monthly Archives: August 2017

  • The Stretch Wraps Advantage – Stretch, Wrap, & Secure

    Packaging supplies are designed to promote less laborious and more cost-efficient packaging methods. One of the products that contribute majorly to the industry is Stretch Wrap, which is sometimes also referred to as Stretch Films. These are easy to use wrapping materials that are mostly demanded due to their utility and efficiency. These stretch wraps are used excessively for palletizing huge loads as they require a packaging material that adheres to them strongly and also holds the different items together firmly.

    Stretch Wraps available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Stretch Wraps

    They are made from stretchable plastic film that consists of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and the elasticity it provides enables a firm bond against the other items packed together. With so much advantage and ease of application, the stretch wraps result in a reduction in product loss, load tampering and worker injury. They also protect packages from the external environmental conditions such as dust, dirt, and moisture. The various varieties of stretch wraps serve different specifications such as UV protection and opacity. The UVI stretch films are constructed specifically for protecting the packaged goods against UV (ultra violet) rays while colorful stretch wraps make the pallets distinguishable and foster opacity that does not expose the packed items to anyone around maintaining privacy of businesses. They wrap individual items together and thereby add strength to the complete parcel. This extensively reduces individual or the palletized load’s risk of damage and saves the chances of losses to the business. An additional advantage worth mentioning here is that it reduces the storage space as the stretch wraps allow stacking the items one above the other. Also, they increase worker’s productivity by easy wrapping and securing pallet loads. An interesting quality of the stretch wraps is that they can secure loads of different shapes together that can usually not be stacked in a normal square configuration.

    Having known the benefits, it is time to package your loads effectively and efficiently. We, the PackagingSuppliesByMail.com team, extend our service to you by providing high quality stretch wraps for your business. You can visit us at https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/stretch-wrap or call us at 1-800-456-2467 to discuss the pricing and shipping quantities you need.

    Happy Wrapping!!!

  • 5 Chemicals That Essentially Require Using Disposable Gloves

    Industrial hygiene and safety are vital elements for industrial effectiveness. There are quite a few things which must not be handled bare-handedly. For serving the purpose well and preventing contamination, industrial gloves are worn by workers who come directly in contact with certain elements. Let us have a closer look at which chemicals are dangerous if touched without wearing industrial gloves.

    Wood Stains

    Vinyl Disposable Gloves available at Packaging Supplies By Mail

    Wood stains are chemical compositions that are applied as a coating over wooden surfaces. They are available in a variety of consistencies and have different chemical compositions. Certain chemicals found in these stains like ethyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, latex, ethylene glycol, etc. are harmful if accidently consumed. Therefore, before working with this kind of chemical it is recommended to use vinyl or latex disposable gloves that provide chemical resistance.


    Pesticides are harmful if consumed. They contain paradichlorobenzene, naphthalene, and capsaicin that are potentially dangerous to the human body. To stay safe while coming in contact with these chemicals, specific types of industrial gloves must be used. For example, nitrile, vinyl, and industrial grade latex disposable gloves are resistant to naphthalene while only nitrile gloves are protective against paradichlorobenzene since it is made from a synthetic glove material.

    Specialty Chemicals

    Industrial Gloves available at Packaging Supplies By Mail

    These types of chemicals are usually produced to perform a specific function and may be a composition of a single or a blend of chemicals. The specialty chemicals are usually used in agriculture, oil, construction, electronics, and consumer goods industry and are always required to be handled with care using industrial gloves.

    Paint Thinners and Lacquer

    Both of these are harsh solvents that are very harmful if handled without wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE). Lacquer and paint thinners are usually used in the construction, automobile, maritime, and retail industries and pose potential risks if not handled with care. It may cause skin irritation, dermatitis, or numbness if made direct contact with. If continued for a while, it may also lead to liver disease or increase the risk of cancer. Thus for safety reasons, people who are exposed to these substances often, must use disposable gloves.

    Salon Chemicals

    Humans have a strong affiliation to using unnatural substances and the most are often used in salons. While handling these chemical compositions, it is important that users wear industrial gloves to remain safe from infections. Nitrile disposable gloves are resistant to chemicals and puncture-resistant and can be reliably used for safety purposes.

    To order industrial gloves now at discounted rates, please visit https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/industrial-gloves.

  • Why You Should Use Tamper-Proof Packaging & Shipping Supplies?

    Packaging is no more a complementary service provided by businesses now-a-days. It is a major component of routine activities and plays an essential role in establishing a business’s brand identity. Apart from various other benefits that you must look for in a packaging material, one of the most important features is tamper-resistance. Security and safety of the packages is important as no one would intend to ship damaged products to the other end. If you belong to a pharmaceuticals company, tamper resistant packaging is an obligation and for others it provides a value addition to the supply chain.

    Tamper Evident Bag available at Packaging Supplies by mail Tamper Evident Bag

    During shipment, objects are subjected to a various climatic, natural, and environmental conditions which can cause harm to the composition and appearance of the packed product. While in transit, it is also possible that the goods are mishandled by third-party courier services. The shipping supplies used by businesses to transfer goods from one place to another must comply with the industry standards and prevent any kind of damage that would cause huge losses in certain cases. The packaging supplies must importantly be tamper-resistant and tamper-evident so as to ensure that items reach in their original shape and size to the destined place. Also, the packaging must be convenient for end users.

    Below are some of the types of tamper-evident packaging:

    • For products that must have a cap/lid, a tamper evident shrink band can be used.
    • Jarred foods also can have a similar kind of shrink band but with a popping sound when it is opened for the first time. No pop means the item has been tampered with before.
    • Envelopes, pallets, or boxes can be secured with tamper evident tapes. Such tapes even leave some marks on the packaging material if tampered with.

    Tamper evident packaging is often confused for tamper resistant packaging. The former is quite self-explanatory. It is designed in a manner that resists access to the packaged product. Tamper evident packing supplies usually have a visible seal. Packaging Supplies By Mail is a complete packaging store shelving hundreds of varieties of packaging and shipping supplies. Look for more healthcare packaging supplies here: https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/healthcare-packaging-products

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