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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • Seal a Relationship With Love, Seal Boxes With Filament Tape

    Ever wondered what makes a relationship last? What is the sealant to keep a relationship intact, safe and everlasting? Well, its love! Love is one tape that bonds people in a bond that keeps them together and protects the relationship through all the vagaries of life.

    Shipping has become a major business in today’s world market scenario. Goods across are globe are appropriately sealed before being shipped. The goods maybe packed in boxes which maybe strapped on pallets. Filament tape is ideal for sealing boxes or bundling goods.

    Why use a filament tape?

    Filament tapes are rubber based tapes which have high tensile strength and is pressure sensitive. Due to these characteristics of the tape, it is very handy to bind/bundle items like tubes, wood, pipes or any other irregular items as well.

    Normally corrugated boxes are used to package stuff. These are sealed with filament tape to ensure the sealing is secure. Whether you are sealing boxes or reinforcing packages, filament tape is found to be more efficient as a sealant.

    When you package your order for exports, you may need to use pallets for the same. Filament tape can be conveniently used for unitizing pallets as well. You can easily bundle regular and irregular shaped items, boxes or generally strap up various items together.Sometimes if you need to strap up a large number of items, it is more convenient to use the filament dispenser to dispense the tape for proper, systematic packing.

    Leading portals like PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is the right place for you to place your order for filament tape. The shipping is free which saves you money. Filament tape is available in a length of 60 yards and width of ¾, 1, 11/2, and 2 inches. These sizes are convenient to tape up most of the goods and you are ensured of the safety of the package. Thistape is rubber based which makes them highly sensitive to pressure and the tensile strength makes them very strong to tolerate other handling that the packages goes through when being shipped.

    For all your filament tape needs, just check out PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com to find the best deals for the best quality product. You not only package your parcel securely, but you can shop securely too. Order now and get the best price for the best quality filament tape.

  • Elastic Bandage Wrap - When It’s Time To Wrap Things Up!!!

    As most parents know, the summertime can be filled with a lot of joy as you observe your kids in their involvement of various recreational and sporting activities. Besides that, many thrill seekers are exuberated with much excitement as the weather commands hikes, climbs, campouts and many more outdoor pleasures.However, with much recreational activity comes higher risk of minor injury and you need to be equipped with the right care products that can bring forth relief and comfort.

    elastic bandage wrapElastic Bandage Wrap is one of those products that are apt for supporting your minor injuries. Easy to use, store and afford, this is one of the most recommended minor relief forms available. Whether it’s needed for compression support, dressing support or preventative methods, these wraps are commonly used throughout the average sporting and recreational scene.

    One of the attributes that makes this product successful is its elasticity. The elastic factor it provides makes this care source able to be effective in all areas of the body if need be. Although there are many kinds of bandage wraps available and useful, Elastic Bandage Wraps is not limited to a specific application, it’s versatile.

    Elastic Bandage Wraps can be used as a reinforcement care source; meaning after you’ve applied your initial bandage or pad, these bandages can work as a top surface mechanism to hold those relief forms in place. I’m sure you may have witnessed them being used to hold ice bags or heat packs in place, ideally on the knees, elbows, shoulders, ribs or back areas.

    The biggest benefit of Elastic Bandage Wraps is its online availability. In past years, this source was only retailed in sporting stores. Not only was customers limited to purchasing at certain hours, they were priced high and rarely available in bulk volume options. Not so today! Across the board, Elastic Bandage Wraps is a valuable source for your minor injuries, be sure to get your supply of them soon!

  • Clear Stretch Wrap - It Stretches In More Ways Than You Think!!!

    Why stretch your body? Answer: it loosens up your muscles so that you prevent injury, relieve tension and experience higher performance. In similar regards, Clear Stretch Wrap works the same for your packaging, storage and shipment needs. Here’s why:

    It stretches your budget

    While many other forms of packaging, storage and shipment equipment stiffen your budget, Clear Stretch Wrap offers you financial freedom while supporting your daily requirements. One of the factors that make Clear Stretch Wrap valuable is it’s availability in multiple applications. See below:

    1. Bundle stretch wrap—great for small packages, pole shaped objects and securing small items
    2. Hand stretch wrap—great for stabilizing irregular shaped loads and heavy loads
    3. Pallet wrap—ideal for manual palletizing
    4. Machine wrap—great for conversion machines and pallet wrapping machine
    5. Vented wrap—ideal for wrapping breathable items like wood, produce and garden items
    6. Pre-Stretch wrap—superior manual performance for palletizing and wrapping heavier irregular shaped items—great for moving companies
    7. Extended core—ideal for team projects and bundling small packages

    One of the greatest features that Clear Stretch Wrap offers regarding shipping expenses is its low cost. The advantage that users retain is that it allows them in most cases, to bundle multiple packages so that common 3rd party shipping couriers such as UPS, USPS and Fed X will not charge per individual box (who doesn’t like the 2 for 1, 4 for 1, and 8 for 1 deal). This advantage allows for vendors to be more competitive in the pricing, which in turn, enhances more revenue opportunities.

