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Monthly Archives: April 2016

  • Hear what we’re saying! The urgency of Hearing Protection

    Hearing health is an area that is most of the time overlooked and taken for granted. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your complete source for stocking high quality ear plugs at a low cost alongside swift order delivery. We aim to make sure you’re protected with the finest of industrial goods.

    Below are a list of our premium Earplugs and the capabilities:

    Max Lite Ear Plugs available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Max Lite Ear Plugs

    Max lite ear plugs are a low pressure foam ear plug that offers a long-term user comfort not found in other pre-shaped foam ear plugs. Max lite ear plugs are a non-irritating, self-adjusting foam that recovers to fit virtually any ear canal. Max lite ear plugs are comfortable and ideal for users with smaller ear canals, not to mention they are also Non-allergenic. Max lite ear plugs are available in both cord and cordless versions and they range in quantity from 100-200 plugs per box.

    Laser Lite Ear Plugs available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Laser Lite Ear Plugs

    Laser lite ear plugs is the multi colored ear plug that workers love to use. The non-irritating, self-adjusting foam recovers to fit virtually any ear canal. Laser lite ear plugs have an extremely high noise reduction rating without affecting its comfort. This allows users to be comforted in higher levels of noisy environments so that they can be successful in their tasks without being affected by the aggressive sound levels. Our Laser lite ear plugs are available to assure you of complete protection so that users don’t have to compromise their hearing for the completion of their daily work assignments.

    Howard Leight Airsoft available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Howard Leight Airsoft

    Our Howard Leight Airsoft ear plugs are reusable ear plugs that bring forth complete protection for your ears in noisy environments. Howard Leight Airsoft plugs are a four flange designed ear plug that uses internal fins to create an interlocking, noise blocking barrier within the ear's air pocket. These are the Cadillac of ear plugs. The Howard Leight Airsoft ear plugs have an NRR rating of 27 which is industry standard protection for you as an individual or you as an employer who cares for your workers wellbeing.

    Moldex Pura-Fit® available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Moldex Pura-Fit®

    Our Moldex Pura fit are bright color for your awareness so that they are easy to locate once removed. Tapered and longer length for easy fitting and removal, soft foam for more comfortable wear , non-irritating, smooth surface for increased worker acceptance and brightly colored for easy compliance checks our Moldex Pura fit are your source for quality ear protection. This product has a NRR 31 high rating and is available in a convenient dispenser “Plugstation” for less mess and more organization.

    Ear Muffs available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Ear Muffs

    Our Hearing Protection Ear Muffs by Pymarex® are light weight with soft foam ear cups that can fold away for easy storage capacities. These Ear Muffs are adjustable to fit all sizes and have a padded head band which makes them comfortable to wear when using them for long periods of time

    EAR Classic Ear Plugs available at Packaging Supplies By Mail EAR Classic Ear Plugs

    EAR Classic Earplugs are a dermatologically safe foam that provides a comfortable seal while exerting little pressure on the ear. These flame retardant and moisture resistant ear plugs are essential for providing a comfortable fit while protecting the ear from noise related damages. EAR Classic Earplugs is a timeless design and has proven itself in the field for over 28 years.

    Easy to use, a superior safety mechanism and moisture resistant, our product selection of ear hearing protections will safe guard your ears from noise related damage. if you are a supervisor of a large factory, our volume options are perfect for you because you can stock up on multiple pairs for your entire shift.

  • Wholesale Packaging Supplies - How it compliments business growth

    Why not spend less and get more? Why be unsure when you can get proven quality? Why buy little amounts when you can get wholesale deals? Why compromise your professional image when you can build upon it with impressive products? Why not go to the next level? Why not enhance your upside? What benefit does mediocrity offer you?

    As you can see, these are the questions that are needed to be asked when a company is looking to expand growth. There are various expenses related to running a successful business and today we want to highlight how wholesale shipping and packaging tools add to your success.

    Three things are important for gaining growth in your goods related business:

    • Market presences
    • Supply cost of goods
    • Gross profit margin

    With that being said, there is an advantage to improving your gross profit margin by purchasing Wholesale Packaging Supplies!

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your premier source for distributing high quality Wholesale Packaging Supplies. From stretch wrap, shipping/mailing envelopes, industrial gloves to reclosable bags, tapes and healthcare packaging products, we are your one stop shop that offers low cost pricing and industry proven products.


    Spending wisely is of course the need of the hour, without curtailing the basic routine applications. Well, Wholesale Packaging Supplies gives you sufficient saving opportunity if these shipping utilities are bought in bulk quantities rather single unit for all general and essential tasks of storage. Purchasing one quantity of product for retail price won’t save you the bucks as opposed to purchasing a bundle or complete pack. It’s an extremely beneficial time of the year for corporates to stock their inventory with shipping supplies to satisfy their frequent exchange of goods with a customer or client base. Enterprises can derive huge profits by stocking the distribution supplies which compliments their frequent passage necessities. This investment helps companies earn customer appreciation due to a timely delivery of parcel. The feature accelerates B-2-B processing of documents, applications required for closure of a deal or alliance.

    Strike a profitable deal by stocking the inventory with Wholesale Packaging Supplies now! Many discounts are active when spending $100 and above.

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