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Monthly Archives: January 2016

  • Industrial Gloves — Industry Supplies to be Work Ready!

    Now it’s important to protect your hands in many areas of occupation. It would be safe to acknowledge that are middle name is Industrial Gloves because of the superb brands and variety we distribute. Now if you seek a glove that is great for various temperature related and weather challenges such as freezer stock, shipping and receiving tasks and so forth, our PVC Double Dot Gloves allow users to experience high grip and flexibility so that they can remain efficient for task completion.

    PVC Double Dot Gloves PVC Double Dot Gloves

    When you need a general glove that is great for research, assembly, or food preparation our Disposable Gloves are fashioned sufficiently to maintain protection against germ spreading and contamination. our Grey Nitrile Dipped Gloves are a laborers favorite because they offer extreme grip and form fitting so that tasks related to machine operation or packaging can be completed while hands are protected from cuts and abrasions that are common amongst such activities. You may have discovered that you are allergic to latex but yet you still need an purposeful form fitting glove, well our Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves are ideal for safeguarding hands from allergic reactions while offering complete performance too.

    How about a glove that is perfect for multiple tasks such as landscape, warehousing, minor construction and mechanical repair, well our Brown Jersey Gloves are apt to protect hands without compromising task oriented needs. If you deal with delicate items such as electronics, our Cotton Inspection Gloves eliminate fingerprint smears and lent exposure to brand new items that are being prepped for shipment. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com pride ourselves in offering premium quality industrial gloves.

    Industrial Gloves available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Industrial Gloves

    There are many industries in the world which require ultimate protection for hands. Such industries mainly include gardening, factory work, mining, construction jobs, welding etc. Industrial gloves are required to cover your hands at all times from major dangers which are associated with workplaces. It helps them to protect against cuts, splinter, scrapes, cuts etc. There are various kinds of industrial gloves which are found throughout the online marketplace. The most common varieties include Vinyl disposable powdered gloves, vinyl disposable powder free gloves, latex disposable powdered gloves, latex disposable powdered free gloves, Blue Nitrile disposable gloves, Black Nitrile disposable gloves, string knit gloves, polyethylene gloves, PVC double dot, brown jersey gloves, cotton inspection and leather palm gloves. All are designed for specific purposes and occupations.

  • First Aid Supplies — able to handle that minor pain surprise!

       We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are a grand source for stocking a wide range of First Aid Room Supplies that will keep your stock steady and ready for the unfortunate unpredictable occurrence. First Aid Room Supplies offers a multiple range of well-rounded, miscellaneous minor medical equipment that is apt for aiding in an individual wounds and or minor injuries. We as people are just simply clumsy, unaware, foolish, full of unfortunate bad luck and fragile.

    Accidents just happen, injuries just occur, and random contractions are unpredictable, such incidents are why caretakers, sports physicians, first responders, nursing staffs, parents and the like all need to be stocked with a slew of miscellaneous supplies to be helpful for mostly every cause. Therefore it’s profitable and responsible to be stocked and ready for “the what have you,” whenever, wherever and however it comes. Below are various specifications about our First Aid Room Supplies:


    Product Function Specifications
    Ammonia Inhalants

    Provides aid and recovery during fainting, dehydration and dizziness


    Contains alcohol 32% and ammonia 15%



    Designed to bring coverage and warmth during emergency situations


    Available in an assortment of blanket/bedding equipment such as yellow disposable blanket, thermal aluminized rescue blanket, disposable pillow case and disposable stretcher cot sheet


    Disposable Thermometers

    Accurate, easy to read, prevents cross infection, non-mercury and it’s latex free


    Features NexTemp® version


    Misc. Supplies

    Covers an array of emergencies and offers complete preparedness for various circumstances


    Available in an assortment of supplies such as glucose tube, pelican Mitylite® flashlight, disposable pinlight, foam pad, convenience bag, medicine cup, facial tissue, Kleenex® brand tissue and biohazard sticker labels



    Handy tool for various minor surgical and non-surgical usages


    Available in an multiple styles such as blunt scissors, lister bandage and EMT utility scissors


    Spill Clean Up/Disinfectants

    Kills HIV and TB, fungus, mildew/mold and bacteria. Neutralizes odors and prevents cross contamination


    Available in an multiple applications such as wipes, trigger spray bottles, packets and shaker bottles


    Wooden Tongue Depressors

    Ideal tool for oral examinations


    Available in standard ¾ inch width x 6 inch length size & Non-sterile


    Tweezers & Splinter Probes

    Useful for removing various particles such as wood, glass and metals


    Available in an multiple forms such as magnifier, slanted chrome plated and sterile


       It’s prevalent that we as humans will contract minor injuries, so it’s important to always be prepared just in case. As the chart details, there are various demonstrations in which First Aid Room Supplies can be quite helpful for providing relief. The biggest accident is to be unprepared when any of these misfortunes occur. Be sure to surf our site and view an entire catalog of standard First Aid Supplies that are applicable to common injuries across the board. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com specialize in providing premium products swiftly and at low cost.

  • Packing List Envelopes - they deliver the message!

    Designed with a strong pressure sensitive adhesive backside, Packing List Envelopes will easily stick to the outer surface of shipping envelopes, corrugated boxes and mailing tubes. Easy to use, these envelopes will resist extreme climatic conditions and any rough handling practices during transit.

    This shipping aid is also ideal for commercial purposes where companies and organizations frequently need them to send documents, invoices, promotional materials, item descriptions & safety data. Packing list envelopes contain an adhesive backside that can strongly affix to any package’s exterior surface and maintain integrity through the toughest of weather conditions. Extraordinary adhesive strength, these envelopes are pretty much glued to the parcel as they contain details like the list of goods and special instructions for handling, which can help guiding moving company workers.

    Packing List Envelops available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Packing List Envelops

    Packing list envelopes allows vendors to maintain a well-rounded approach to their shipping/mailing process. As a matter of fact, they are helpful in consolidating various spec sheets, safety notices and product invoices so that you and the consumer are in harmony-- able to track any mistakes and void of confusion with the order.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your premier provider for premium quality packing list envelopes. Don’t hesitate to log on and view our entire catalog of various styles and multiple size range options for this product. Not only that, we continually offer discounts, swift delivery and friendly service. A top competitor in the market, our prices per case is comparatively lower than the majority of retailers.

    Here’s a list of various types of Packing List Envelopes that are available on PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com:

    • Panel Face Invoice Enclosed
    • Panel Face Packing List Enclosed
    • Full Face Invoice Enclosed
    • Full Face Packing List Enclosed
    • Re-Closable Packing List
    • Made in USA Packing List Envelopes
    • Clear Packing List Envelopes

    Some key features of using the Packing List Envelopes involve product communication and protection of valuable documents. These envelopes are a direct example of professionalism as companies highlight their standards of pride and integrity with their customers.

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