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Monthly Archives: October 2015

  • To the point of no return — how Returnable Poly Mailers reverse disgusted customers!

    Nowadays, you rarely ever get to see the person you’re purchasing your items from, and because of such distance, at times communicating through email or telephone can relay certain vibes that may not be the case when buying products in person. In such commonality as human error, a product such as the Returnable Poly Mailer provides multi solutions for those everyday mistakes. Like most things, running an online business can be a wearisome task at times. Alongside that, what happens when there is a shipping mistake or defected product? How can companies resolve matters without losing customers?

    Returnable Poly Mailers available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Returnable Poly Mailers

    Let’s face it, distributing products simply just isn’t easy because of the various shipping errors, product defects and shipment damages that are prevalent within the market. Therefore, it’s quite substantial for vendors to offer premium service if they plan to separate their business from many competitors. Many online vendors within various industries such as hardware, garden, office, medical, restaurant, media and mechanical truly find Returnable Poly Mailers quite advantageous. These mailers certainly improve aspects within customer service because unpleased customers may not be so quick to look elsewhere being that their issue is resolved speedily. Errors will occur, but time waits for no one and to maintain repeat customers you need excellent service. This mailer allows consumers to remove the second seal strip and mail the product back instantly. This relieves all aggravation and costs associated with returning unwanted products.

    Delay is disappointing, that’s why the Returnable Poly Mailer will enhance return shipments while reducing costs associated with such. Word of mouth is significant and we have heard and logically agreed that one unhappy customer will tell 7 other people about the terrible service they received. However on the contrast one happy customer will promote to about 3 contacts. Ethics is important, character is vital, and getting customers their products is serious business. Character should speak for itself for instance, Returnable Poly Mailers will “re-write wrongs” with regards to shipment errors, product manufacturing defects, or damaged items. “If you’re going to make a mistake then at least clean it up”, this type of focus will tighten customer relations and establish a unique impression on consumers that will promote your company positively. Packaging Supplies By Mail offer the Returnable Poly Mailer at very affordable rates.

  • Let us protect you from the scary vendor — PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com the treat of Halloween!

    Boo! Well I’m pretty sure that didn’t make you shiver in your seat. However, what I want to bring to your attention is the various appearances that are common among the internet that pose as quality packaging companies. See there is a lot to be afraid of when you consider the performance of their products, the price points of their products and the service that they offer. One may question from the experience they’ve had with such stores and wondered if they were conducting a “trick or treat” moment. Certainly I’ve heard many buyers who have witness the trick as they’ve purchased goods that appeared to be like tapes, stretch wrap, gloves, reclosable bags and first aid medical supplies but unfortunately performed like a ghost when it came down to their functioning.

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your protector of quality wholesale packaging materials this Halloween season! We offer discounted sales prices for top notch brands of the finest in tapes, stretch wrap, gloves, reclosable bags and first aid medical supplies. We are your one stop source that is a proven provider of top performing products that meet the high demands and required standards of our buyer’s needs. These products are arranged and organized on our web page and we offer a multiplicity of versions, sizes and order quantities for your demands. Bulk volume is our middle name but we also specialize in providing buying options for individual usage too.

    Today don’t get alarmed by those scary vendors who appear to be retailers but offer ghost like ordeals when it comes to quality performance regarding tapes, stretch wrap, gloves, reclosable bags and first aid medical supplies. We are your provider and not only do we offer low prices but we provide swift shipping so that you’re not stalled out on receiving your goods. One of the fastest growing online packaging companies for industrial supplies and medical first aid supplies, PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is sure to bring you security, sales. and superb product not to mention, satisfying service so that your experience is super!

    Happy Halloween!!

  • The Elastic Bandage Wrap - Able to do what you need done!

    You see me everywhere! I’m the one that athletes use to improve their flexibility before they enter their sporting event. I’m the one that athletes use to protect their arms, wrist, ankles, elbows, rib cages and thighs. I’m the one that athletes use to harness their heat packs and ice bags with, yes I’m the one. I’m the one that is stretchable, compress-able, lengthy and usable, yes I’m the one. I’m the one who is simple, low key and easy to use, yes I’m the one (I guess that by now you’d like to finally know who I am). I’m Elastic Bandage Wrap, and I’m just right for you!

