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Monthly Archives: February 2016

  • Frugal, Versatile and just right for you - The advantage of Reclosable Bags!

    The reclosable bag is a frugal, versatile, sealable and re-sealable small baggie which is available in many size dimensions. Commonly, these bags are purposeful for storing a variety of things conveniently and also for serving as the perfect storage solution for both the home and workplace. You can freeze and deep freeze vegetables and meat for future consumption. This is made possible because reclosable bags have a durable seal which prevents oxygen or leakage, therefore enabling the contained items to remain protected and fresh for a longtime. This is what makes the reclosable bags reusable!

    Reclosable Bags can be located functioning strongly almost about anywhere. You’ll notice them in restaurants, lunch bags, freezers, toy boxes, offices, mechanic shops, and labs, on outdoor trips, airports, in luggage and in warehouses.

    High visibility is another benefit accustomed to reclosable bags as they enable the user to easily identify the inner contents. When shopping online for reclosable bags, the quality of the plastic is important when selecting the type of bags that will fulfill your purpose. Moreover, the bags which are made from poorer material can drastically affect the environment, having a double effect for both the buyer and the landfill. Requesting a sample is always important before purchasing because quality control can help in selecting the best product for your needs. Even if all products in the market boast high quality, it is always better to seek the distributor and manufacturer for different quality parameters. It’s fundamental to persistently be careful when shopping online.

    Image Source : Pinterest, Products available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Reclosable Bags

    Reclosable's are made to preserve freshness, lock and seal tightly, and organize your items. Those cosmetic and hygiene luggage bags look great but I will take performance over appearance any day (especially if I’m saving $$$ too). Reclosable bags just flat out work? If you or someone traveling with you must take medications regularly, then Reclosables are ideal for organizing those meds safely. Leave the containers at home because you can label the outside of the bag and once again save packing space. (Now back to those cute travel bags) you don’t need to worry about spillage from lotions, perfumes, deodorants, and liquid soaps, 4 mil Reclosable Bags will also preserve freshness amongst your luggage because you can seal up your dirty clothing inside them, negate the odor, and keep your other clothing smelling fresh.

    Let’s face it, Reclosable bags offer a unique ability to multi task while protecting and displaying valuables. Both USDA and FDA approved, you’ll find a wide range of vendors via internet that supply these bags. Since quality is highly important make sure you request samples before purchasing a huge bulk order. Also websites that display pictures and provide product description will aid you in a wise choice. Reclosable bags are an intricate part of everyday storage and packaging so it’s important that you choose top notch quality!






  • Pack Right and Pack Nice with Carton Sealing Packing Tape!

    Packaging is a whole new world in itself today with plenty of products like shipping mailers, poly bubble mailers and reclosable bags but what really completes the list is packing tape. In today’s competitive markets, sending out a faulty packaged item is not optional, especially if your ambition is to reel in new customers. It’s absolutely counterproductive to send a loose parcel to a client, albeit promotional material for corporate use, a gift for a special one, medical supplies or domestic utilities in the same sense; basically performance matters. All goods require specific care and handling when transported from one place to another. This can only be guaranteed with high quality sealing tape which will hold merchandises intact and prevent damaging during aggressive transit procedures.

    Printed Carton Sealing Tape available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Printed Carton Sealing Tape

    Colored Carton Sealing Tape offers a complete host of advantages to ensure that your items are tightly packed and secure. Due to the attractive look and high adhesive sealing feature that grips the parcel firmly, when using Colored Carton Sealing Tape your package is distinguished from other parcels because this tape offers a noticeable characteristic to packages. In addition, it helps in identifying the nature or category of the consignment which can be used as a marking tool for stocking product within the warehouse.

    Fragile Printed Tapes 2.0 Mil available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Fragile Printed Tapes 2.0 Mil

    Printed packing tape provides an awareness that is necessary for all sorts of notices. For instance, certain packages need specific handling instructions like “fragile” to denote the contents of the consignment and to negate any damages during transit. This kind of tape is found in varying widths and colors too. Alongside the safety factors that this tape can present, some businesses opt for printed packing tape which bears the company’s logo, name and contact information. Using this tape during a customer's purchase may help to reinforce brand identity.

    You can purchase these kinds of packing tape with PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com to get the best discounts for premium quality. As a matter of fact, we also specialize in all sorts of packaging supplies like tape dispensers, shipping mailers and stretch wrap.

