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Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com presents - “It’s Holiday Time”!!!

    Tis’ the season to be jolly! Yes, we’re talking food galore, an abundance of sweets, candied canes, hot coco coco, laughter, family time, charity and gifting too (if your reading this hours before your lunch break, please excuse us). Sound exciting? Sound enjoyable? Sound enriching? I know it does, but there are a few other treats that will help compliment and coincide with the holiday festive.

    Here at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com we specialize in offering relevant Packaging Materials that are effective for a wide range of purposes. We recognize how easy it is for one to become overwhelmed throughout the demand of that this season commands. Therefore, it’s our goal to make you aware of how we can service certain tasks and relieve, reduce and rescue you from those complications that hinder your joy during this season.

    #1 Price Advantage

    Our November2014 sale is just right and timely for you! Save big on our Shipping Mailers during this month by entering this coupon code during the cart checkout tab. Premium Shipping Mailers is a great product to have, especially when your mailing out clothing articles to a loved one or your meeting the high fall color demands as a clothing retailer. Whichever works for you albeit our Poly, Poly Bubble or Kraft Bubble Mailers, we’re confident that this sale will allow you to be more generous, competitive and rewarding for both consumers and vendors alike.

    #2 Relevance

    Our Glamour Bubble Mailers or Metallic Bubble Mailers as some call’em, add pizazz to your gifting while simultaneously protecting your shipping requirements. With these mailers you can be assured that the receiver is going to be gladly astonished, and that your items will be secured safely. In the eastern and northern US continental states, the weather conditions are harsh at this time. Therefore it’s vital to have a shipping tool that is able to withstand various conditions but yet offer that surprise presentation you aim to fulfill.

    #3 Conservation

    Let’s just face it, some of us are set in our ways and deem the simple old fashion way of doing things habitually gratifying (what did I just say?). Each year this season calls for the fond of memory sharing. You may be familiar with the scene I’m projecting—everyone gathered, soft music playing and laughter is circulating as the elders of the family pull out all types of past photos (some of us cringe at the exposure of selected pics). I know the mood is captivating but since I have your attention, have you ever thought about the instrument that is mainly housing most of those hard copy ancient pics? Yes, Reclosable Bags!

    Not only do reclosable bags offer an economical approach to conservation, but they’re a temporary solution for holiday food packaging too. Reclosable bags make it easier for the holiday host to bag up those holiday dishes and distribute them to many of folk. They seal freshness so that you can enjoy the savory taste you experienced a day or two prior. They’re also like aforementioned, excellent tools for conserving and storing heir looms and various supplies like ornaments and so forth.

    As you can see, PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is you’re any-season source for industrial packaging materials. Make sure to visit our online store as we offer a complete catalog of various materials that are advantageous and helpful for your purposes.

  • Decorated Celebrations For The Thanks Giving Day Gear Up With The Colored Bubble Mailers

    The attractive Colored Bubble Mailers are versatile to use for many occasion like the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. It is one dependable packing aid that initiates appel plus guarantees safe delivery for products. This feature adds to the merry of the festivities by making it larger than expected. These bubble mailers are lined with thick insulated cushion padding which guards products from receiving damages during the transit.

    Why you should you use Colored Bubble Mailers during the Thanksgiving holiday?

    1. Attractive bright Packaging
    2. Secure Delivery
    3. Risk Free Transportation
    4. Excellent for Gifting & Promotions
    5. Unique outer cover
    6. Enhances the item anticipation for recipient
    7. Thick insulated bubble cushioning
    8. Self-sealing strip
    9. Easy Closure
    10. Perfect for that special someone or business affiliate

    Thanks Giving DayYou can use Colored Bubble Mailers for both small and big size gifts or parcel packaging. These mailers are available in a multiplicity of shapes and sizes, making them accommodative for packaging various kinds of goods. In addition, the bubble padding inside safeguards the products from any kind of damages to ensure safe delivery of the parcel to the concerned destination.