    Another valuable aspect that Clear Stretch Wrap provides is safe packaging attributes. Granted it’s difficult to predict the weather forecast, so what this shipping mechanism offers is protection against climatic weather conditions. In reference to storage, your goods are safeguarded against the typical dust and moisture build up that occurs in most warehouses, basements, garages or shelves. Clear Stretch Wrap allows for your items to be protected for long periods without compromising the products value. This attribute works especially well for vendors who have attributed a price break from a supplier. Now the vendor is able to buy more wholesale product at a lower cost. And although they may not be able to distribute the product more than there demand allows, they are prepared in advance and able to be very competitive for future discount offers and specials that they may choose to present.

    Now when it comes to laborers who daily package items for shipment and storage, many prefer the advantage that Clear Stretch Wrap provides for aiding in completing their tasks. One factor is that it’s less demanding on the body. During manual labor muscle groups tend to get soar amidst the bending, lifting, tossing and turning that is common among this occupation. Clear Stretch Wrap offers a smooth process that tremendously decreases muscle and joint strain. The kick back is that laborers become more effective and efficient and enabled to save the company $$$. Taping boxes, lifting carts, attaching metal guards and roping twine is strenuous, slow and costly.

    Clear Stretch Wrap is the product for your shipping and storage requirements. It’s a product that is readily available online and very affordable. Surf the net for the vendor that you see most fit for your tasks and discover the advantage that this product offers to your procedures.

  • It Makes It’s Mark - The Asset Of Aisle Marking Tape

    Asset: a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.

    In the world of business, many companies strive to be reputed as an asset to its employees and consumers. Products and service provision demands are marketed constantly and for those who are attracted by the bells and whistles being advertised,expect to gain total fulfillment from their investment, and rightfully so. Also, those who’ve committed their hearts, talents and skills to a company expect that their belief in the direction and vision of the company will produce financial stability and growth in their lives.

    With that being said, there is much pressure on the leadership of the organization to walk what they talk, display what they say, and be about what they preach about so that not only expansion and prosperity is accomplished, and also satisfaction to those who contribute to its success is met. Therefore, it comes down to this as a challenge to organizational leaders: people don’t care how great you produce, unless you produce how great you care.

    Thus, if a customer falls in your store’s aisle, if a worker is injured on the job, if a hazard within your place of business is prevalent, the question at hand is how great do you care? In order to prevent poor ethics and unfortunate accidents is to counter it with a purposeful product such as Aisle Marking Tape.

    Aisle Marking Tape makes its mark on responsibility, safety and care. Such a low cost investment for many places of business, this tool is vital for negating lawsuits while at the same time reflecting thoughtfulness for others. There are two common forms of Aisle Marking Tape—solid color and striped color. OHSA has coded how various colors are defined so that awareness can be petitioned and injury is avoided. See below:

    • “Safety”=Green/White Striped
    • “Boundary”=Black/White Striped
    • “Danger”=Red/White Striped
    • “Caution”=Black/Yellow Striped

    Note: *All Colored Aisle Marking Tapes are significant for boundary use and reinforcing Striped Aisle Marking Tape*

    Aisle Marking Tape is a rubber tape with a vinyl backing that is able to remain consistently intact for long periods. It will stick to any surface and it is very flexible.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is a premier online distribution specialist who’s known for quality Aisle Marking Tape made available at discount price. Aisle Marking Tape will bring forth meaningful results and protect all investments associated with both employee and consumer. Allow it to set its mark on your company today!

  • Secure, Dependable and Affordable - Not a Girlfriend But Poly Mailers......

    Secure, dependable and affordable are the qualities one looks for in a partner! It is a basic human nature to find the right person who gives you a feeling of security, one you can depend on and afford as well. These emotional needs are not just limited to a relational significant other, but to products too. When you buy any product, you as a buyer precisely look for all these qualities which fulfil the needs.