  • Why shipping/mailing envelopes? Reason #2 - Kraft Bubble Mailers

    Kraft Bubble Mailers are a trusted shipping mailing envelope for all your shipping concerns. Shifting, grueling, tossing and stacking procedures are a commonality throughout the daily transit process when it comes to delivery. All these constraints during transport may restrict you from exchanging the parcels for personal, creative, common or commercial use. However, this challenge can be resolved by using appropriate shipping envelopes, such as the Kraft Bubble Mailers, which are designed to meet quality shipment standards and provide a damage free performance and deliver products safely.

    Kraft Bubble Mailer available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Kraft Bubble Mailer

    When we do things simple, we save on a lot of time, resources and exertion, not to mention headaches. Kraft Bubble Mailers are the epitome of getting more for less. The reason being, you’re able to receive more bulk quantities for less $$$ with these mailers by using them as your main shipping device verses in any other shipping tool on the market. These mailers don’t command harsh labor during assembly, they’ll protect your products with integrity, they can be effective for a wide range of application and if you’re deciding to start your own packaging business, they’ll be a huge investment that will bring in excellent profit percentages.

    White Kraft Bubble Mailer available at Packaging Supplies By Mail White Kraft Bubble Mailer

    A great way to improve the environment can be by using recycled shipping supplies. This will create consciousness regarding environmental concerns among your business patrons, thus establishing a noble image for your company. The most striking feature of Kraft Bubble Mailers is there biodegradable quality. Due to the common myths associated with recycling, people have kept recycled products at bay because of the hearsay mentioned in regard. Yet Kraft Bubble Mailers have proven to uphold their integrity continuously. Likewise, there’s no need for this concern with padded Kraft envelopes, since its paper is known for high durability and strength. Today many shipping mailers are made from recycled kraft paper, which has a tough and stiff outer layer that shields any type of consignment from damage during shifting and stacking procedures during transit. These Kraft sheets are 100% eco-friendly and made from recycled materials. Furthermore, Kraft Bubble Mailers are equipped with a thick insulated bubble lining that gently cushions all the goods within them. The secure lightweight interior bubble wrap protects items from breaking or smashing when tossed between oversized packages.

    The gold paper, bubble cushioning and self-adhesive strip are all characteristics that identify the Kraft Bubble Mailer design. However, the true intangibles exist in its economic and environmental solutions. The light weight material will reduce the strain of labor, multiple sizes simplify shipping techniques, and they are bio-degradable plus easy to stock! Packaging Supplies by Mail .Com is a strong leader when it comes to bulk pricing for Kraft Bubble Mailers. Without a doubt choose our company to be your supplier. Why pay more and get less quality? We’re Convenient for your ordering needs via internet so allow us to be your Kraft Bubble Mailer source today!

  • Why shipping/mailing envelopes? Reason #1 - Glamour Bubble Mailers

    Vendors can save plenty of $$$ by using Glamour Mailers because they eliminate the need for additional wrapping and packaging related equipment expenses. It not only makes shipping convenient, but more profitable! Glamour Bubble Mailers have successfully struck a chord in terms of quality and performance. PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is a dependable online vendor where you can find standard shapes and sizes of these shipping/mailing envelopes to meet specific purposes for various industrial objectives.

    Extremely effective for business promotions, enterprise notoriety and gift packaging this shipping mailer will create a personalized association with patrons for potential and continual business opportunities. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com will offer you top grade quality, reduced prices and a complete catalog of Glamour Bubble Mailers. Where both craft and creativity meets, Glamour Bubble Mailers are the epitome of attraction, function and value when it comes to shipping/mailing envelopes. Available in metallic design, all sizes and various colors, these mailing envelopes are becoming a resourceful trend among many companies, business organizations and industries as an economic yet rewarding marketing tool. This is possible due to the style, design and size in which these shipping envelopes are available. These mailers are capacitive and flexible to use for all sorts of creative marketing plans. This is a highly effective shipping aid which presents business brands globally in order to connect with customers personally. Shipping unlike earlier days has become hassle free and secured since these envelopes are highly insulated and tamper proof. This innovative shipping tool has proved to be a recent boom for business advertising as mounting costs of marketing are reduced with dependable self-seal envelopes.

