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Monthly Archives: November 2015

  • Filament Tape — it brings sure advantages to your demands!

    Whether your circumstances consist of sealing cartons for parcels, electronics, gifts, painting projects, miscellaneous scenarios or art assignments you’ll generally need a specific version of tape that offers high performance, efficiency and of course, budget advantages.

    Filament tapes are rubber based tapes which have high tensile strength and is pressure sensitive. Due to these characteristics of the tape, it is very handy to bind/bundle items like tubes, wood, pipes or any other irregular items as well. An industry leader in industrial tape distribution, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com makes readily accessible a complete catalog of different versions of industrial tape to fit your demands.

    Economy Grade Filament Tape available at Packagingsuppliesbymail Economy Grade Filament Tape

    For home use Filament Tape is excellent for bundling firewood and loose treeing lumber. Nevertheless it also can be used for so many other helpful reasons, as much as the consumer determine. Available in ¾, 1, 1 ½, 2 inches and in all sizes 60yd length Filament Tape is built to execute the task you aim to accomplish. Filament Tape will seal corrugated boxes, reinforce packages, unitize pallets, and generally strap items together. You’ll find it very useful for bundling tubes, pipes, and irregular shaped objects. Upon opening your new appliances you’ll usually witness Filament Tape at work holding refrigerator and freezer doors closed, oven doors, broiler doors, and burner brackets intact, plus it keeps washer and dryer doors secured and it’s able to stabilize the foam coverings for electronic items too.

    It is essential to use the appropriate tape to match the multiplicity of diverse applications that exist so that your packages are sealed properly, with pride and professionally. With the rise in product purchasing being generated within the online vending websites, a variety of tapes have been easily made available for your obligations to be met. Not only do we provide premium quality, but we specialize in low pricing, bulk volumes and frequent discount specials. Normally corrugated boxes are used to package products. These are sealed with filament tape to ensure the sealing is secure. Whether you are sealing boxes or reinforcing packages, filament tape is found to be more efficient as a sealant.

  • Stretch Wrap - the secure gift wrapping ideas for Holiday Season!

    Stretch Wrap Film is a permanent low cost solution for various kinds of transit dangers. As one of the top worldwide leaders in distributing Stretch Wrap, our vision in stocking this resourceful product is to enhance both commercial businesses and residential consumers with a versatile product that works excellent for packaging, stocking, moving, organizing, marketing and anything else you can think of. Stretch Wrap protects all products from dust, moisture, and scratches and it is the best and secure gift wrapping idea to use this Holiday Season. Shipping and packaging becomes cost effective and efficient when assembling products by unitizing or palletizing them into a single unit. Well, selecting the appropriate film certainly depends on the kind of requirements or functions you have. Therefore incorporating the utilization of Stretch Wrap Film will upgrade your shipping procedures by voiding out product damage and theft related incidents. For example, if it is warehouse stock material that is being shipped, then UV light protection film wouldn’t be applicable. Likewise, down gauge films are generally an acquired choice due to its stretch elongation factors and thinner gauge thickness. Additionally, when manually wrapping a pallet, this film is more prone to edge breakage when applying it around the top corner of boxes or the edge of pallets.

    • Machine Stretch Wrap -
         Ideal for wrapping pallet loads and designed for converter machines and pallet wrapper machines.
    • Blown Stretch Wrap -

      Blown Stretch Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Blown Stretch Wrap

         Quite similar in application to cast wrap, yet this wrap has a one-side cling attribute and low visibility feature which keeps pallets from clinging together on trailers, while adding security as onlookers will find it difficult to determine the contents of the packages. Superior load holding strength.

    • Economy Stretch Wrap -
         The name speaks for itself; since it’s a lower gauge wrap its labor friendly due to its featherweight qualities when palletizing products manually.
    • Color Stretch Wrap -

      Colored Stretch Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Colored Stretch Wrap

         Will produce various advantages like color coding the belongings of all family members. Mom stuff- Red, Dad’s- Blue, Son’s- Green, Daughter’s- Purple. It’s also great for concealing items during moving

    • Cast Stretch Wrap -
      The most standard version of stretch wrap, it’s excellent for bundling and stocking products because of its load holding stability and clear clarity.

