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Monthly Archives: January 2015

  • Industrial Gloves!!! - “A Few Reasons Why They’re Such a Helping Hand”!

    Why contract germs if you don’t have to? Why get injured when you can avoid it? Why have allergic reactions when it’s avoidable? Why be at risk to spread cross contamination, give someone food poisoning and have your restaurant sued? Why be at risk to burns, chemicals, pathogens, wounds, bacteria, splinters and frostbite? Why? Why? Why?

    Industrial gloves are protecting, industrial gloves are upgrading, industrial gloves are economical and industrial gloves are efficient! No matter what the job is, in some way or somehow you need industrial gloves. Here’s why:

    Disposable gloves

    Designed to be effective for multiple industries, Disposable gloves are ideal for prep cooks, mechanics, cosmetics, painter, janitor, machine operators and inspection teams to name a few. With this glove, hands are safeguarded from obtaining or spreading germs, absorbing chemicals and damaging products. These gloves are designed in various versions such as latex, nitrile and vinyl.

    Brown Jersey gloves

    Ideal for numerous industrial tasks, these gloves are readily worthwhile for yard work, field work, warehousing assignments and construction duties. Ambidextrous, hands are covered from minor injuries while at the same time equipped to function productively so that tasks are not compromised.

    PVC Double Dot gloves

    Whether you’re a plumber, HVAC professional, movers, machinist or landscaper you’ll certainly perform well with these gloves. PVC gloves offer add grip as each rubber dot exclusively negates hands from slippage so that workers can hold parts and tools sufficiently. This glove is reliable and certainly is equipped to be used repeatedly for a long time.

    Cotton Lisle Inspection gloves

    You can’t afford to damage that luxurious artwork, painting, glassware, or electronic device, therefore it’s imperative that you stock up on these gloves. Ideal for quality control teams and careful packaging, these gloves will eliminate damages and allow items to be presentable to onlookers and buyers in the manner they expect it. Who wants to purchase glassware or electronics if they are decorated with fingerprints everywhere, uggh.

    String Knit Gloves

    Economical, washable and versatile, String Knit gloves are useful for a wide array of duties. They complement workers quite well, especially from minor injuries and the like. These gloves also work well to reinforce hands because they’re useful as a liner.

    Leather Palm gloves

    Construction workers, foundry workers and any job that deals with hazardous risks must be equipped with these gloves. They’re built to handle sharp objects and high temperatures.

  • Why Pay More? The Value of Economy Stretch Wrap!

    Okay, so you just got it like that? Your money must grow on trees or something? You’re a high roller? So you’re a Mr. Big Shot? We’ll if so, this conversation may not apply to you. But, if you’re smart spender, a budget spender, a coupon collector, a deal seeker, I have an offer that has your name written on it!

    Used for various bundling, packaging, storage and most assuredly shipping tasks, Economy Stretch Wrap has become a recent sought after product within the industrial packaging industry. A down gauge stretch film, this product has offered many solutions and has help to expand company’s purchasing power.

    For instance:

    • Featherweight attribute shaves off shipping charge $$$
    • Easy to handle and lightweight—allows laborers to package items effective & swift
    • Superior stretch elongation—unlike higher gauge films, Economy Stretch Wrap doesn’t need to use as much to wrap a product
    • Down Gauge—rubber band effect—less likely to experience breakage during application
    • Saves you 15% less than cast or blown wrap pricing
    • High performance—able to generally accomplish similar tasks as cast and blown wrap
    • Increases your buying power by 15%

    It’s understandable if you’re the type of shopper that prefers a specific type of stretch wrap. However, if you’re in need of a comparable product that can produce pro results, Economy Stretch Wrap is the item for you.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is a top leader in sourcing premium Economy Stretch Wrap. On our website we offer a wide range of style types, gauge thicknesses and buying options for this item. Not to mention, we offer weekly specials that will allow you to save huge $$$ for quality product.

    Be sure to try our New Year’s special and stay tuned for various coupon codes that will support saving efforts! Log on today, you won’t be disappointed—We Guarantee.

