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Monthly Archives: March 2016

  • Preventative, Purposeful, Productive - Back, Wrist and Elbow Supports!

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    Now into today’s fast paced, hustle and bustle, burning the candle on both ends society it is crucial to an individual’s wellbeing to be able to maintain productivity. Productivity is important amongst the industrial stage because we live in a “dog eat dog world,” where the level of competitiveness has sky rocketed and many cloned/copycat/knock-off businesses are arising day end and day out to insert their hand in the cookie jar of capitalistic opportunity. With that being said, there are preventative measures that companies must be responsibly prepared for so that they may stay ahead of the rat pack. If willing to make a minute investment, companies will by action display the care they preach to their laborers, create safe industrial workforce environments and henceforth protect their assets from being ripped to shreds form unfortunate workers compensations claims and suits. Therefore, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are proud to offer the type of first aid care products and medical supplies that prevent workers from experiencing injury and protect companies from health related safety disputes that they are regulated under. We see the need is necessary to present so that the US economy may strive to thrive and available opportunity is expanded and made feasible for the average American and working class immigrant. Our products are proven to perform at superior levels while at the same time competitively priced so that consumers obtain value in their purchases from us. That leads me to this, wouldn’t it be sufficient for your workers to have items such as back, wrist and elbow supports readily available to them? Would it not increase your production volume if your workers were healthy and not burdened by muscle soreness, joint pain and chronic inflammation? Well if you agree, please find it necessary to review the chart below so that you gain a comprehensive understanding of the value these products bring to your business. See below:

    Back Supports


    Performance Features


    Egrodyne Proflex Standard 100


    rubber track webbing, detachable and adjustable

    Designed for heavy lifting, injury preventative



    Egrodyne Proflex Standard 1100


    breathable spandex, power panel positioners included, 2 stage closure

    Designed for heavy lifting, injury preventative



    Workforce by Scott


    Elastic back panel, nylon slides-plastic stays, 9”wide in back-tapered to front, duo-tension, contoured shape to fit men and women


    Designed for heavy lifting, injury preventative



    Wrist Supports

    Egrodyne Proflex 670


    Adjustable hook and loop, neoprene, Ambidextrous, washable



    Provides wrist support and relives wrist from strain during active labor



    Egrodyne Proflex 4000


    Elastic body, Non-ambidextrous



    Anti-microbial lining, open center stay, downward movement limited



    Egrodyne Wrist Wrap


    Thumb loop design, woven elastic, hook and loop closure, Ambidextrous



    Stabilizes those with wrist injuries and arthritis



    Egrodyne Wristlets


    Elastic, Velcro closure

    Size Ranges: 2 ½ , 3 inch


    Supports weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments

    Reduces swelling, and alleviates strains



    Thumb Lock Wristlet


    one size fits all, Velcro closure, elastic fabric


    Supports weakened muscles, tendons and ligaments



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    Be sure to check us out on the web and take advantage of our bulk volume options, discount sales specials and fast service. We specialize in the finest in industrial packaging and first aid medical supplies, not to mention we offer other forms of joint and muscle supports such as elbow and support gloves too.

  • Made to care for you — Bandage Wraps

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    There is a large variety of commercial bandaging material available for treating various types of discomfort, pain, etc. One in particular, the bandage wrap are made of cotton or gauze elastic. Bandage wraps are featured in sterile as well as non-sterile and they come in various sizes and styles. For example, a triangular one is quite versatile and can be used as an arm sling or for binding splints together. They complement the medicinal dressing applied to wounds, which one can use for various purposes to get complete comfort. Elastic Bandage Wraps is one of those products that are apt for supporting your minor injuries. Easy to use, store and afford, this is one of the most recommended minor relief forms available. Whether it’s needed for compression support, dressing support or preventative methods, these wraps are commonly used throughout the average sporting and recreational scene.
    One of the attributes that makes this product successful is its elasticity. The elastic factor it provides makes this care source able to be effective in all areas of the body if need be. Although there are many kinds of bandage wraps available and useful, Elastic Bandage Wraps is not limited to a specific application, it’s versatile.