    When it comes to Stretch Wrap, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com can surely be a great help to you. Log on today and view our entire catalog of Stretch Wrap, we guarantee satisfaction!

  • Made to bring Aid - How First Aid Kits benefit you!!

    When discussing the kinds of situations that may be prone to arise throughout the ebbs and flow of life it’s easy to gather a long comprehensive array of incidents. With that being said, the inevitable is evitable and various settings and circumstances demand added equipment to help secure the situation. Although it is responsible to expect the unexpected, although it better to be prepared for the worse, but hope for the best, although human error proves that we can’t avoid the unavoidable, no one invites pain to come and knock on their door. And although I don’t have enough time to spell the various list of circumstances out, I would like to bring awareness to how First Aid Kits are your ideal source for aid and protection for spontaneous moments of minor and potentially severe injuries.

    First Aid Kits available at Packaging Supplies By Mail First Aid Kits

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is a highly reputable source for First Aid Kits and First Aid medical supplies. We are a safety first company, therefore we’re passionate about supplying relevant medical sources to help individuals and company’s safeguard themselves when accidents take place.

    An injury can happen at any place and at any time. Although painful, the good thing is that most accidental injuries are not serious or life threatening. Therefore, it is mandatory for every industrial unit, office or traveler to keep first aid kits handy. An intelligent first aid kit supplier will have a balanced assortment of essential first aid supplies in the kit. Depending on where you plan to install the kit, there are different combinations of contents amongst various first aid kits that are required at sites that are prone to accidents. A number of industrial first aid websites offer a wide range of first aid kits. The range of kits includes office kits, travel kits, weathertite kits, plant kits, travel kits, burn kits and tooth first aid kits. Every kit is designed for a specific use and purpose. The inner contents are sorted as per the utility and where that kit is to be installed.

  • Amber Reclosable Bags — freshness and protection, all in one!

    Amber Reclosable is the solution because they are made for diffusion. Primarily used in hospitals and labs, Amber Reclosable bags filter out 97% of rays in the ultra violet spectrum. These bags are definitely resourceful because if not stored properly, those aspirin or multi vitamins will breakdown, and if used, will cause an uncomfortable stomach irritation. Nonetheless when stored properly you maintain the original potency because this bag remarkably stores freshness! These bags are 3 millimeter in thickness, so that adds to their resistance, they’ll never tear or puncture in an instance but will remain durable and persistent. You’ll surely be safe with this bag when it comes to protecting your multi vitamins and supplements as well.

    Amber Reclosable Bags available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Amber Reclosable Bags

    We at Packaging Supplies by Mail .Com are proud to say we have the antidote for your storage needs against ultra violet light! Our Amber Reclosable bags is the solution for protecting contents from brittle, discolor and other related ultra violet light damage. With so much energy and power flowing through ultra violet light, it shouldn’t be a surprise that anything openly exposed to it for a period of time is guaranteed to be ruined. As you can see Amber Reclosable bags have multiple usage capabilities. It has an easy open and close zipper in which this dependable air tight seal keeps the contents fresh.

       For home or industrial use these bags are proficient for storing jewelry, especially silver. It’s important to be prepared, so you’ll need product ahead. I’m sure those traditional photos you have require proper storage, and what about those expensive electronic devices such as digital cameras, iPod’s, mp3’s, flash drives, head phones etc. The way they seal freshness is quit tight, so that the inner contents remain fresh; so you can be assured of high performance, uncivilized would be anything less. Try our Amber Reclosable Bags today, you’ll certainly be satisfied.



  • The resourcefulness of Strapping Tape

    With the rise in product purchasing being accumulated within the online vending websites, a variety of tapes have been easily made available for your obligations to be met. Whether your factors consist of sealing cartons for parcels, electronics, gifts, painting projects, miscellaneous scenarios or art assignments you’ll generally need a specific version of tape that offers high performance, efficiency and of course, budget advantages.

