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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • The right choice matters! How to know what glove is the right fit for you.

    In the world of Industrial Gloves, many have found it difficult to attribute the correct glove to the uniform task at hand. Meaning, they have sort of failed in selecting the right glove for the right application. Big deal on may say, yet if you’re one who looks to make the most out of every situation, if you’re one who wants to receive the entire benefits out of any investment you make and if you’re one who desires complete satisfaction out of the resources that you put your time into, then determining the right Industrial Glove for your application is very necessary.

                    We often take our glove identification for granted, pretty much as a meaningless choice. In many cases we’ve found that certain gloves are versatile enough to handle a variety of tasks, but then we’ve also have become frustrated when a glove hasn’t worked well in whatever the situation called for. The latter of the two previous objectives have almost made us return the product, as if it was the manufacturers fault and have angrily felt dooped concerning the matter.

    Leather Palm Industrial Gloves Leather Palm Industrial Gloves

                    In order to help our knowledge and get a good understanding of our Industrial Gloves are to be used ideally, below is a basic chart that well better help us all understand and not take the glove selection process for granted. There are tons of various gloves but below you’ll find the most generally common ones that are available on most industrial packaging sites.

    Gloves Specs Application Uniqueness
    String Knit Gloves standard utility glove designed to safeguard hands during various applications Ideal for warehouse, landscaping, and construction duties Ambidextrous/reversible
    Can be used as a liner
    Machine washable
    Economically advantageous
    PVC Double Dot Gloves heavy duty utility glove designed to negate slippage while safeguarding hands during various applications Ideal for farming, warehouse, landscaping, and construction duties Ambidextrous/reversible
    Provides usable longevity—very durable
    Premium grip—offers high control when handling objects
    Brown Jersey Gloves made from 100% soft cotton to provide a comfortable fit during light/heavy duty tasks, designed to protect hands from dirt and debris while offering a sustaining grip warehouse, landscaping Ambidextrous/reversible
    Very durable—offers high control when handling objects
    Machine washable
    Economically advantageous
    Cotton Inspection made from 100% soft cotton to provide a comfortable fit during inspection tasks, designed to negate fingerprints and dirt when inspecting products Ideal for handling electronics, artwork, glassware, jewelry Protects fine objects from scratches, smudges and smears during packaging
    Machine washable
    Economically advantageous
    Leather Palm Gloves heavy duty utility glove designed to handle high temperatures and heavy duty applications while safeguarding hands Ideal for machining, foundry, farming, warehouse, landscaping, and construction duties Provides usable longevity—very durable
    Premium grip—offers high control when handling objects
    Puncture resistant
    Grey Nitrile Dipped Latex free, non-allergenic, protects workers from skin ailments and rashes. Useful for those in the: medical field, warehousing, mechanical, assembly, inspection, laboratory, cosmetic, arts and janitorial fields respectively Tear, pressure and chemical resistant
    Protects hands from injury, contamination and bacteria
    Ambidextrous/form fitting/textured fingertip

                    I hope that this comprehensive list gave you a greater knowledge of the variances and usefulness of Industrial Gloves. Once again, these gloves are readily available on most industrial packaging websites. The next time you need gloves, I’m very confident that you’ll know exactly the right fit for your desired application!

  • Leather Palm Gloves - they simply get the job done!

    It’s important to have the correct source of hand protection when you’re conducting various laborious tasks. Minor injuries such as blisters, cuts, scrapes, burns and joint pain can occur easily whenever we choose to just use our bare hands to accomplish a duty. Many find it strenuously difficult on their hands when doing landscaping work without gloves because their hands face certain aliments as they push mowers, weed whackers and blowers for example. Farming can be a relentless task, gardening can be bothersome on the hands and foundry work certainly is a place where gloves are mandatory.

    Leather Palm Industrial Gloves Leather Palm Industrial Gloves

                    Those observations are why Leather Palm Gloves are a much needed device for safeguarding your hands and improving your effectiveness regarding various labor duties. There are a number of characteristics that make Leather Palm Gloves official. One of the aspects is that they are puncture resistant. This feature is exclusive to this glove because the leather material is designed to withstand the sharpest of objects so that mechanix gloves users may be diligent in their roles and assignments without skeptical fear of injury to their hands. Another plus associated with Leather Palm Gloves is that they can withstand very high levels of heat. This is why you see most welders and those who operate inferno pits wearing this glove to protect their hands. Once again, the leather is viable in negating hands to experience any burns during the handling of extremely hot temperatures. Another attribute that is characteristic of Leather Palm Gloves is their oversize feature. Just in case mechanix gloves users would like to reinforce their hands with an inner liner glove, the size of the Leather Palm Glove is wide and long enough to allow fluid hand movement and grip without compromising a user’s flexibility.