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    Bandage Wraps available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Bandage Wraps

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    To avoid infection and contamination, the sterile gauze is useful as it prevents harmful bacteria to reach the injured part. It adds necessary pressure to the wound so it can be healed as quickly as possible. The non-sterile bandages help to mold the body easily. They have an open weave design and help the fluids to pass through from the primary dressing, with the ability to absorb the liquid. Below are informative details about various forms of bandage wraps:



    Performance Features

    Co-Flex Bandage Wrap




    Maintains compression without negating circulation




    Self-adhesive Gentle feel, functions superbly


    secondary bandage for overwrapping primary dressing

    Medi-Rip Bandage/Dukal


    99% woven cotton yarn

    Elastic designed compression wrap

    Substitute for adhesive tape


    Elastic Bandage Wrap


    Polyester knit/Latex free


    Offers a higher sustainability of extended compression and it’s ideal for sports related injuries

    Gauze (Non-Sterile)


    Open weave design which allows primary fluid dressing to be easily absorbed


    Excellent conformity and secured grip

    Gauze (Sterile)


    Open weave design which allows primary fluid dressing to be easily absorbed


    Sterile-reinforces safety against infection

    Triangular Bandage


    Equipped with 2 safety pins

    100% Cotton

    Ideal for arm sling or splint binding applications

    These wraps should be bought from renowned online distributors like PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com for instance because they offer supreme quality products which meet major medicinal care criteria at affordable prices. These wraps are available in single options as well as bulk volume. Be sure to view their website for various discount offers and other products that may be suitable for your minor injury care.

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  • Time to Accessorize! Get your Stretch Wrap Accessories

    We often take important accessories for granted. Nevertheless, there are certain devices that go hand in hand with our primary items and in some way, increase their value. Are you fed up with the continual hand blisters you obtain when you’re at work and your applying stretch wrap to a pallet or package and it feels like your hands are about to just become completely melted from the constant friction produced by the roll as your wrap items over and over and over again. Don’t you just want to soak your hands for goodness sake? Don’t your back feel strained from holding roll after roll of hand stretch wrap for hours upon hours of your daily shift which seems like it never ends and the more heavier the roll feels it seems all the more you have to use it because packages and pallets continue to pile up on your assembly line? Wouldn’t you rather soak in a warm bath?

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    We’ll look no further because PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your premium source for easy to use, affordable, reusable and well-designed Stretch Wrap Accessories. When considering to use Stretch Wrap Accessories as a means to improve your packaging and shipment techniques there are a few factors that enhances the purpose of why you would want to use these tools to better your techniques. Here’s why:

    Stretch Wrap Accessories Stretch Wrap Accessories

    Reduces Injury

    Using Stretch Wrap Accessories will help employees prevent themselves from hand injuries, muscle strains and fatigue

    Increases Revenue

    Guess what? Stretch Wrap Accessories add efficiency to packaging assemblies which allows for less concentration of workers per task, which in turn, increases productivity in other areas of your operation. Also, the extended core and pallet wrap applications allow for multiple workers to be able to package products simultaneously, which enhances speed so that you’re able to decrease labor expenses and increase profits.

    Stretch Film Dispenser - Economical Stretch Film Dispenser

    Enhances Productivity

    Stretch Wrap Accessories such as stretch wrap dispensers come in 3 varieties such as the standard, economical and heavy duty options. They will eliminate major risks and increase the production nearly by 200 times in every shift.

    Efficient Assembly Flow

    Hand Saver Dispenser Hand Saver Dispenser

    Universal hand dispensers allows for an entire upgrading for many companies shipment processing. By using this product, companies are able to guarantee swift shipment integrity, sustain great customer service and provided substantial satisfaction to their buyers by delivering damage free products in a timely manner.

    Negates Damages

    2”, 3”, 4” & 5” dimensions of stretch wrap can be installed on stretch wrap dispensers for reinforcing packages and reducing the potential level of product damage during transit. These mechanisms help in successfully packaging fragile and certain “handle with care” parcels for guaranteed safe delivery of goods.