    It is important to use the appropriate tape to match the multiplicity of diverse applications that exist so that your packages are sealed properly, with pride and professionally. An industry leader in industrial tape distribution, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com makes readily available a complete catalog of different versions of industrial tape to fit your demands. Not only do we offer premium quality, but we’re experts in low pricing, bulk volumes and frequent discount specials

    Strapping Tape available at Packagingsuppliesbymail Strapping Tape

                    Strapping Tape has so many advantages over metal or plastic strapping, twine, tape, tie devices, bungee cords and wire. In a nutshell, Strapping Tape enhances protection, is economical and readily accessible through online stores. With that being said, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are a premier leader in Strapping Tape and we offer top notch marquee brands. Below is a list of items that can be bundled or unitized or reinforced by Strapping Tape:

    • Meat packaging
    • Box load pallets
    • Produce boxes
    • PVC Pipes
    • Metal Rods
    • Irregular shaped pallets
    • Televisions

       Strapping Tape is the great industrial source that is designed primarily for quality packaging bundling and pallet unitizing. Strapping Tape is equipped to compress shock and movement which is a regular issue during the shipment process. This tape also protects your packages from residue damage because of its adhesive level, which is not common when using any other forms of tape because they tend to leave noticeable residue marks. You’ll also find this tape to be advantageous because it’s useful for both bundling and unitizing all sorts of items and with its superior grade tensile strength, your packages are surely secured.

  • Made to handle the Trauma - Trauma Dressing Products!

    Let’s just face it….emergencies happen. Emergencies are prone to happen at any time any place and anywhere and they occur so unexpectedly that they can raise the panic rate to a high level. Whether you’re involved in a recreational sporting event, a travel excursion, doing general labor or working on the job, you could potentially experience a serious laceration, cut or abrasion that needs immediate sterilization and care. This is where Trauma Dressing Products come in handy.

    Trauma Dressing Products available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Trauma Dressing Products

    Trauma Dressing Products are apt to secure your wounded area immediately and productively. When you need to sustain an unexpected injury, these products work well in protecting the individual as well as bystanders in terms of infection, secretion or bacteria from spreading. Trauma Dressing Products are a convenient solution because they maintain soft padding that will not stick or irritate your wound. Trauma dressings are also an ideal product for first aid room supplies equipment. Effective, durable, and sterile describes our emergency Trauma Dressing Products. These non-adherent pads are easy to apply and they are available in various sizes that will help you safeguard those large sizes wounds. Like all of our gauze pads, in reference to our Trauma Dressing Products, you’ll experience great cushioning and a smooth surface so that your wounds aren’t agitated.

    TRAUMA KIT available at Packaging Supplies By Mail TRAUMA KIT

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your complete source for stocking high quality trauma related products at a low cost alongside swift order delivery. We aim to make sure you’re protected with the finest of first aid medical supply goods so that you’re equipped in any and all emergencies. Our Dyna Stopper Trauma dressing is a Trauma product that is an all-in-one bandage and trauma dressing. It can be used as an arm sling, it’s sterile and individually wrapped. It has an extra bandage roll surrounded by stretchable gauze for additional applications as a pressure bandage. We offer multiple versions of our Trauma Dressing Products such as our Combine Pad 5'' X 9'' Sterile - Absorbent Pad and our Trauma Dressing, 10" x 30" - Sterile pads which are both sterile and easy to apply.

  • Stretch Netting Wraps — It Protects!

    Stretch Netting is a permanent low cost solution for various kinds of transit dangers. Stretch Wrap protects all products from spoilage, non-ventilation, and faulty bundling. Unfortunately, by using traditional binding shipping aids like twine wires, bungee cords or poly strapping bands, your shipment is highly prone to loosening and becoming unsteady due to the normal shifting procedures involved during transit. As a result, goods are easily susceptible to falling apart during delivery, which could be detrimental to customer relations, liabilities and profit loss. For this reason, Stretch Netting is an ideal solution for safe product delivery as it’s designed to withstand most storage conditions, faulty transportation means, stacking methods and warehousing treatment. With superior load holding stability and breathability qualities, this shipping/packaging device is applicable for all sorts of goods that require ventilation during transport.