                    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your premier online store for quality Leather Palm Gloves. We are buyer friendly with our quantity ranges in that if you’re a individual or a company in need of this glove we make available in single quantities or bulk amounts for your advantage. Allow us to improve your hand protection during those welding, foundry, farming and landscaping duties!

  • They put the “G” in Glam - the uniqueness of Glamour Bubble Mailers!

    Anything but subtle is the Glamour Bubble, and it’s well equipped to endure the scuffle that comes when you’re trying to protect goods from the snow, sleet and rain puddles.

    This is the type of mailer that draws attention; it will bring eye candy to a person’s vision, it specializes in taking your products to a new level of ascension, and its ideal for gift packaging enrichment.

    Glamour Bubble Mailers Glamour Bubble Mailers

    The glossy characteristic makes packaging enhancement unique, it brings a level of prestige to your product’s physique and expands your professionalism to the level of complete.

    They’re available in many colors; red, gold and blue to be specific, you also will appreciate the silver, purple and green because they too are eye catching and terrific.

    Glamour Bubble Mailers add life to your shipments; it’s like they’re full of excitement, so if you looking for a device that speaks for itself, then these mailers do it priceless.

    It potentially will leave the receiver speechless with jaw dropping amazement; Glamour Bubble Mailers are the tool you use when you want your packages to make a statement.

    They are available in many sizes, shapes and forms, Glamour Bubble Mailers allow you to do shipping out the box so that you’re not confined to the norm.

    The integrity of their construction is superb and solid, so you can forget about damages to your products because moist, dirt and dust they abolish.

    In an industry where competition is high so many vendors compete, you’ll discover that PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com ranks second to none because of the way our products perform elite.

    We specialize in low cost Glamour Bubble Mailers so that your prices may stay relevant, we believe in scaling our ethics on great products, low prices and swift delivery for our customer’s betterment.

    Many companies claim satisfaction guaranteed but if I was you I’ll be hesitant, because talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words so don’t let them play with your intelligence.

    If you have any doubt, just ask for a sample because that’s the easy way to determine if a vendor is a scandal or should I say a vandal.

    In all matters, we deem quality as key, and our goal is to unlock new inventive packaging and shipping solutions, just go on our website and you’ll see!

  • Slider Bags — the way they work for you!!

    Now granted it doesn’t take quantum physics or the knowledge of rocket science to figure out the wonderful usage one gets out of Slider Bags. One of the branches of the reclosable bag family tree, Slider Bags is most noted for their slider mechanism when opening and closing the bag. With its 3 mil gauge thickness, it’s a bag that is reputable for heavy duty usage regarding industrial packaging tasks and basic to high level freezer storage.

    zipperFor the food service

    Slider Bags are not just primarily advantageous for the typical mom’s across the USA, they are also a common resource within the food service industry. Whether it be used as a packaging means at your local farmers market or a storage source at your local restaurant, Slider Bags gives users the ability to save substantial $$$ by not having to invest in various packaging devices such as boxes or vacuum sealing bags. Both boxes and vacuum sealing bags can be pretty hefty on the wallet especially because you need added materials like tape and vacuum sealing machines to solidify the process.

    For the clothing purpose

    Another wonderful area of usage in which Slider Bags are a handy source is amongst the clothing and shipping industry. These bags are huge for independent vendors who are in need of a formidable device that looks both professional and is dependable. If you’re selling designer t-shirts, pants, socks or much more, Slider Bags are a good source as a packaging option for you.

    For the electronics

    Many times when you open your new electronic (whatever) device, inside the box are usually one or two things—the owner’s manual and the accessories. With the excitement that comes from opening your new item it probably never crosses your mind that the inner contents of those two important items are housed within Slider Bags.

    There are various fruitful ways in which one can use Slider Bags. They are easy to use, they secure your contents effectively and they are very affordable. If you’re in need of a prominent vendor who has great experience in the industrial packaging industry, well look no further than PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com a top source and low cost leader in high performance Slider Bags.

  • Don’t blow it, get Blown Machine Film

    Don’t blow your expenses on high costing packaging devices that are not proficient and are more of a headache than a benefit. Don’t blow it trying to use other materials that drain the productivity of your workers and dissolve your packaging efficiency. Don’t blow it and miss the opportunity to upgrade your packaging and shipping procedures, reduce labor expenses and increase profitability. Get Blown Machine Film!

    Blown Machine Film Blown Machine Film

    Why Blown?