     Performance enhancer

    Swivel Dispenser available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Swivel Dispenser

    Swivel dispenser technology allows wrapping, bundling and packaging operations to be efficient, effective and professional. Workers would be totally inoperable without this tool, shipments would be prepared in a substandard way, and business relations would be strained to the point of severed.

    When it comes to the finest in industrial packaging supplies, look no further than PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com! We are your online leader in stretch wrap accessories at low cost and bulk volumes.

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  • Don’t be color blind! Get your Colored Stretch Wrap today and be satisfied!

    The benefits to using Colored Stretch Wrap are limitless. If you desire to upgrade your packaging, stock and shipment objectives, this is the ideal choice for you. Able to be purchased easily, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your online leader for the finest in quality of Colored Stretch Wrap and it is at your hand with the click of a mouse! This LLDPE Film or Stretch Wrap is widely used to wrap products that are placed on pallets during shipping. These products are secured tightly to each other and also to the pallets. When the products are wrapped with this film it reduces product loss, prevents tampering and reduces injury to the workers. Due to its characteristic of elasticity, it is widely used to wrap around items especially items that are to be shipped and need to be bound tightly.

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    While the main objective is to get the product delivered to the customer in a timely and safe manner, by using Colored Stretch Wrap you can add a little pizazz to your packaging and increase the growth of your products more than you can possibly imagine. With that being said, I’d like to bring to your awareness the advantage of using Colored Stretch Wrap as a packaging and shipping resource. Not only that, this mechanism is also useful for stock coding products too. Many companies and individuals amongst the e-commerce and industrial fields are turning to Colored Stretch Wrap because of its promotional, packaging and protection values. There are many capabilities to using Colored Stretch Wrap, here are a few reasons below:

    Colored Stretch Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Colored Stretch Wrap
    • It is more cost effective when compared to shrink wrap film.
    • It prevents the material from being damaged by dust, rain and dew.
    • It is suitable to wrap any kind of surface.
    • The colored film conceals the valuable shipment which deters pilferages.
    • Colored stretch wrap protects the goods from UV ray exposure.
    • Color stretch wrap has a longer life than clear stretch wrap especially when exposed to nature.
    • Colored stretch wrap can be wrapped manually, semi -automatically or fully automatically.
    • There are different widths available in colored stretch wrap to suit what needs to be wrapped securely.

    Colored Stretch Wrap is very useful for product promotional reasons because it makes your shipments and stock coding look uniform and well presented. A blown type of wrap, Colored Stretch Wrap offers top rate load stability and a one-side cling characteristic so that pallets will not annoyingly lock together during LTL transit and cause unnecessary damages during transit.

    When it comes to premium performance, sales discounts and quality service we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your superior source for Colored Stretch Wrap. We offer various sizes and version of this wrap and you’ll benefit greatly for allowing us to be your supplier!

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  • Waste Liner Bags — a health care necessity!

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    Cleanliness, sanitation, awareness, and responsibility are all factors that play into maintaining a healthy and safe clinical care atmosphere. Sterilization is the key if you’re going to create and environment conducive for the provision of medical care. The chance of the spread of bacteria, contaminants and biohazard materials is very high when conducting routine procedures on patients. Not only is it harmful and dangerous for a patient to potentially be effected by the mishandling of various procedure based materials, it’s also unlawful and could result in a banishment of practice which could in turn lead to medical malpractice law suits and so forth. What we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com come to realize is that it’s of high importance and priority to be a source for those in the medicinal care field. We specialize in low cost, high performing; premium based health care packaging products that are effective for providing quality performance and protection.

    Red Infectious Waste Liners Bag available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Red Infectious Waste Liners Bag

    Our Waste Liner Bags are superior quality bags that are designed to house hazardous medical materials and prevent harmful germs and bacteria from spreading. These bags keep your medical care facility, lab, and nursing office safe and sterile so that medical operational specifications are met and your area of occupation meet requirements for safe procedure conduct. We offer bulk options at low prices in regards to our Waste Liner Bags so that your place of occupation is well equipped for a reasonable period of time. Our Waste Liner Bags are bright red which are uniform and draws alert to the inner contaminants and brings forth safety awareness to all who are responsible for transporting these bags to proper disposal waste management containers.