    Netting Stretch Wrap Netting Stretch Wrap

    Stretch Netting is one of those things we can define as “specialty” within the shipping and packaging market. Certain products need a “special handle with care” type of arrangement if you will. Primarily so, within the food industry Stretch Netting is exclusively necessary for success in transporting, shelving and temporarily storing goods. One of the obvious reasons is due to the fact that if not packaged correctly, various non-perishable items will simply spoil.

    Vented Stretch Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Vented Stretch Wrap

    Our Stretch Netting Pallet Wrap is your primary source for alternative load securing in which specified items must use a particular method to stabilize products for successful delivery. In similarity to vented pallet wrap, the primary purpose of Stretch Netting is to provide ventilation and negate condensation from damaging your products. Most notably used within the food and garden industries, items such as flowers, meat, produce, and dairy products are surely safe guarded properly. Stretch Netting is also beneficial for hauling tree, wood, piping and lumber too!

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your complete source for stocking high quality Stretch Netting products at a low cost alongside swift order delivery. We aim to make sure you’re protected with the finest of industrial packaging supplies goods so that you’re equipped in any and all demands.

  • They put the “whole” into Wholesale - the productiveness of Wholesale Poly Mailers!

    Wholesale Poly Mailers is a popular standard packaging tool that is available in many sizes and style variations. Similar to other handy tools and devices at home or in the office, poly mailers also simplifies specific tasks and eliminates time burdens. This dependable resource won’t let you down in any condition; rather satisfy your requirements in a successful way. The Poly mailer is a product that is specifically designed to accomplish safe shipping coverage for various non-fragile goods. Wholesale Poly Mailers feature a unique combination of polyethylene and thick cushion padding, plus a strong adhesive seal strip that increases the level of security. These characteristics define why poly mailers are puncture resistant and tamper proof. Besides that, this shipping instrument is very valuable because it’s economically advantageous. There are many reasons why one should choose this shipping tool.

    Poly Mailers White Poly Mailers

    White Poly Mailers are a must have for offices and homes as it equips you to connect with anybody at ease, whether professional or personal. Not to mention, shipping electronics, clothes, stationery equipment, domestic supplies, uneven objects, kitchenware, glassware, and delicate items is not an issue because these self-seal envelopes tighten objects firmly without affecting the original shape of the product.

    Clear View Poly Mailers Clear View Poly Mailers

    Clearview poly mailers are another resourceful type of poly mailer that is advantageous for your brochures, catalogs, medicinal products and promotional flyers. With its transparent window, onlookers are able to instantly see the inner contents of this package. In some cases, people are just plain too busy to stop for a second open up a package and take time to read the promotional sales items that are listed. Therefore, an item such as Clearview Poly Mailers is essential for that purpose because it tells the story fast and effective

    Returnable Poly Mailers Returnable Poly Mailers

    The Returnable Poly Mailer is a unique packaging and shipping device that is designed for reuse for a number of reasons. The main reason that this product is substantially amazing is that when an order mistake occurs, to cut down on time loss and packaging methods on the buyers end, all they have to do is remove the second seal strip and re-ship the product back!

    As you can see, Poly Mailers are the way to go when it comes to protective, responsible and most of all, economical shipping. PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is the premium source vendor for you. Be sure to log on to their website and find savings, swift order delivery and guaranteed satisfaction.

  • It’s all in the Zipper — the usefulness of Zipper Slider Bags!

    Zipper Slider Bags are a common resource in today’s market for various productive and resourceful means. These bags are easy to use, easy to stock and easy to obtain. There are many reasons why these bags are profitable for you so let’s observe a few aspects of how these bags may benefit your needs!

    zipperPackaging Procedures

    Zipper Slider Bags offer a positive solution in various facets and arena’s to improve your pace, potential and profits. Being that you’re a small company where everyone multi-tasks, you soon discovers that your packaging procedures have halted tremendously because your time is short and the company must fill the orders and ship them quickly to maintain a proper flow cycle. For instance, your company may be on the verge of reaching the next level in sales, your notoriety has now become high demand but you’re unable to just yet expand your employee team.