                    Why not Blown Machine Film? Why not a packaging device that can safeguard your items from dust, dirt, climatic weather conditions and moisture? Why not a product that is easy to use, economical and proven in its ability to secure pallet loads? Why not a product that can be used for conversion, pallet wrapping or extrusion so that you’re able to be a sufficient supplier throughout the industrial packaging industry.

    How Blown?

                    Blown Machine Film is generally sold in 20” and 30” rolls. They usually are packed 20-40 rolls per pallet or sold buy 1 roll per case. This film is ideal for pallet wrapping, conversion machines, extruder machines or pre-stretch machines in which suppliers arrange according to what machine they use. Superior load holding strength, opaque visibility and one-side cling action defines the characteristics that make Blown Machine Film different from cast films, equivalent films and pre-stretch films.

    Pre-Stretch with Folded Edges Pre-Stretch with Folded Edges

    What Blown?

                    This film is the resource that you use when you are aimed at stabilizing your pallet load and avoiding liability damages. The one-side cling feature makes the exterior side smooth and non-adhering so that pallet loads don’t stick to each other and risk damage when receivers are unloading pallets from truck loads. This negates the chances of pallets toppling over. Blown Machine Film is also good for concealing packages from onlookers. Although it is a clear and transparent film, upon being wrapped layer on layer, it becomes opaque adding little to none visibility of the wrapped contents. This is good for shippers who would like their contents not easily viewed by possible competitors. This is also good for deflecting glare that is normal amongst other forms of stretch film.

    Blown Stretch Film is the film that answers all the questions for your shipping, storage and packaging needs. You don’t want to “blow it” by using other kinds of palletizing equipment that doesn’t fend well for your safe shipping and packaging procedures, less labor strain on workers or financial benefits. This film is easy to get a hold of because it’s readily available online by most industrial packaging companies. If you’re considering purchasing Blown Machine Film for the first time, make sure to request a sample and you’ll be able to see its qualities first hand before you purchase.

  • Before it bothers, before it blister, before its bad—Get Burn Care Products Fast!!!

    It can occur when you’re at work; it can happen when you’re at home, it can happen when you’re traveling, it can take place when you’re anywhere, anytime, while doing certain things. It can happen when you’re cooking, it can occur when you’re running the machine on the job; it can take place when you’re grilling, and it can be an ordeal when you’re camping. It hurts, it doesn’t feel good, it’s irritating, it’s annoying, it’s aggravating, it’s gross, it itches, it stings, it throbs, it….. What is it? It’s the experience that happens when one gets burnt.

    Look, you just don’t know when the next occasion may occur when your skin touches a fiery steaming area. That is why it’s important to be equipped with the correct medicinal support so that you can alleviate your injury fast and fervent. Minor burns are just a commonality amongst the fact of human error, clumsiness and unawareness. Let’s face it, things just happen and because that is true, we need agents that can counter such aliments and eliminate the discomfort before it evolves into something more crucial.

    Spenco® Moist Burn Pads Spenco® Moist Burn Pads

    There are various forms of Burn Care Products on the market that is why we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com work tirelessly in providing our customer with the best low cost, easy to apply solutions regarding burn accidents. It’s apparent that users need simple, easy to store Burn Care Products and because there are certain preferences that users are accustomed to using during minor injuries, we try to stock a variety of versions so that we are applicable to all. Below is a comprehensive list of brands we distribute:

    Water-Jel® Burn Dressings Water-Jel® Burn Dressings
    Burn Kit Burn Kit
    Water-Jel® Burn Jel/Spray Water-Jel® Burn Jel/Spray
    Spenco® Moist Burn Pads WaterJel® Burn Dressings WaterJel® Burn Jel/Spray WaterJel® First Aid Burn Cream
    Soft and damp pad that gently applies to burn area Gel soaked medical-grade non-woven material Ideal for minor scalds and burns. Cools and soothes wound area Prevents infection and brings relief for minor burns, cuts and scrapes
    Negates blister formation Applicable for multiple areas of the body Water soluble non-aerosol spray Single dose packages helps avoid cross contamination during application
    Cushiony feel that doesn’t cause rubbing or friction 5 year shelf life 3 year shelf life from date of mfg. 3 year shelf life from date of mfg.
    Restores skin for both old and new scars. Flattens and fades wounds Sterile and foil packed Rinses off easy Convenient for travel and storage

    Instead of allowing your burn to blister up and become a nagging discomfort to your well-being, allow us at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com to be your top source for premium Burn Care Products. It’s always beneficial to be proactive in any matter, so today, make sure you grab one of our medicinal relief formulas so that you’re equipped to handle that burn accident emergency.

