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Monthly Archives: September 2015

  • Who wants Clear Eyes?—the significance of Sterile Eye/Body Wash products

    Are you one that works amongst flying particles and debris? Do you work in work zones the give off a lot of cement or wood dust? Do you work in a warehouse that is packed with dust particles and so on? Isn’t it irritating to have particles of dirt fly into your eye when you’re landscaping the grass or doing various lawn care duties? Sometimes it feels as if the burning will never give, as if the itching will never cease, as if they dryness will never stop, as if they pain won’t go away. Oh, what one would give just to experience clear eyes, oh what one would pay just to have comfort in their vision, and oh what one would use just to not have to suffer through the irritation.

    Sterile Eye/Body Wash available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Sterile Eye/Body Wash

    Well if any of this is you, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com would like to introduce our eye care solution for your eye discomfort. Sterile eye wash is a much needed product nowadays and at times in the past have been taken for granted. Even though one may be semi protected by wearing safety glasses, it generally doesn’t fully protect their eyes from flying particles. That is why we encourage you or your company to take advantage of our Sterile Eye/Body Wash products so that your progress is not hindered and you’re not at risk for further eye complications or any other accident that may occur because of the discomfort that debris and particles may have caused.

    Below is a chart that informs more about our Sterile Eye/Body Wash products:

    Version                Size               Purpose Usage
    Oval Eye Pads 50 pads Super soft, absorbent gauze with a thick filler to protect the eye Residential and Commercial usage
    Disposable Eye Cups 6 per vial Ideal for eye flush needs Compliments eye wash stations
    Eye Drops ½ Fluid Ounce Bottle Quickly relieves redness of the eye due to minor eye irritations caused by conditions such as air pollution (including smoke, smog or pollen) and chlorinated water from swimming pools. Comparable to Visine Residential and Commercial usage
    MEDI-FIRST FIRST AID EYE WASH 1 ounce Sterile body wash For cleansing the eye to remove loose foreign material. 98.3% Purified water Residential and Commercial usage
    EMERGENCY EYE FLUSH STATION/ STERILE EYE WASH 2-16 Fluid ounce bottles Relieves irritation, discomfort, burning, stinging or itching caused by flying particles or air pollutants. Ideal for Residential and Commercial usage to flush out eyes when debris or particles are causing harm
  • The advantage of using Cotton Tip Applicators!

    What happens when the wound is tender and you need to apply some medication to it, what do you need? What happens when you need to clean a wound and you can’t use your bare hands, what do you do? What happens when you are applying wound dressing and it’s more sterile to use a certain instrument than to use any other form of medicinal application, what do you use? To answer these questions and many others the remedy is simple, Cotton Tip Applicators!

    Cotton Tip Applicators are cotton tipped wooden shaft instrument that is ideal for applying creams, ointments and various liquid medicines to exterior body wounds. Easy to use, this product is known for its positive abilities to keep the procedure very sterile when applying medicine so that no further infection can take place. Often times a certain type of scar, burn or cut is frankly to tender to touch with a disposable glove because the hand pressure seems to aggravate the pain even worse. Not only that, it may not be the most effective feature for applying the medicine accurately.

    Cotton Tipped Applicators available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Cotton Tipped Applicators

    This is where Cotton Tip Applicators & Cotton Balls come in handy because they are soft enough to not cause added discomfort to a sore area and they are small enough to be accurately effective when applying ointments, creams and liquid medicine to a wounded area. We at PacakgingSuppliesByMail.Com is your premier source for distributing high quality Cotton Tip Applicators. The thing that makes our online company more profitable for your medicinal care needs is that we offer this product in single packages and bulk volume options. You may be and individual who is looking for a sale price on one package or you may be a company that needs to restock your first aid cabinets so a bulk amount is necessary and resourceful for your entire workforce obligations.

    Either way you’re going to be surely equipped because we offer the best in pricing, the best in performance and the best in delivery as we pride ourselves on getting our orders out to our customers fast and swift so that no hassle is evident. If you’re looking for some high quality Cotton Tip Applicators, be sure to look first at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com if you’re looking for guaranteed satisfaction!