    Elastic Bandage Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Elastic Bandage Wrap

    Tough, able to endure, versatile in usage and easy to get, Elastic Bandage Wrap is a much needed product that is complimentary when dealing with preparedness or minor injury. Designed to stretch, designed to increase compression and designed to be of support for your needs, Elastic Bandage Wrap helps improve your performance, your position and your pain. Great for initially wrapping joints and muscle areas before an athletic of physical exertion activity, this bandage wrap will help users improve their range of motion, add lightness to the wrapped area and secure the area from further hyper extension so that proper healing may arise.

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your premier online site for the Elastic Bandage Wrap. We believe in aiding our customers with the best of the best in first aid medical supplies and we’re proud to present a product that has so much multiplicity in usage characteristics that it surely fulfills the needs and demands of the user.

    Elastic Bandage Wrap is a low cost easy to use product that is ideal for usage during physical activity. To aid in eliminating muscular strains or joint problems, this product solidifies the muscle or joint tightly so that it’s compacted and able to function at a high level. When you know that you’re going to overwork a particular muscle of joint group, it’s good to allow the Elastic Bandage Wrap to be used as a preventative method so that you maintain good health. Not to mention, this product is also great for reinforcing ice packs or heat packs after your physical work is done or your sporting event has succeeded.

  • Bulk Bubble Mailers—they can be used for all sorts of things!

    You can use me to deliver, you can use me to secure, you can use me to promote, you can use me to advertise, you can use me to ship, you can use me to package, you can use me for light goods, you can use me for fragile goods, you can use me for certain heavy goods, you can use me use me. I’m good for packaging socks, I’m good for packaging shirts, I’m good for packaging pants, I’m good for packaging linen, I’m good for shipping books, I’m good for shipping brochures, I’m good for shipping catalogs, I’m good for shipping ads, I’m good I’m good. I block dust from damaging products, I block dirt from damaging products, I block moisture from damaging products, I block rain from damaging products, I block snow from damaging products, I block I block. I am poly, I am glamour, I am kraft, I am Bulk Bubble Mailers.

    Bulk Bubble Mailers is a product that enhances your shipping and packaging techniques in many ways. This product is known for protecting goods, it’s easy to use characteristic and it’s economical advantage to shippers wallets. Not only that, the fact that it’s available in bulk options allows the user to be equipped to handle their demands with ease and consistency. Available in a wide range of sizes and styles, the three most common types of Bulk Bubble Mailers are Poly Bubble, Kraft Bubble and Glamour Bubble Mailers.

    Kraft Bubble Mailer

    Kraft Bubble Mailers available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Kraft Bubble Mailers

    The Kraft Bubble Mailer is an ideal Bulk Bubble Mailer that is useful for shipping a variety of items in which the sender desires a paper style exterior. Common in the world of shipping, the kraft style mailer is very economical and endures well against damage causing agents. Many like this product because of its economic advantage as they’re able to be competitive with the price points while still offering a delivery with integrity.

    Poly Bubble Mailer

    Poly Bubble Mailers available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Poly Bubble Mailers

    The Poly Bubble Mailer is a Bulk Bubble Mailer that is made of a white poly exterior and is standard for shipment options on a wide range of products. For those who prefer a poly exterior for it’s high protection against moisture, this bubble mailer is exact for you.

    Glamour Bubble Mailer

    Glamour Bubble Mailers available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Glamour Bubble Mailers

    The Glamour Bubble Mailer is a Bulk Bubble Mailer that is new and innovative within the shipping/mailing envelope market. Ideal for presentation and gift packaging this mailer adds flare to your goods and draws positive attention to your deliveries. When your goal is to impress someone, the Glamour Bubble Mailer is just right for you.

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your primary online source for low cost high quality Bulk Bubble Mailers. We always offer the best of the best in performance, cost and swift order delivery. Be sure to surf our sites to find the right Bulk Bubble Mailer for your needs.