    Shipping goods is one of the biggest businesses as the global market has shrunk in size. Goods can be ordered online from anywhere in the world and it gets delivered anywhere too. From on aspect, in order to successfully maintain safe delivery, product must be packed in shipping envelopes which can withstand the ruggedness of transport.

    Poly MailersPoly mailers are ideal for various delivery tasks. The key is to choose poly mailers that are made from premium polyethylene with solid interior bubble cushioning. These types of mailers are most suitable for shipments that need excellent protection.

    How to Find the Right Poly Mailer

    1. It should be made of superior quality polyethylene
    2. Poly mailers should be puncture proof, tamper proof and water proof
    3. The mailer should be compatible with the purpose it is being used for
    4. Choose a size that enables you to ship uneven sizes, small or fragile products

    Why are poly mailers better than corrugated boxes?

    Mailers or shipping envelopes come in various thicknesses and sizes. You have the option to choose the size as per the product you are shipping. Mailers are equipped to deliver items securely, because they are capable of handling bad weather conditions.

    You can advertise your business on these mailers and create awareness amongst the receivers about your company or product too. This attracts new customers and satisfies existing clients as well.

    Generally, most leaders in the field of online packaging offer high quality envelopes or poly mailers on their sites for a reasonable rate when you order in bulk. By doing so, it saves you money and helps your business grow. However, only a few online packaging supplies sites offer free shipping which further saves money- remember, money saved is money earned!

    The market segment has stretched across the globe for any and every product. The consumers mostly order online from the comfort of their home or office. You as a seller can order poly mailers in bulk from reputed, leading online portals to create your own brand image and ship the products to the buyers. When the product reaches the buyer in proper condition, you as a seller earn a few brownie points which can ensure repeat business for you. Sounds weird but, using the proper shipping envelope can actually improve your business and profits.

  • A Wholesale For a Wholesaler! - The Convenience Of Duct Tape

    Why are you not planning ahead? Do you not know that you’re limiting opportunity to expand and grow? With the economy still trudging to get back in step, with the level of completion arising daily and with the risk factors involved with any kind of investment, there’s no wonder why you may go about business the way in which you’re currently conducting it. To reach higher levels, requires greater sacrifice, sweat and stress, however if you’re satisfied with how things are going then this article isn’t for you. But, if you want a little simple advice then hang around because you’ll find a grain or two of insight.

    Wholesale is for the wholesaler, and although many claim to distribute they really just contribute. What separates the men from the boys or the women from the girls is how you plan for tomorrow. Granted, when business is slow, it’s slow, but if you’re not positioned for the rush, you’ll be flooded and unable to float, risking possible drowning—in other words, out of business.

    In terms of product, Duct Tape is the kind of well-known, well-established and well-performed product that will do your business well-off. However, well, it’s one of those products that must be marketed well because everybody and their mother sell it. So the question at hand is…what will give you success?

    The Position of the Wholesaler

    Besides getting on hotspots such as Amazon, EBay, Sears, and other 3rd party distribution sites, besides having a marketing and development Search Engine Optimization focus where you work strenuously to get on the first page of Google and besides developing your own website (all of those efforts are the way to go) you need to Cross Sale!

    Cross sales is another way in which you position yourself with other contacts that you or they would never know the importance you two are to one another. See the key is that a relationship is already at work, and if they are someone you purchase from in another area they may be your connection to direct contracts because of their influence. It’s all about word of mouth, so start talking, asking, bugging and translating, your company needs it.

    The Pricing of the Wholesaler

    Stop being like everyone else. Leaders stand in front of the pack, not with them. Why do you keep trying to follow everyone else’s theory and never attempting to build your own design. Money talks, money is the name of the game, money matters so you need to save the consumer money, point blank! Offer deals, offer price breaks, offer combo specials, offer, offer, offer, because people want offers.

    The Performance of the Wholesaler

    Never run out of product. Again, never run out or product! See, fear=failure and if you don’t think you can handle the heat, Get out the Kitchen! No customer has time for wish-washy, some-timey, every now and then forever I got to wait again suppliers. They’ll quickly move to the next distributor because (if I can be real) every distributor is basically selling the same brands, so it makes no difference anyway. Look money divides, and no one is going to be sitting around allowing their revenue to be risked because of your procrastination. Your either in this thing for the long haul or not, so quit trying to stop and view your profits, reinvest back into your stock pile, you’ll see the money because the rush season is common and you want to be ready. Therefore, count the spoils when things slow down.

  • For Storage, Preservation, Packing and Protection-Only Reclosable Bags!