    Packing items in colored gift wrapping paper is a common way of presenting gifts to loved ones at occasions, isn’t it? Colored Bubble Mailers provides a more effective approach because the metallic exterior is more vibrant and eye appeling. Besides that, it’s shipment ready so you don’t need to buy add on supplies like you would if wrapping paper was your option for gift presentation. The convenience and availability of this gifting device is also great as they’re very accessible during online shopping tasks. Look, to make it simple and economical all you need to do is visit PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com and save by taking advantage of our special offers!

    These readymade colorful envelopes are the exact fit you’ll need for holiday gifting. No need to look for adhesive tapes, ribbons and colorful papers to make your presents look attractive. This wonderful mailing envelope serves as a perfect packaging solution for individuals and businesses who desire to maintain cordial relations.

    Colored Bubble Mailers are light in weight and handy to use which won’t add anything to the shipping costs unlike many other mailing devices.

    Let PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com assist you in making the right choice for that perfect gifting device as you enjoy the holiday season.

  • Kraft Bubble Mailers Assures Damage Free Delivery

    Kraft Bubble Mailers are a trusted shipping mailing envelope for all your shipping concerns. Shifting, grueling, tossing and stacking procedures are a commonality throughout the daily transit process when it comes to delivery. All these constraints during transport may restrict you from exchanging the parcels for personal, creative, common or commercial use. However, this challenge can be resolved by using appropriate shipping envelopes, such as the Kraft Bubble Mailers, which are designed to meet provide a damage free performance and deliver products safely.

    Kraft-Bubble-MailerShipping items small/lightweight like documents, gifts, clothing, electronics, and books is basically a daily need amongst individuals and organizations. Accordingly, the objective is for a safe delivery of the goods without any damage or loss of product. Many transport providers take care of these parcels by using high quality packaging supplies to avoid the loop holes of this manual industry set-up.

    Packaging Supplies like shipping padded envelopes are highly resourceful for damage-free shipping results. Here are a couple of characteristics of Kraft Bubble Mailers which make them sellable:


    Kraft Bubble Mailers are capable enough to perform rigorous shipping tasks due to the sturdy material used in making of the envelope. It can accommodate almost every product due to the size and capacitive space of the mailing envelope. By serving many practical applications of the transport industry, Kraft bubble mailers certainly bring value to the small parcels and huge consignments by providing an added layer of protection to safeguard against potential transport hurdles.

    Protective Padding:

    The thick insulated cushion lining provides complete protection against all odds of the transport. Kraft mailers incorporate the thick cushion padding which covers around any object contained to make sure no damage is caused despite squeezing or storage of goods. The extra bubble layer padding allows you to ship medicine, industrial, cosmetics, DVD’s and office supplies effortlessly.

    Just one Kraft Bubble Mailer deters major shipping concerns for the upcoming festivities of Christmas. With them, there is no need to worry about sharing gifts and products with family, friends or customers they’re just right for the task!

  • Simplify Loading and Unloading of Goods With Packaging Tape

    Packing Tape is one of the most common devices that’s known for unitizing packages. Using packing tape keeps goods organized and apt for transport and efficient for moving multiple packages all at once. Assembling goods into one consignment is always a benefit as it’s become a standardized method for foreign and domestic shipments, plus it saves$$$$ too.

    Packing Tape - OverstockBelow are 3 main functions of packing tape that will benefit your consignments:

    Unites It:

    Packing Tape is ideal for bundling small irregular shaped packages. To save on shipping costs, this tape will benefit shippers if they combine their separate packages into one unit. Basically, it’s more expensive to ship multiple packages, even if their combined weight is lesser than a single unit that’s heavier in total weight.

    As the parcel is consolidated into a single package, it’s also easier to protect it from common shipping hazards like dust, dirt, moisture and other climatic weather conditions.

    Covers It:

    Appropriate shipping methods will produce favorable results in regards to business relations. Customers will be impressed with your customer service standards and such success will establish trust, making it difficult for competitors to challenge your effectiveness..

    Seals It:

    Wholesale Packaging Tape seals the consignment with uniformity, leaving no uneven edges which may cause tampering during the transit. The reason being, the entire portion of the consignment is wrapped so that no room for moisture or dents is possible. Even if the item is stocked in the warehouse for longtime, it will maintain long term protection.