  • Wholesale Poly Mailers- Your Buddy In Crisis Always!

    The Poly mailer is a product that is specifically designed to accomplish safe shipping coverage for various non-fragile goods. This tool is able to maintain high performance capabilities, even when faced with harsh, hazardous and hideous shipping conditions. Besides that, this shipping instrument is very valuable because it’s economically advantageous. There are many reasons why one should choose this shipping tool.

    Wholesale Poly Mailers feature a unique combination of polyethylene and thick cushion padding, plus a strong adhesive seal strip that increases the level of security. These characteristics define why poly mailers are puncture resistant and tamper proof. Thus, they are excellent for shipping non-fragile goods. This envelope is available in both 2.5 Mil and 3 Mil gauge thickness, which allows vendors to ship advertising materials, brochures, catalogs, and electronic items, to meet the inflexible business requirements.

    Wholesale White Poly MailerWholesale Poly Mailers is a popular standard packaging tool that is available in many sizes and style variations. You can use these poly mailers at home and in the office. Since these mailers offer a basic look, any decorative add-on will beautify the envelope if it has to be used for gifting purposes.

    Similar to other handy tools and devices at home or in the office, poly mailers also simplifies specific tasks and eliminates time burdens. Considering your frequent traveling plans, sudden work assignments, guests at home or whatever you could think of, poly mailers can relieve you from anxiety by providing an organized approach.

    This dependable resource won’t let you down in any condition; rather satisfy your requirements in a successful way. Therefore, don’t wait any longer, the time is now for you to receive special offers, discounts and overstock deals from one of the top vendors in industrial packaging supplies, PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com!

  • PackagingSuppliesByMail.com Offers Excellent Packaging Solutions at Competitive Prices

    Summary: PackagingSuppliesByMail.com is a leading supplier of packaging products which are advanced and made of rich materials to serve the needs of customers precisely. The company offers various types of bags, tapes, medical packaging supplies, healthcare packaging supplies and much more at a low price.

    Date: 02/01/2015

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com, a leading supplier of packaging products that is economical and good for use. These products are designed with high quality materials that offer superior performance qualities. They make sure the delivery is damage free and you get all the desired range of packaging products on time. The company also gives Overstock & Special Offers for New Year 2014 so one can expect discount specials. The features of these packaging supplies are qualitative and ideal to pack or seal the products in a safe way.

    The senior spokesperson of the company said, “We are a renowned supplier of packaging products therefore we offer a wide range of packaging supplies that meets the industrial and sector needs accurately. We pay attention to detail and that is helped us build a good reputation in the packaging industry. Our goal is to offer good quality products to our clients that are terrific for use and guarantees 100 percent satisfaction. Our customers trust us for delivering low prices regularly and we keep giving interesting offers like the Overstock & Special Offers for New Year 2014 which will make the purchase of our clients worthwhile and cost effective. We are offering heavy discounts and in case our clients are not happy with the quality, then they can request for a refund within 7 days.”

    The senior spokesperson further stated, “Our offers for the New Year are very interesting and customers can order in bulk. They can order for reclosable bags which are versatile and long lasting, disposable industrial gloves, specimen bags, tamper evident bags and much more. We also offer medical supplies, so people can order cloth adhesive tape, waterproof adhesive tape, instant cold packs, instant heat packs, antiseptic wound pipes, bandage wraps, dust masks, CPR masks, first aid kits and much more. We keep upgrading our product range from time to time and pay attention to high quality standards. Our aim is to satisfy the needs of the clients in the best way.”

    The extensive range of the company products is diverse and they offer packaging supplies at competitive prices. All products are tested well before being supplied to the customers. There are different options to choose from and one can get detailed information about the products before they make a purchase. They produce packaging supplies with consistency and for a limited time only, the discount specials are being offered on a range of products like packaging tape which is a clear acrylic packing tape and has a high strength. They’ve also included an excellent range of produce bags, reclosable bags, etc. Their products will enhance the packaging demands of the customers.

    For more information on products please click on the link below: http://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/

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