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Monthly Archives: December 2015

  • No prescription necessary — The benefits of Non-Prescription relief meds

    Many pain relievers are easy to get without the prescription of doctors. When pain becomes debilitating and interferes with the ability to work and perform other activities, taking pain relievers becomes essential. One can find good quality pain relievers i.e non-prescription relief meds online from PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com as they offer nonprescription pharmaceuticals, (also known as over the counter medicines) which can be bought without the prescription of doctors. However, all the non-prescriptive medicines are not safe and overdose should be avoided as well. Even if you want pain killers for discomfort, always consult your doctor to be on a safer side.

    Antacids Medications available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Antacids Medications

    When it comes to finding relief for muscular pain, stomach aches, colds, toothaches, and more our Non-Prescription Pharmaceuticals will help alleviate your discomfort. Affordable, effective, and proven, we specialize in providing you with a variety of products such as antacids, aspirin pain relief, cold and allergy, and non-aspirin pain relief.

    Look no further, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com pride ourselves in providing premium product, friendly service, and low pricing! If you would like to know how our non-prescription pharmaceuticals benefit your needs, we’ve designed a chart that will guide you in each items functioning. See Below:

    Product Function
    Antacids If you desire a solution that will rid your discomfort of indigestion, heat burn, and sour stomach try our Antacids. Available in either tablet, liquid, or liquid dissolve, this product is essential to stock in your first aid kits & cabinets.
    Aspirin Pain Relief Substantial, effective, and sufficient our Aspirin Pain Relief products are surely adequate for easing those annoying muscle aches, cramps, headaches, toothaches, and fevers. Easy to use, this product coincides well with our cold/heat therapy, supports, and topical pain relief products too!
    Cold and Allergy To counteract those annoying cold symptoms such as flu, sinuses, and fever our Cold and Allergy tablets are an effective therapeutic solution. With multiple selections to choose from, these products are necessary to stock in your travel first aid kits. Our Cold and Allergy products are comparable and similar to Benadryl and Tylenol Cold respectively.
    Non-Aspirin Pain Relief If you desire non-aspirin but need an effective product that will treat cold, arthritis, and muscle aches, don’t hesitate to try our Non-Aspirin Pain Relief products. Available in extra strength or standard strength caplets this product will produce, comfort, and improve your condition. We are your leading source for joint supports, heat stress, and non-prescription pharmaceuticals products, too!
  • They make packaging convenient — Tape Dispensers!!

    Tape Dispenser & Machines are phenomenal in regards to home, industrial or office packaging. You can conveniently assemble the multiple sized goods into a single entity. This makes transportation convenient as moving the consignment from one place to another won’t consumer energy and time, mainly when many units of parcels are joined together.

    Tape Wrangler ProSeal 200D Tape Wrangler ProSeal 200D

    Using packing tape manually to apply over corrugated boxes and packages may be slightly difficult and time consuming, as one person has to hold the tape while the other cuts it to stick over. The tape dispensers are handy domestic and official accessories which help in making work projects easier. The machines can be mounted on a flat surface like a desk or workstation in an area which is accessible to all workers.

    Filament Tape Dispensers :

    Filament Tape Dispenser Filament Tape Dispenser

    With such a massive utility of tapes, it’s just not possible to cut the tape with a pair of scissors, while ensuring that the end is kept intact, plus do the packing, strapping and work at a good speed too. Therefore, filament tape dispensers are versatile and designed for assisting you in all packaging and shipment preparation tasks. This handy tool makes packing and strapping most convenient and speedy too. The tape cannot be easily torn apart. It doesn’t wear out in harsh weather conditions of fire. It is hard to tamper with the consignment as the tape lasts long when transient through the aggressive handling procedures. The tape and dispenser both are pressure resistant which aren’t subject to any change.

    1. Filament tape dispensers are durable and high value. They are not cheaply constructed and a waste of time and money.
    2. Made out of metal, it’s able to endure longer because it’s not flimsy and it will maintain through rough handling and multiple usage.
    3. It’s even multi-purposeful, able to be used for comparable types of tapes besides filament tape.

  • The destination carrier - Shipping Mailing Envelopes!

    Let, me tell you that Shipping Mailing Envelopes are really obedient. Shipping mailing envelopes assures you of a no damage product delivery to any destination. Shipping mailing envelopes are a fast thriving packaging option which plays an instrumental role for shipping. The mailers are resistive enough to surpass the aggressive handling of goods during the transit process. It even avoids the dust and dirt from settling over the envelopes.

    These envelopes have revolutionized the entire shipping process by simplifying the work flow in regards to mailing brochures, electronics, cosmetics, hardware, daily consumables, glassware, and home appliances. One major advantage is that they will provide quick a turnaround time for an abundance of shipments whether they’re lightweight, heavy, or fragile goods. Packaging envelopes can be completely customized to promote your products to customers and clients of all niches. Displaying your product is a great avenue to get the name out which makes the brand able to be recognized immediately, thus making it gradually popular.

    Shipping Mailing Envelopes Shipping Mailing Envelopes

    The reason being, many novelty and apparel companies are swamped during this time so shipping the exact costumes per order, won’t be a major concern. The reliable packaging supplies like shipping mailers have often proved their worth, giving you every reason to add up to the festivities. Shipping mailing envelopes have become familiarly established as an efficient tool to facilitate personal and professional mailing needs for standard and specific users at large. By using shipping mailing envelopes, your packaging techniques will make a profound statement since these are the dependable carriers of products which are desired to serve the clientele.