    It’s responsible to handle your biohazard waste materials with precaution because the presumable factors involved could lead to unfortunate sickness and costly career ending penalties. We offer multiple size range options that are just right for your biohazard disposal techniques. Whether your disposable can unit is small or extra-large we offer coverage that will fit your demand. Allow PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com to be your one source supplier for your health care packaging needs, you’ll certainly be satisfied! Also, don’t forget about our online specials (See Below):

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  • Specialty Stretch Wrap — special wrap for special measures!

    Specialty Stretch Wrap is an ideal solution for safe product delivery as it’s designed to withstand most extreme weather conditions, faulty transportation means, stacking methods and warehousing treatment. With superior load holding stability and self-adhering cling qualities, this shipping/packaging device is applicable for all sorts of goods.

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    Vented Stretch Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Vented Stretch Wrap

    Our Stretch Netting Pallet Wrap is your primary source for alternative load securing in which specified items must use a particular method to stabilize products for successful delivery. In similarity to vented pallet wrap, the primary purpose of Stretch Netting is to provide ventilation and negate condensation from damaging your products. Most notably used within the food and garden industries, items such as flowers, meat, produce, and dairy products are surely safe guarded properly. Regarding, Netting Wrap, this wrap is not made of plastic but of thick string knit material, as it is ideal for unitizing items that need to breath such as wood and produce. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your essential source for all specialty wrap products. We are an online leader in competitive pricing and premium performance. Vented Pallet Wrap is one of those things we can define as “specialty”. Certain products need a “special handle with care” type of arrangement if you will. Primarily so, within the food industry Vented Pallet Wrap is exclusively necessary for success in transporting, shelving and temporarily storing goods. One of the obvious reasons is due to the fact that if not packaged correctly, various non-perishable items will simply spoil. Therefore, vendors must seek an effective shipping mechanism that not only provides premium performance, but is cost friendly as well. Vented Pallet Wrap is the type of source that uniquely offers both of those characteristics. Vented Pallet Wrap is similar to netting wrap, yet it’s made from plastic and is likewise similar in negating spoilage for fruits and vegetable shipments.

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    VCI Machine Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail VCI Machine Wrap

    VCI Stretch Wrap is a metal sensitive wrap; this film is common for bundling pipes and sheet metal. This wrap is designed with certain chemicals that will not damage metal goods. VCI stands for Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor, also referred as Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors. This compound discharges molecules in the air. When the compounds come in close contact with metal surfaces then they form a thin deposit of molecular layer, which effects the corrosion formed over the metal surface by preventing moisture and air from coming in contact with the surface.

    Anti-Static Film lives exactly up to its name by eliminating the shock as a result of the energy level enhancing during manually wrapping products. Vented Film is surely perfect for allowing items that need air to be secured tightly but not suffocated. This film reduces spoilage for perishable food products and pharmaceuticals, it’s also FDA approved. Anti-Static Stretch Film is application sensitive, this item is preferred because it eliminates bodily shock when wrapping pallets manually at rapid pace. We also carry Ultra Violet Film to protect items from the sun and Anti-Rust Films for steel materials to protect against rust. Ultra Violet Stretch Wrap (UVI) is excellent for stocking products outside; this film eliminates sun ray damage to items. UVI Stretch Wrap is a product that is designed for providing substantial storage amidst the harsh outdoor weather conditions. It is manufactured with additives that allow it to safeguard packages from degradation while at the same time producing superior load stabilizing qualities that are common throughout. Sun ray damage is prevalent amongst products that are exclusively stored outside, such as mulch and brick to name a few.

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    Stretch Wrap is an essential tool for successful storage, stock and shipment requirements. Economically advantageous, many companies are reverting to this product.

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