    Slider Bags are great for storing homemade sauces, soups, and broths. They save labor on cleaning the fridge or freezer more than usual while also providing more space to stock much more items. The leak proof advantage of these bags protects foods that are typically high in moisture. The zipper lock assures that the Slider Bag is secure, for example, have you ever thought you sealed a recloseable bag only to find out later the mess that was created from the food that wasted because it wasn’t totally secure? Well with the Slider Bag you obviously see that the bag is locked together on its track before you store it helping you avoid such spillage and wastage.


    Mobility is a feature of Zipper slider bags which makes it desirable during traveling. When vacationing, you certainly do not want to carry plenty of stuff, especially when you can count on plastic bags. Because these bags are equipped with a durable seal and oxygen leakage prevention quality, all objects remain fresh and protected for a long time. You can have pen drives in one plastic bag, headphones in another and camera accessories in another!

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your complete source for stocking high quality Zipper Slider Bags at a low cost alongside swift order delivery. We aim to make sure you’re protected with the finest of industrial goods.

  • Bundle all the precious goods and goodies securely with not just love but…stretch wrap film!!

    Success kisses your feet when you stretch yourself to that extent when you think you are about to snap. Bingo!! You achieve what you were striving for in the purest form. This includes no breakage, no spoilage, all the efforts bundled up, remain intact in all manners and achievement of the goal. A stretch wrap film precisely does this- no breakage, spoilage, well bundled and goods delivered to their destination intact.
    Stretch wrap films have gained major importance, especially for the packaging industry. Goods wrapped in stretch wrap ensure almost damage free delivery of products, whether they are eatables, display items or other kinds of materials this product is handy for store items or homemade goods that need to be transported.
    It has become absolutely necessary to wrap certain supplies, when talking of terms of long distance transportation. Packaging your goods in Stretch wrap film is a great way to protect the items from any form of damage. It is ideal to use stretch wrap when packing furniture as there is no adhesive, only the wrap sticks to itself which keeps furniture safe.

    How can stretch wrap film be used?

    Narrow Banding Stretch Wrap Narrow Banding Stretch Wrap

    There are different sizes and widths available for stretch wrap films. Narrow banding stretch wrap films can be easily used to wrap the few items listed below.
    • Hoses
    • Animal chew toys
    • Air filters
    • Muffins and croissants
    • Beauty products
    • Batteries
    • Any food stuff like macaroni, cheese, butter containers, drinks
    • Pots and pans, cutting boards, cleaning supplies
    • Fruit basket, gift baskets
    • Laundry room stuff
    • Cushions
    • Photo albums
    • Palletized boxes
    • Buckets
    • Clay
    • Mulch
    • Electronics
    • Jewelry
    • Wire reels
    • Tires
    • Furniture
    • Bricks
    • Carpet and rugs
    • Medical supplies
    You can actually wrap anything with narrow banding stretch wrap. This is just a small list because you can actually wrap thousands of products.

    Why use stretch wrap film for packaging?

    Down Gauge Machine Film available at Packagingsuppliesbymail Down Gauge Machine Film

    • The products wrapped in stretch wrap films are protected from dust, moisture and other contaminants
    • You can easily bundle items in various units and then wrap it to the main unit
    • Seals the lids to maintain freshness inside the container
    • Efficient way to prevent tampering
    • One can bundle theft prevention devices as well as get extra space for labeling too

    Where can I purchase the stretch wrap film?
    Packaging supplies by mail is the leading supplier of stretch wrap films. Stretch wrap films are offered in various sizes at this leading portal for packaging supplies. All you need to do is click here to visit the portal, use the quick order form and place the order for the narrow banding stretch wrap film. Surf their site for a wide range of industrial and medical supplies. Get the best quality products at the most affordable bulk rate. If your order is above $149.99, you can get the benefit of free shipping as well.
    Wrap the world with the narrow stretch wrap film that’s made available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com Stretch wrap films are available in different sizes and they are packed with a plastic handle for manual wrapping and the bigger sizes can be easily used for wrapping with machines too. Visit PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com now and find the best rates on the stretch wrap film you need.

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