    Reclosable...yes just zippers come to the mind right? Reclosable means long lasting, reusable, easy to use, comfortable to fit stuff into, easy to open and close.... and so on and so forth!!! It’s not your fault if you cannot think of these features for reclosable bags.

    A wardrobe is used to store, protect and keep packed stuff which probably one may not be using for years together. The biggest problem is that once an item is packed it is boring to open the package and look whats in there. A transparent package is the best option to preserve, protect or store stuff.

    Transparent, long lasting, easy to use and reclosable are a few characteristics of reclosable  bags. These bags are used in multiple ways as they can be easily adjusted for different applications for either home use or commercial use.

    Whether you suffer from OCD or not, ever person systematically arranges stuff. These reclosable bags are available at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com in many sizes to store or display objects. The reclosable bags are made from virgin polyethylene films that is approved by FDA and USDA with a seal lock for easy opening and closing.

    The bags seal the content and keep it moisture free. This helps in preservation and storage of many kinds of products that may range from craft work to home made goodies. You can easily use these bags to store your stuff or even ship the product to any place around the globe.

    These high quality bags that are available on PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com can be used to pack little stuff or big items as well. These bags are ideal for storage ,keeping items protected from moisture and maintaining superior freshness.

    Reclosable bags are

    1. Resealable bags
    2. Available in wide range and sizes
    3. Heat sealable
    4. Usually made from recyclable material
    5. The thickness of 2 Mil and 4 Mil is suitable for most applications and uses
    6. Reclosable bags are ideal for display, shipping and storage
    7. Dimensions are listed in inches

    Reclosable bags have been commonly sold from off the shelves of supermarkets for years. Now you can buy these bags from the comfort of your home or office by simply clicking on the PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com link. Whether you are looking for reclosable bags for home use or for industrial purposes, finding the right size and type is at your fingertips. No need to go to a store now, simply order online and get your bags delivered at your doorstep as free shipping is offered on all reclosable bags!!! Feel free to call right away for any questions.

  • The Storage Enhancer - UVI Stretch Wrap

    Why waste all of your hard earnings, time and possibly future on things that are incapable of advancing, protecting and taking your dreams and goals, (let alone professionalism) to the next level? Okay granted somethings we’re just unaware or in frank terms— ignorant about, but most of the time we’re just weary and full of unbelief when it comes to the unknown. It’s easy to get complacent, it’s easy to keep doing the same thing the same way and getting the same results while all the while hoping things will not produce the same outcome—which the same Webster’s dictionary basically describes those actions as Insane.

    Look, the only reason I’m bringing such a subject matter to the surface is because I myself am aware of these aforementioned ideals in my own experiences. My goal in this writing is to identify a prominent enhancer to a purposeful line of work. Stock and storage is an important necessity amongst various industrial companies. As companies expand, they tend to outgrow their facility. However, a good problem if I may say so,for most up and coming businesses isthe issue with the in between/middle ground/not fully ready to leap realization where management must figure out a way to squeeze more space out of what they’ve already have consumed, so to speak.

    UVI stretch wrapWhy UVI Stretch Wrap?

    UVI Stretch Wrap is a product that is designed for providing substantial storage amidst the harsh outdoor weather conditions. It is manufactured with additives that allow it to safeguard packages from degradation while at the same time producing superior load stabilizing qualities that are common throughout. Sun ray damage is prevalent amongst products that are exclusively stored outside, such as mulch and brick to name a few.

    UVI Stretch Wrap is your answer to better stock and storage procedures. You don’t have to give an arm or a leg anymore to storage devices that you can’t afford. You don’t have to move beyond your current means and invest in a larger property to fulfill a demand that could cost all of your hard earned progress up to this point.

    So how do I get a hold of this UVI Stretch Wrap know that you laid these things out before me?


    Log on to PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com and surf the site and you’ll find this product available in multiple colors. This product is sold exclusively in machine application form which makes it ideal for palletizing. However, if you are into the manufacturing aspect and you have conversion machines, you can convert this size into various applications including: bundle wrap, hand wrap and pallet wrap applications.

  • “It Gets a Handle On Things!” - The Benefits Of Hand Stretch Wrap

    As knowledge increases daily and more and more wonderful innovations evolve to exist, with newness comes the challenge of usage. In terms of usage, users are faced with various difficulties regarding the functionality of a product that was designed to make life easier. Unfortunately, statistics have proven that most individuals experience complications when attempting to understand their new device. Let’s take cell phones for instance, as remarkable as they are, it’s quite difficult to get a grip on them; so much so that the base function we need them for (incoming and outgoing phone calls) gets sort of lost in their computer-is tic qualities.