  • Hand and Wrist Supports—they are the “helping hands”!

         Hand and Wrist Supports are ideal preventative care solutions for those who face various ailments such as soreness, arthritis or muscular strains. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your top source for high end Hand and Wrist Support products. With a full catalog of various styles and versions to select from, you’ll be well equipped to bring care to your sore tendons, ligaments and weaken muscle groups. We recognize the extent of wrist injuries where athletes and laborers face from continual daily use of the same muscle groups. At times it may be able to feel as if there is no solution to the constant nagging and throbbing that occurs from strenuous usage. Hand Wrist Supports provide various compression and brace to the wrist, allowing the wrist to be actively mobile and able to perform at a normal disposition during regular activities.

    Hand & Wrist Support Hand & Wrist Support

         Since injuries vary across the board, we stock a variety of wrist supports that will for the most part, handle many (if not all) of the common related minor wrist ailments. Our Egrodyne and Workforce by Scott brands are substantial in performance and give users the relief they so desperately warrant. Below is a chart that specifies the various qualities each type of wrist support provides:

    Version Specifications Usage Size Ranges
    Egrodyne 670

    Adjustable hook and loop, neoprene


    Ambidextrous, washable


    Size Ranges: small, medium, large, ex-large


    Egrodyne 4000

    Anti-microbial lining, open center stay, downward movement limited


    Non-ambidextrous, Elastic body



    Size Ranges: small, medium, large, ex-large


    Egrodyne Wrist Wrap


    Thumb loop design, woven elastic, hook and loop closure




    Size Ranges: medium, ex-large


    Egrodyne Wristlets

    Elastic, Velcro closure




    Size Ranges: 2 ½ , 3 inch


    Thumb Lock Wristlets

    Velcro closure, elastic fabric


    Easy to use, Economical


    Size Ranges: one size fits all



                    As you can see our Hand and Wrist Support products are just right to handle any specification, any usage objective and any size range that you need. Generally economical, be sure to surf our website for various specials and discounts regarding our wrist support products so that you may reap the advantages that are presented weekly and monthly. Our goal is to satisfy your needs and you’ll certainly benefit well from these products!

  • The Red Infectious Waste Liner Bag—it’s ready to house the hazard!

    Whether you’re a hospital, lab, medical facility, chemical company or nursing home, you can certainly benefit from our premium quality Red Infectious Waste Liner Bags. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is a leading distributor of multiple first aid medical supplies and our Red Infectious Waste Liner Bags are at the top of the list because of their safety inducing qualities. Many forms of harmful bacteria are regularly disposed of at these aforementioned facilities and if not properly handled correctly, an individual or group of people could potentially face infections or sickness caused by improper handling techniques of biohazard materials.

    Red Infectious Waste Liners Bag by Packaging Supplies By Mail Red Infectious Waste Liners Bag

                    Our Red Infectious Waste Liner Bags are built with heavy duty poly materials and is ideal for preventing any leakage of harmful hazardous waste. Anything from syringes, to thermometers to disposable gloves or even soiled linen could be disposed of at these facilities and to properly manage them you need a source such as Red Infectious Waste Liner Bags to prevent potential danger from spreading. The red color of this bag, plus the biohazard signage and literature allows this bag to be easily noticed which brings safe awareness into proximity amongst these various facilities. Great for the worker and the bystander, these bags add to the precaution of those who may dispose of something in these bags, keeping them aware fully of the harmful inner contents that they could come in contact with. Such organization and awareness is a plus as it safeguards those who regularly reside or work at such facilities.

                    We are your premier online source when it comes to quality performing Red Infectious Waste Liner Bags. since we are your bulk option provider, facilities are able to stay stocked with a substantial amount of bags so that they don’t have to risk overfill due to a lack of stock. A overfill could add to unnecessary misfortune so it’s good that we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is a top rate competitor in this field who offers our bags at a very low rate, including weekly and monthly specials on all of our products as well. Don’t risk any potential infection or contamination from being a hazard; make sure your facility stays stocked without premium waste liner bags today!