    Glamour Bubble Mailers available at Packaging Supplies By Mail

    When business firms are planning a campaign, budget is one factor which drives modification and implementation. This concern is non-existent with these mailing envelopes. It makes all kinds of delivery tasks possible, since heavy, light weight, fragile, valuable or confidential products can be transported at ease. Glamour Bubble Mailers are the type of shipping/mailing envelopes which are well capable for publicizing product brands and sale promotions which can be easily viewed from the exterior of the mailer.

    You’ll discover that we offer premium brand glamour bubble mailers at lower quote rates with swift delivery speed, making us one of the leading wholesale packaging supply companies on the market. We encourage you to try our product line today and see the remarkable difference you’ll experience as you’re profits and notoriety increase. Available on our website are testimonials that ensure how this product has truly upgraded shipping tasks.

  • Let’s Wrap! The stability of Coreless Stretch Wrap

    Coreless Stretch Wrap is a proven commodity designed for industrial shipping tasks. What makes it effective is the high level of load holding stability and strength it provides. A common stretch wrap material used in making Coreless hand stretch wrap is LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene). It gives rise to stretch film characteristics in regards to elongation due to puncture resistance and break qualities. Most Coreless Stretch Wrap films offer a 500% stretch feature up to the breakage point while standard versions only supply on average 300% maximum when in use. After it is stretched, the elastic recovery ability will keep the load tightly secured.

    Green Wrap / Coreless Stretch Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Green Wrap / Coreless Stretch Wrap

    The technology that makes this separate from standard cast and blown wraps is its folded edge characteristic. Moreover, this characteristic that is provided through Coreless Stretch Wrap functions in a reinforced manner regarding manual application, so that users are able to receive a high load stability to secure there pallets and bundles. There is no other wrap product on the market that will offer machine like palletizing sustainability like this wrap.

    One of the most beneficial aspects of Coreless Stretch Wrap is also the elimination of core disposal. Core disposal is always an added expense to companies, especially large shipping and manufacturing companies who use a lot of stretch wrap. Although many companies attempt to recycle old cores through resale and bale options, it still remains a labor cost expense to do so. We at PackagingsSuppliesByMail.Com are the premier provider of top performing Coreless Stretch Wrap and you’ll notice that our prices are some of the lowest on the market, if not the lowest. Our Coreless Stretch Wrap is simply the best you’ll find online and beyond. Why? Well Coreless Stretch Wrap is the packaging industry’s new innovative component for its upgraded technological characteristics. Not talking in terms as if it’s a computer or something, but you will experience a major improvement to your manual palletizing and bundling procedures through the use of this wrap.

  • #IJS - AMBER RECLOSABLE BAGS, They conserve freshness

    Able to reduce ultra violet penetration and protect sensitive objects that are destroyed easily from ultra violet rays, our Amber Reclosable Bags are a definite solution for your storage purposes! We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com over the years have gained expert knowledge about various packaging products and materials that boat well for the improvement of our customer’s storage, shipment and packaging procedures. Amber Reclosable Bags is one of our finest packaging and storage devices that we distribute. These bags bring assurance to those in the medical, research, gardening, and farming fields because of their premium offered performance qualities. You need Amber Reclosable Bags if you’re goal is to seal freshness, prevent spoilage, or protect the integrity of those medications.

    Amber Reclosable bags Amber Reclosable Bags

    Similar to our industrial reclosable bags, the amber bag is equipped with a 3 mil thickness and is versatile for various usages amongst the industrial, medical, office, and home environments. Excellent for storage and the displaying of items, this bag seals freshness, negates dust, dirt, and moisture, and preserves color in which otherwise would be destroyed by harmful light. These bags are definitely resourceful because if not stored properly, those aspirin or multi vitamins will breakdown, and if used, will cause an uncomfortable stomach irritation. Nonetheless when stored properly you maintain the original potency because this bag remarkably stores freshness!

    The amber color style that our Amber Reclosable Bags presents helps block harmful sunray which can speed up the active reaction of various ingredients within meds, foods, and chemical based materials. In order to protect their investment both individuals and companies alike have appropriated their storage and packaging measures with the likes of Amber Reclosable Bags so that they can experience the necessary shelf life they desire. Let’s face it, the minute you open certain food, meds or other contents that need vacuum sealing, the countdown to stale and spoil begins. That is why you need these bags so that you can experience the sufficiency they provide and so you can get the most out of your money. We offer a complete catalog of the most common sizes of these bags and we look forward to you taking advantage of the many specials and discount offers we provide for you.



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