    Shipping Mailing Envelopes will present a great opportunity to distinguish your brand from others since many companies are yet stuck with bulky boxes, thin poly envelopes with no potential value. Furthermore the recipient truly experiences the sentiment of thoughtful consideration on part of the sender.

  • Glamour Bubble Mailers — are you ready to ship Glamourously?

    These glitzy mailers are enough to catch immediate attention from onlookers or recipients. Unlike the normal Poly Bubble Mailer, Glamour Bubble Mailers produce instant eye catching flair without the need for contracting a third party printing company to design a logo or image upon the exterior surface. Available in bright shiny colors like pink, yellow and many more, with an adhesive metallic strip and interior bubble cushioning, these mailers will secure, conceal and safeguard items tightly while at the same time remain attractive and professional. You can depend on them for all your light and heavy packaging needs.

    Glamour Bubble Mailers available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Glamour Bubble Mailers

    The attractive elements of these mailers will surely lead to a great commercial presentation, or gift packing mechanism, thus enabling many businesses and individuals to simplify the process. Glamour Bubble Mailers will reduce headaches associated with that process, while reducing the cost associated with those sorts of marketing style campaigns. Sending out gifts and valuables for loved ones is a common practice during Easter, New Year, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and many occasions. Using transparent or colored wrapping papers for packing gifts is an aged way of presentation.

    What is new is the glamour mailer which allows you to send anything from electronics, books, daily consumables, plastic ware, jewelry and so much more. The insulated cushion padding inside the decorative bubble mailers wraps itself well around the product to impart complete safety such that no tampering or harm can be caused. These mailers have simplified ways of packing as no decorative accessories are necessary for uplifting their appeal. Many gift packaging attempts sometimes appear overly done in presentation compared to the glamour mailers. Glamour bubble mailers are the type of shipping mailers that are a great source for gift packaging, promotion, presentation, marketing & branding. Today thousands of attractive packaging options are available which are used for commercial and domestic purposes of wrapping and these mailers are rapidly rising in high demand.

  • Duct Tape - made to aid all!

         Duct Tape is most popular in America throughout the repair business areas. At PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com we stock three types of Duct Tape : Utility grade, Color and premium Intertape Brand. Fortunately Duct tape has come to the rescue of such damages like ripped car and bike seats, luggage, tents, plumbing pipes, ducts, and furniture to name a few.

    Duct Tape available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Duct Tape

         Three specific reasons why Duct Tape is effective is because the first layer contains a very strong rubber based adhesive which allows it to stick to just about any surface. The second layer is made from woven cloth fabric; this technique gives the tape its unique strength and durability, while lastly the top layer is made from a plastic substance which solidifies its waterproof attribute. Practically useful for about anything, Duct Tape is an essential product for sealing, repair and many more veritable uses that come to mind. Many HVAC, plumbing, general contractors, electricians and construction workers all benefit hugely from the attributes this tape supplies. Whether it’s size, color or mil thickness.

         we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your foremost source in distributing high end Duct Tape. Utility Grade Duct Tape is the type of tape that specializes in everything. One of the things we pride ourselves on regarding our products is performance, processing and promptness so if you decide that our Duct Tape is an option for you, don’t hesitate to receive these perks as a part of your shopping experience. One of the most noteworthy characteristics of both Utility Grade Duct Tape and our Colored Duct Tape is super duty high adhesive strength. These tapes will stick to any surface aggressively and for a lengthy amount of time. Due to their reinforced threaded tensile strength, these tapes are apt for jobs that experience much wear and tear. All in all, Duct Tape is advantageous because its ability to endure through any torrential condition. It’s also a good source to have for not only industrial purposes but residential and leisure too.

  • The Importance of Packing Tape

    Appropriate shipping methods will produce favorable results in regards to business relations. Customers will be impressed with your customer service standards and such success will establish trust, making it difficult for competitors to challenge your effectiveness.

    Packing Tape available on Packaging Supplies By Mail Packing Tape

    On that note, Packing Tape is one of those products that will compliment effort, which contributes to improvement, which advances output and which raises business growth. Quality matters and fine tuning your assembly, shipping techniques and labor efficiency will quicken sales, create more business opportunity and eliminate setbacks due to faulty shipment damages. Cost effective and very accessible the internet provides vast amounts of outlets for the online consumer. I believe the greatest advantage for the consumer is the ability to purchase in bulk quantity via internet. Industry significant also, Packing Tape covers a wide range of usage depending on what field of occupation you’re a part of.

    Packing Tape is one of the most common devices that is known for unitizing packages. Using packing tape keeps goods organized and apt for transport and efficient for moving multiple packages all at once. Assembling goods into one consignment is always a benefit as it’s become a standardized method for foreign and domestic shipments, plus it saves $$$$ too.

    Acrylic Machine Length Packing Tape available on PackagingSuppliesByMail Acrylic Machine Length Packing Tape

    Let’s face it, the name of the game is $$$$. One of the biggest expenses that online shoppers face is shipping charges. Therefore, it’s always good to request your tape purchase’s to be bundled for shipment. This can reduce your bill tremendously and since packing tape and hot melt tape is quite durable, your purchase will be safe during transit.

    We at PackgagingSuppliesByMail.Com have proven to be a substantial online presence for offering low price premium performance Packing Tape. Not to mention, we stock great economical Tape Dispensers or the popular heavy duty Tape Wrangler Dispenser too. These dispensers will assist you or your customers in effective packaging methods. So whether you’re an individual or a company, quality Packing Tape makes a difference in your tasks. Try us out today!

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