  • Clean, Protect & Ensure with Spill Clean-up : The Comprisable Solution Kit

    Germs wage war against the essence of our health on a daily basis. We embark on germs so much it’s become second nature to be engaged by them in such a careless carefree way that we don’t even recognize the harmful effects they have on us. Only at the point of being infected with the common cold do we realize the advantage of using the proper sanitation method on a regular preventative methodized basis. Today my goal is to make you aware of why being equipped with an economical disinfectant solution kit is both profitable and responsible for healthy habits for both you and the public.

    Lens Cleaning Towelettes Lens Cleaning Towelettes

    Proper eye protection is an important device to have when one is involved with various labor activities in which flying debris is prevalent. From warehousing to construction to yard work to stock jobs and the like, objects can enter the eye wall due to issues related to machinery usage, objects that are at risk to fall or because the environment is hazardous. With that being said, it’s important to have clean eye wear seeming that you’ll be protecting your eyes anywhere from 8-12 hours per day.

    We take for granted how often we perspire in a day or the amount of germs we come into contact with through our hands. Although many of us remain equipped with hand sanitizer or the fact that many companies are installing readymade units of hand sanitizer throughout their work environments, we still must be armed with simple easy to use Safety Glass Care Products.

    Vision Care Station/Accessories Vision Care Station/Accessories

    Safety Glass Care Products are various mechanisms that come packaged in multiple ways to aid users in cleanliness and sure avoidance of obtaining harmful bacteria. We often go about wearing the same safety eye wear day to day without ever even considering the need to wipe them down. Within the Safety Glass Care Products arena are multiplicities of forms that are subjective in usage to the individual or company. Below is a chart displaying the various forms and how they can be used for the individual or company:

    Version Individual usage Company usage
    Magic®: Fog-Be-Gone Lens Cleaning Towelettes Great for usage within extreme humidity and high temperature settings
    Magic®: Pure Sight Lens Cleaning Towelettes Great for everyday usage. Safeguards against fog and static
    Pyramex®: Lens Cleaning Towelettes Great for cleaning plastic surfaces. Easy to store Great for cleaning plastic surfaces. Easy to store
    Pyramex®: Lens Cleaning Towelettes Pop Up Canister Anti-static and Anti-fog. Used for cleaning all types of glass surfaces such as face shields and computer monitors
    Magic®: Lens Cleaning Tissues Smooth tissue that is used alongside an independent lens cleaning solution

    As you can see, Safety Glass Care Products are an economical solution to safeguarding individuals from the infections of bacteria and germs. This is a great way to bypass the traditional soap and water form and clean your glasses fast and full. These towelettes are alcohol based, providing you with a non-allergenic and proven way of bringing cleanliness to a much needed area. It’s easy to locate these products via the internet on reputable first aid medical supply packaging company’s websites. Don’t hesitate any longer in investing in this wonderful product, your health depends on it!

  • Breath, absorb, enjoy relief—the assurance of the Dust Mask!

    It’s important to breath. With that being agreed upon, many laborious tasks come with the difficulty of maintaining good respiratory health. Not only that, with the commonality of the spreading of germs, many are in search for a sufficient way of safeguarding themselves amidst the elements at hand. In any regard, it’s better to be preventative in your methods than to be satisfied with mere attempts at treatment which only pacifies the problem and not heal it or create a necessary and substantial elimination.

    Nuisance Dust Masks Nuisance Dust Masks

                    Dust Masks are an effective method for respiratory health for both residential and commercial usages. Dust masks are a preventative care method that eliminates dust buildup, deflects germs and bacteria from infecting the user and or any bystander and it allows for higher breath ability amongst smoke and particle filled areas. This device can be quite helpful for what may be considered as menial tasks like house cleaning per se. For instance, applying a dust mask during a cleaning project will deflect harmful irritants such as dust particles and pollen as well as aerosol and intensified fumes from the cleaning chemicals one may use in the process.

                    Dust Masks are essential for outdoor tasks, factory work and warehousing usage where grass, pollen, smoke, dust and chemicals could reduce the performance of workers and cause sickness in some cases. This source of protection allows users to remain efficiency in their tasks while providing the necessary support to remain productive. There are three commonly used types of dust masks that are specific in action for direct usage. Below is a chart that explains:


    Particulate Respirator-Gerson®

    Particulate Respirator-Moldex® 3M®-Dust Mask

    Form fitting with an adjustable nose piece

    Molded nose bridge

    Adjustable nose clip-reduces eye wear fogging

    General usage—protects against dust particles, pollen, grass and salt

    Great for safeguarding against dust and non-oil applications

    common amongst foundry, wood work and lab assingments

    Economical—50 per box

    20 per box

    20 per box

    Not an NIOSH approved respirator Equipped with Softspun® inner shell. Meets 42CRF84 specs

    NIOSH N95 approved



    Dusk Masks Dust Masks

    Dust masks are a vital protect-ant source that improves the quality of your task oriented requirements. It’s profitable to be equipped with this source so that users avoid unnecessary issues during laborious activities. These masks are particularly available on most first aid medical supply websites and those aforementioned brands are some of the best in the industry.