  • It just…the usefulness of Coreless Stretch Wrap!

    It just makes the flow easier, it just wraps tight, you don’t experience breakage hang-ups and it’s lightweight and smooth, it’s Coreless Stretch Wrap and it’s phenomenal! New, innovative and unique our Coreless Stretch Wrap offers amazing load stabilization through its hand wrap capabilities. If you’ve been accustomed to using the same old cast or blown stretch wrap, well it’s time you change and experience the effectiveness and performance quality that this new and innovative wrap offers.

    Coreless Stretch Wrap available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Coreless Stretch Wrap

                    Many who labor on a daily in the packaging and shipping industry have of course been much familiar with the way in which various stretch wrap applications perform. Cast and blown stretch wraps are generally the industry standard forms and are made available in various versions including banding, hand, pallet and machine wrap. You’ll also witness that superior grade stretch wrap is another typical source of wrap that is common amongst everyday packaging and shipment procedures. And although these various forms of stretch wrap are resourceful in their own right, Coreless Stretch Wrap offers many of the same qualities but its own uniqueness too.

                    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your industry leader in high quality stretch wrap and if it’s one thing we know well, it’s the complete ins and outs of what, where, when, why and how stretch wrap is used. Coreless Stretch Wrap is a product that rearranges the norm because of the various characteristics it offers. For instance, what other stretch wrap on the market can offer you the same load stability strength through a hand wrap application that compares to that of a machine wrapper’s ability while at the same time is as durable as blown film and offers a non-breakage characteristic similar to superior grade stretch wrap, none!

                    Moreover, alongside those high rank qualities stands the fact that users don’t have to pay extra or lose company space because of core disposal when using Coreless Stretch Wrap to fulfill their packaging and shipment demands. Another plus is that this kind of stretch wrap is never strenuous on the lower back and shoulder or it doesn’t blister your hands. It’s available in both banding and hand wrap applications.

  • Just in case - The advantage of Returnable Poly Mailers!

    Just in case you need to return a product, just in case a mistake was made, just in case there was a defect, just in a case you changed your mind, just in case…..When you work in a fast paced and extremely intense warehouse, mistakes can occur throughout your packaging and shipping procedures. Also, sometimes customers place wrong order, sometimes defected products are not caught, and sometimes customer’s change their mind and sometimes the wrong size or color is of a product is sent. When such complications arise, the industry faces a need for a resolution so that there is no continual hindrance or patterns formulated. Well, there is good news regarding light duty and small size shipments and that solution is called Returnable Poly Mailers.

                    Returnable Poly Mailers is the type of product that helps or aids in the mistake process. this product is ideal for quality assurance when a wrong item or unwanted packaged is shipped after it’s opened. Sometimes products are mistakenly shipped to the wrong location and this is where Returnable Poly Mailers is advantageous in its ability. Returnable Poly Mailers eliminate a long gap in between the incorrect shipment being returned to the owner and the time it takes to mail out the new shipment, such ethics allows for vendor responsibility to be done in a professional and swift manner so that the customer receives its product in a timely manner, despite the occurrence of that previously happened.

                    The way in which Returnable Poly Mailers work is that they are equipped with two seal strips so that the receiver can’t just peal and send off the unwanted package. This eliminates the receiver from the responsibility of using their own shipping equipment which can be nagging and even expensive depending on the degree of the mistake, especially if the order consisted of multiple packages. Also, the time it takes for the sender to receive their restock items can be annoying too. Therefore, both vendor and customer benefit because they are not consumed by the time or the damages that can occur during a reship responsibility. Such complications could potentially hinder the progress of future sales but Returnable Poly Mailers stabilizes things and keeps the partnership glued.

  • Finger Protection: don’t overlook the health of your hands!!

    Do you often find yourself warped from continual bruises and scars, cuts and nicks, soreness and discomfort? Do you feel it’s not really necessary to have full protection on your hands but just some type of safeguard for your fingertips? Although it’s painful, have you sacrificed the discomfort of your fingers because it seemed better to just use your bear hands rather than gloves which seem to slow your performance down? Have you as a company found it quite expensive to continue to furnish gloves for your workers? Well if this is you, I’d like to introduce a product that will help resolve the discomfort so that you may experience relief without compromising your work performance.