    In similar regards, the same can be said for shipping/mailing devices. Although there are many options to choose from, all options maybe permissible but far from being beneficial. Understanding the bottom line is crucial for obtaining success. With that said, Hand Stretch Wrap continues to uphold greatness through simplicity. Let’s face it; somethings should remain to be done in an old fashion sense.

    So what are the benefits of Hand Stretch Wrap?


    Cost still remains the boss when factoring in revenue. Hand Stretch Wrap helps vendors limit their labor fees because it only takes a second to apply to shipments, therefore, many items can be packaged swift and systematically. Yes, pallet wrapper machines are useful, but in most cases, by the time you load it, set it, start the machine and finally remove it, one worker could have wrapped 4 times the amount of shipments manually.


    Hand Stretch Wrap has been a proven source, why try to reinvent the wheel? Your packages are protected from dirt, moisture and severe weather conditions and your packages may also qualify for being bundled together which eliminates mix ups, increases savings and simplifies shipments.


    Hand Stretch Wrap is available in many forms and fashions to fulfill various performance standards. See below.

    • Cast and Blown Hand Stretch Wrap: available in 8-20 inch size ranges and 60-150 mil thickness ranges, making it applicable for fulfilling a host of requirements.
    • Superior/Equivalent Hand Stretch Wrap: the most economical brand on the market, many users have discovered that they can get more for their $$$ by using this version
    • Pre-Stretch Hand Wrap: noted for its ability to offer the same load holding strength as a pallet wrapper, except through hand wrap application
    • Color Hand Stretch Wrap: noted for its ability to enhance stock coding and also for concealing or marketing packages. Not only that, it’s used for art and gifting applications too
    • Coreless Hand Stretch Wrap: a pre-stretch film that completely eliminates core disposal charges which increases revenue flows

    As you can see, Hand Stretch Wrap is highly beneficial because of its cost, security and versatility. Stop overthinking your shipping procedures and rely on the proven ability, proven savings and proven standard of Hand Stretch Wrap!

  • Antiseptic Wipes: “The only Way To Keep Your Wound Clean!”

    Antiseptic wound wipes are the only way to clean a fresh wound. A little abrasion on the skin, if ignored can lead to infection. The infection may cause scars, which may fade, but not vanish, leaving a mark on the skin for a lifetime. Nobody would really want that, right? A scarred skin!

    Centuries ago, every wound was cleaned using various natural and artificial products to cleanse it, prevent infection and heal the wound. A swab dipped in saline water was the most common method used for cleansing followed by application of some antiseptic solution, ointment or powder to prevent infection and promote healing. This procedure was tedious and untreated wounds were prone to infections that usually lead to severe health conditions.

    Antiseptic Wound WipesAntiseptic wound wipes are the safest and best solution to promote healing for wounds and prevent infection. These wipes should be used in nail and beauty salon and barber’s shop, tattoo studios as there are major chances of cuts and wounds to the customer as well to the service provider. With HIV being one of the biggest killers in the world today, it is better to use antiseptic wound wipes for those small cuts, abrasions and punctures every time.

    The antibacterial wipes are manufactured by leading companies and can be easily purchased online through reliable suppliers like packagingsuppliesbymail.com. Renowned portals will ensure that you are supplied only the best quality product that meets the US standards and give you the option of bulk packages as well.

    You Save When You Buy Online

    Whether you are purchasing antiseptic wound wipes for commercial use like in your beauty studio or beauty parlor or for home or office use to keep in the first-aid kit, buying in bulk will always turn out to be more economical.

    Types of Antiseptic Wound Wipes

    There are various types of antiseptic wipes available that can be used to clean and disinfection different sizes of wounds, cuts or abrasions.

    • PVP Iodine swabs and Providone-Iodine Prep Pads : PVP( is a complex chemical called polyvinylpyrroliodine) with iodine acts as a broad spectrum antiseptic
    • Antiseptic Towelettes and Antiseptic Wipes: These mainly contain Benzalkonium chloride as the active ingredient which has antiseptic properties. These Towelettes and wipes are widely used in hospitals and salons where antiseptic cleaning is required

     For a minor medical emergency, antiseptic wound wipes is what you need in your first-aid kit, whether you are at home or at your work place. It is not possible to sterilize your hands every time before you touch a wound, use antiseptic wound wipes for all small cuts and wounds. Stock up today and be secure for tomorrow!

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