  • American White Cross First Aid Bandages

    Flexibility : the quality of bending easily without breaking

                Many times, whether on the job, around the house or during an activity we find ourselves faced with the discomfort from the results of a minor cut, scrap or wound. Accidents just happen, however it’s important to be equipped with the right mechanisms that will ease the pain, safeguard the wound and bring relief. Some wounds are just located in those hard to reach areas, and that alone can be frustrating when you’re trying to protect your ailment from bacteria or let alone protect others from any possible infection. For these types of situations, this is where we need the proper tool to handle the injury and that tool is Tricot Strip Bandages.

    Tricot Strips Tricot Strips

    We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are your expert distributor of top of the line first aid treatment supplies like bandages. Our Tricot Strip Bandages are one of our most sought after products because of its flexibility. The flexible characteristic is one of the factors that make this bandage unique. Many times when users are involved in high activity like sports, outdoor recreation or active labor, they need a bandage that produces the appropriate adhesive strength as well as flexibility so that they may heal at a faster pace. Our Tricot Strip Bandages are well equipped to bring forth the necessary coverage and uphold through high activity so that not only the user receives the proper protection, but the public itself does too.

    It doesn’t take much for bacteria related infection to spread. An open wound with bodily fluids extracted on a surface or during skin to skin contact will put all at risk. That is why we aid you in making available our Tricot Strip Bandages at a low cost and swift order delivery status so that your first aid kits may be stocked, or your office and home cabinets may be complete. Taking the necessary responsible steps is what we all must do, and we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com aim to make those steps as easy and reliable as possible. Be sure to log on to our site and experience a total catalog of various first aid medical supplies that are handy for your needs. You’ll find that we offer regular discounted specials and combo packs that are suitable for your advantage. We pride ourselves in offering friendly service, so if you happen to have any question regarding various specs that may not be fully communicated in our product descriptions, feel free to use our chat line option and we’ll be sure to respond instantly to your concern. Thanks!

  • Natural Skin Care products, Skin Care Body Lotion

    All year round and especially in heightened seasons such as summer and winter, we’re faced with climatic weather conditions that affect the nature of our skin. Although there are dozens of Skin Care Products on the market, understanding the proper usage and benefits is not as simple as it may seem. Because we’re all different, different products are more suitable for us than others and so it’s beneficial to understand what personally works for you. Relief and proper skin care treatment is soothing and important to retain. Moreover, with the competitive and easy accessibility of online shopping, consumers can sort of get overwhelmed by the abrasive advertising and search engine madness that is out there. It seems like the old “word of mouth” way of spreading the news isn’t as available, therefore this article is designed to point you to a company that is reputable for distributing high quality low cost Skin Care Products that will aid you in obtaining the relief you much so need.

    Skin Protection Products by Packaging Supplies By Mail Skin Protection Products

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is your premier online store who stocks a wide variety of premium Skin Care Products for your advantage. Whether its chapped or cracked skin and or lips, or products that are designed for non-aqueous irritants, or yet skin treatment solutions that help prevent occupational dermatitis, you can be assured that we have what you need. Our products are necessary for safeguarding users during outdoor tropical conditions and or guarding against dust, grease, oils, resins, inks, powder and paints.

    Soaps & Cleansers Available at Packaging Supplies By Mail Soaps & Cleansers

    We stock the finest in versions such as SBS 40 medicated skin cream, lip ointment, SBS 46 protective cream solvent, SBS 44 cream and SPF 30 sunscreen lotion. Also, we offer soaps and cleaners in an assortment of common and name brand versions such as Safetec® hand sanitizer, Tecnu Poison Oak-N-Ivy treatment, Saniwash Antimicrobial soap. These soaps and cleaners specialize in providing Skin Care and protection against decontaminates, poisonous plants, and for reducing cross contamination throughout the workplace and high traffic public areas. These soaps and cleaners also meet APIC and OHSA standards for hand washing, so you can be assured that they’re up to standard regulatory codes if needed.

    The proper Skin Care Products is vital to administering safety throughout your residential and commercial settings. The main goal at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com more than anything else is to provide you with the lowest sale discount and highest form of quality so that you’re apt to proactivily retain relief against common skin ailment challenges.

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