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Monthly Archives: February 2017

  • Why you need Colored Stretch Wrap?

    Some things are just way too complicated. However, one thing that is not is stretch wrap. Stretch Wrap doesn’t require much time, effort or thought to be effective for you packaging needs. Colored Stretch Wrap adheres to itself and will sort of remind you of packing tape, except without glue. You’ll certainly notice that it’s easy to apply and in most applications, lightweight. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are a premier leader for manufacturing and distributing premium quality Ext. Core Color Pallet Wrap, Color Machine Film and Color Hand Wrap.

    Colored Stretch Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Colored Stretch Wrap

    When it comes to stocking all sizes, all colors, all styles and custom orders, our quality is substantial, our prices are above all and our shipments are swift. Does not color express life? Does not color express excitement? Does not color draw attention? Well, maybe you’re the type of company that ships huge loads to distributors throughout and you’re wondering, “What significance will Ext. Core Color Pallet Wrap, Color Machine Film or Color Hand Wrap make on my business”? Frankly speaking, a huge difference! The usage of Ext. Core Color Pallet Wrap, Color Machine Film and Color Hand Wrap is twofold because color can be a means of stock staging your orders, stock coding your products and separating your shipments from all competition.

    This film is the resource that you use when you are aimed at stabilizing your pallet load and avoiding liability damages. Ext. Core Color Pallet Wrap, Color Machine Film and Color Hand Wrap is also good for concealing packages from onlookers. This is good for shippers who would like their contents not easily viewed by possible competitors. This is also good for deflecting glare that is normal amongst other forms of stretch film. Stretch Film is a product that answers all the questions for your shipping, storage and packaging needs. You don’t want to “blow it” by using other kinds of palletizing equipment that doesn’t fend well for your safe shipping and packaging procedures, less labor strain on workers or financial benefits. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com makes this film is easy to get a hold of because it’s readily available on our website for your purchasing needs.



  • Protecting your arm from harm — Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves!

    A product that is prime for personal protection against foreign particles such as hair follicles, perspiration, germs, oils and chemicals, our Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves are the solution you need to void off these agents and keep your goods safeguarded. Fast paced environments associated with food assembly services, food service companies, labs and chemical companies must solicit a solution like our Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves to keep from ruining their products.

    Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves

    When talking about food service

    Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves assure patrons that they are getting the finest in food preparation which maintains the integrity of their service practices. One the most difficult businesses to operate, food service is an area where you need all your “t’s” crossed and “I’s” dotted because what person wants to intake a contaminated dish? I know gross ugh? Form fitting and equipped with elastic banding so that they fit all arm sizes and secure tightly to negate slippage and annoying loose fitting, our Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves will not compromise your efficiency and effectiveness.

    When talking about health concerns

    Our Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves protect workers who suffer from latex allergens. Widely accepted across the board because companies can avoid added medical expenses due to their workers being negatively affected by latex oversleeves, vinyl is not only more efficient in cost but performance. It may be true that regarding preference wise, many people like what they like however many customers who have chosen vinyl over latex have not only safeguarded themselves from allergic reactions, but have not compromised performance at all.

    When talking about performance

    Yes, it is key to obtain growth and reduce expenses so that profit gains can be accomplished but not only do our Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves perform well in function but in cost as well. Since this product is a one size fit all and one time use support, you will need to equip your staff with bulk amounts so that they are able to be well equipped for long periods of time. If you own a large company we are the vendor you need to equip you with endless amounts. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your reliable source for high quality Disposable Vinyl Oversleeves. Don’t hesitate to view our website to find the finest in personals protection equipment.

  • Handles & Dispensers - “They’ll handle it for you!"

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is a top leader in sourcing premium stretch wrap White Plastic Handles, Hand Savers and Heavy Stretch Wrap Dispensers. When it comes to the finest in industrial packaging supplies, we aim to equip our customers with a variety of styles and sizes so that all ends are covered and they can source their items all at once. Past users have experienced many advantageous to using items like our White Plastic Handles, Hand Savers and Heavy Stretch Wrap Dispensers because they have reduced labor strain, increased production efficiency and proved to be an effective source for application. With superior load holding stability and self-adhering cling qualities, stretch wrap is the essential source for shipping/packaging all sorts of goods.

    Stretch Wrap Accessories available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Stretch Wrap Accessories

    Yet, many are limiting their packaging quality by not using resource such as our White Plastic Handles, Hand Savers and Heavy Stretch Wrap Dispensers. While, stretch wrap is an ideal solution for safe product delivery as it’s designed to withstand most extreme weather conditions, faulty transportation means, stacking methods and warehousing treatment, without using dispensers you could have hang-ups or even minor injuries if you’re not equipped with the added upgrade that these packaging devices offer. As one of the top worldwide leaders in distributing Stretch Wrap, our vision in stocking this resourceful product is to enhance both commercial businesses and residential consumers with versatile products that work excellent for packaging, stocking, moving, organizing, marketing and anything else you can think of.

    So why White Plastic Handles, Hand Savers and Heavy Stretch Wrap Dispensers? Let’s see below:

    Product Functioning Application Advantages
    Stretch Wrap Dispenser Manual bundling apparatus that conjoins packages together 
    • Ideal for 3 inch core hand wrap stretch applications.
    •  Particularly 12-15 inch hand film sizes.


    • Relieves muscle tension during application
    •  Enables shipping expenditures to be reduced


    White Plastic Handles


    Manual bundling apparatus that conjoins packages together 
    • Ideal for any 3 inch core bundle wrap application.
    • Generally 2-6 inch bundle stretch films
    • Improves bundling efficiency by 25-50%
    •  Lightweight, reusable, durable and safeguarding


    Hand Saver


    Protects hands from cuts, bruises and injury when using hand stretch film 
    • Designed for all 3 inch core hand stretch wrap.
    • Particularly 8-20 inch hand stretch films.


    • Available in blue, yellow and red colors
    •  Improve hand wrap speed
    •  Reusable and lightweight



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