  • Advantages of The Stretch Wrap Cutter

    Don’t stretch yourself out trying to tear your way through the stretchy plastic. It’s always a better way to do things so we don’t have to use measures that’s drastic. The Stretch Wrap Cutter is a product that makes cutting stretch wrap cool. It also makes the process go smooth so you cannot lose.

    Appearance is vital especially when you amongst thousands of rivals. Your customers will like you if they see the dedication is not stifled. Sometimes is all about looks and you don’t want your packages to suffer. So I suggest that when you’re using stretch wrap to bundle them, you also need to use a Stretch Wrap Cutter. The smooth finish it provides brings life to your package. Those who are use to succeeding know they must do things above average.

    Stretch Wrap Cutter Stretch Wrap Cutter

    Manufactured in a way that is easy to handle and safe, plus it has a cool black and gold look that makes it look great. You’ll be protected from the blade the way that this Stretch Wrap Cutter is made, but this kind is only exclusive to PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com so I suggest you surf their page.

    Nowadays everyone has a product that appears to be equal, but talk is cheap and action speaks louder than words so let’s see how they treat you. With PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com you get complete service, plus sales upon sales and swift order delivery when you make your purchase. Their Stretch Wrap Cutter is A1 and it compliments your tasks, you guaranteed to not have any hang ups because it will dis -attach your stretch wrap fast.

    A lot of products on the market have seen to make the market crash, because they’re manufactured with cheap materials that are proven to not last. Although this Stretch Wrap Cutter is made of hard plastic it’s made to endure, you can drop, toss or throw it and it will still work secure. The next time your packaging and bundling or even using various tape, be sure to include a Stretch Wrap Cutter so that your shipments look great!

  • Several ways to use Poly Mailers

    Poly Mailers is one of those packaging supply products that is versatile and profitable for many reasons. Ideal for being used to ship small to large size non-fragile items, many in today’s shipping and packaging industry are turning to this product as a means for their primary shipping tool.


    Poly Mailers - 2.5 Mil Poly Mailers - 2.5 Mil

    We’ll, standard 2mil to 3 mil thickness sizes of poly mailers are resourceful for those who are looking to package their books or clothing items. The reason being, this packaging solution is able to withstand many of the damage causing elements that are persistent with shipping. For instance, unlike other means of packaging equipment, poly mailers are able to successfully void off dirt, dust, moisture and climatic weather conditions which can be harmful to the newness of your product. Who wants to first off, wait 3-5 days for their package only to have it to arrive at their doorstep in substandard condition? Frankly speaking, that type of scenario destroys customer relations and shows a bad rap to your company.

    Clearview poly mailers are another resourceful type of poly mailer that is advantageous for your brochures, catalogs, medicinal products and promotional flyers. With its transparent window, onlookers are able to instantly see the inner contents of this package. In some cases, people are just plain too busy to stop for a second open up a package and take time to read the promotional sales items that are listed. Therefore, an item such as Clearview Poly Mailers is essential for that purpose because it tells the story fast and effective. The receiver of the package already has a heads up and if you as a marketer are solid with your literary promo pitch, you’ve quickly just won yourself a new prospect because the receiver does not need to go through the discovery aspect of what’s inside the package. Believe it or not, when one is tied up with a plate full of job related responsibility, the last thing they want to stop them is a surprise catalog or sales flyer in a sudden manner because it’s time consuming and a little frustrating no matter how good or how low in price your products are.

    Clear View Poly Mailer Clear View Poly Mailer

    Now one of the up and coming ways to ship your products can be found in what is called the Returnable Poly Mailer. The Returnable Poly Mailer is a unique packaging and shipping device that is designed for reuse for a number of reasons. The main reason that this product is substantially amazing is that when an order mistake occurs, to cut down on time loss and packaging methods on the buyers end, all they have to do is remove the second seal strip and re-ship the product back! This is a phenomenal product because it solidifies customer relations and it keeps things moving so that no one is delayed if a shipping mistake occurs.

    As you can see, Poly Mailers are the way to go when it comes to protective, responsible and most of all, economical shipping. This product is readily available from a host of online vendors and if you’re in need of bulk amounts companies such as PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is the premium source vendor for you. Be sure to log on to their website and find savings, swift order delivery and guaranteed satisfaction.

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