                    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your premium source for high quality Fingertip Protection. We understand the need to produce a product that will not compromise a user’s efficiency, speed and effectiveness. We also understand the need to bring forth a product that produces substantial relief so that users don’t continue to face daily discomfort and aggravation amongst their hands. Since our hands are one of the most used parts of our body, it’s important to assure that they are well protected in the best way as possible.

    Finger Tip Protection Finger Tip Protection

                    Today, there are many industrial fields that require workers to tirelessly labor day in and day out without taking into consideration the toilsome wear and tear on their workers finger tips. Fingertip Protection provides a unique comfort to that specific area and specializes in sustaining users from cuts, scraps, and abrasions so that they can successfully complete their daily tasks. This is where a product such as Finger Cots or Saf-T-Tape is resourceful for.

                    Saf-T-Tape is the type of fingertip relief agent that also protects hands from burns as well. You may work in a machine operating industry where products come of the press a little too hot to tightly grip because of the potential burn factor it poses. Saf-T-Tape is the type of Finger Protection that eases the load and even enhances safety and product handling measures more satisfactory so that products aren’t dropped or workers are not injured from a falling part.

                    Another quality usage that you get out of Finger Cots is their ability to safeguard fingers from prospective chemicals too. Industries that require workers to touch parts or mix chemicals may not have a great protocol set for workers in this matter. The potential risk of injury or germ spreading is high. However, a product such as Finger Cots is an easy to use solution that is low in cost and plenty in package so that users can always have such an item on hand and readily available.

                   We at PackgingSuppliesByMail.Com understand the need for quality Fingertip Protection. That is why you notice that our prices for Finger Cots and Saf-T-Tape are substantially low compared to market standards. The next time that you’re in need of finger protection, be sure to search our site for the right version that is suitable for you!

  • Burn Care Products — it’s the antidote for heated hazards

    Some like moist pads some like gel formula, others prefer spray and then there are those who want cream, whatever is your preference the wonderful thing about Burn Care Products is that they are available in each and every one of those solutions. Burn Care Products are essential for aiding those suffering from minor burn accidents. Easy to use, these products further relieve users from the possibility of attracting those painful feeling and looking skin blisters, and they eliminate the possibility of potential infection from setting in. it’s profitable to stock Burn Care Products in your residence because you never know when an injury will occur during a cooking session or so. You need this product on the job site because people face burn injuries all day from handling various amounts of equipment or operating various kinds of machinery. You have to have burn care products when you vacationing outdoors because it’s easy to burn yourself when lighting a grill or camp fire.

     Spenco® Moist Burn Pads Spenco® Moist Burn Pads

                    Burn Care Products are equipped with the essential components that cool the burnt area and soothe it so that you may experience rapid relief. Moist burn pads are made from pure sterile water and works as a sanitizing agent so that the skin may be protected and enabled to heal properly. These pads don’t stick to the skin and they are simple to use. Burn dressing prevents burn progression from occurring and removes excessive heat within and amongst the burned area of the skin. This product also cools the burn area through transference rather than evaporation which lowers the risk of hypothermia and eliminates further complications. Burn spray is a fast working and long lasting plus easy to use solution that soothes and cools the wounded area. This version of burn care contains pain relieving lidocaine and is easy to store on person or travel with. Lastly, burn cream offers a moisturizing aloe and is also good to heal users who may have suffered an irritating insect bite as well.

                    Burn Care Products are very much present amongst online first aid medical stores and for the most part, they are a very affordable product. The greatest residual that you get back from these products is their variety. Another key factor about Burn Care Products is that they are readily available because of their strong online presence. There are an entire slew of first aid medical sites online and many vendors stock this product in their kits and for individual purchase. Whether you’re looking for bulk cases or you just need a single order, Burn Care Products are just a click of the mouse away for your needs.

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