    Using appropriate quality packing tape will determine the fate of the consignment. Using high quality packaging supplies from reliable online stores will prove useful in the long run since the quality or product being contained won’t be degraded regardless of the various shipping challenges it may face. These packing tapes are available in different colors and sizes that are suitable to your product specifications.

  • Evolution & Types of High Quality Food Packaging Material

    If the earlier facts of food packaging supplies are noticed, then those various containers used to transport products initially, have nowadays taken a back seat. When considering the kind of shipping devices used in the past, the primary focus stood on the manufacturer’s viewpoint. As a matter of fact, till the end of 19th century, generally all shipment processing techniques used easy materials to transport their goods to the market. Those containers were made from clay, cork or wood.

    Then in the 20th century there was a drastic shift in the materials used for food packing as the bulk of them were made from glass, metals and paper. Furthermore, another evolution followed as PETE (Polyethylene Terephthalate) material came to the marketplace. This versatile plastic conveniently made bulk quantity of foods available for distribution to consumers in these PETE containers. The benefit was that the Polyethylene could be easily stamped or molded in any imaginable shape. Also, it was inexpensive to produce, thereby making it an economic packaging solution for foods. However, due to the rising environmental safety awareness these days, this solution has made customers more attracted to eco-friendly packaging solutions brought forth from suppliers.

    Food packaging is pivotal in conserving food during the entire distribution chain. If not, various food processing hazards can cause contamination due to direct contact with chemical, physical or biological contaminants. Nonetheless, in the past few years, novel food packing concepts and techniques have enhanced the shelf life of various foods. Thus, these measures have improved quality, safety and sustainability to the market. Such advancements have also aided to beverages, pharmaceutical drugs, and other perishable products to be healthier for consumption and sale.

    Through the research of material scientists, microbiologists and food chemists, the importance of preserving shelf life during food packaging is mainly related to the packaging agent. This is why the PETE technology has greatly upgrading the food packaging industry in recent times.

    Few basic functions of Food Packaging

    Barrier protection- Ideal food packaging protects the barrier from water vapor, oxygen, dust, etc. Permeation is the critical factor when it comes to design. Food packaging may include oxygen absorbers, desiccants to extend the product shelf life. A climate controlled atmosphere is primary for some food packages; this keeps the products fresh, safe and clean.

    Physical protection

    Food Packaging may require compression, shock vibration and temperature when enclosed in single package.


    Some small items are grouped together in single package for efficient handling. Powders, granular materials or liquids need containment.

    Types of Food Packaging

    Food Packaging is essential to keep up the quality of the perishable goods during transit or for extended use. These types of packaging are explained below:

    • Primary packaging contains the main package in which the food is held for processing.
    • Secondary packaging holds many primary packages in one box that is completely wrapped.
    • Tertiary packaging conglomerates all secondary packages in one pallet.

    Some special food packaging containers combine diverse technologies to have maximum durability and protection.

  • Discount Packaging Supplies and Wholesale Packing Materials

    Discount Packaging Supplies & Materials offered by online vendors are available in standard quality which preserve and protect the products when packed in materials for safe transportation.

  • PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com Offers a 15% Off Sale For Shipping Mailers

    SOLON, Ohio (November 17, 2014)--Offering one of the packaging industry’s most popular shipping mechanisms--Shipping Mailers, prospects can save on their delivery tasks during the busy holiday season. “We’re just simply being relevant to the season’s call,” said Brian Ibold, sales manager of PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com.

    Both November and December mark the highpoint season where generally all vendors release their biggest sales. The holiday season calls for strong spending on the behalf of both vendors and consumers as the cyclical supply and demand chain warrants everyone. This is the time to also stock up on certain items that are time effective--meaning they can generally be used year round.

    Glamour Bubble MailersDue to economic hardships, consumers are being more apt to seek the benefits of sale mark downs as they occur throughout the year. The harsh effects of the recession are lessening these days as more people are finding employment opportunity at a greater pace. The 2014 holiday season is expected to reach high sale numbers compared to previous years where budget spending and downsizing was the focus throughout. Many can expect this year’s Black Friday sales offers to be strongly sought after.

    Shipping Mailers are a unique device that is easy to use, economically advantageous and offers proven performance results for both residents and companies. “Excellent for shipping small to lightweight items, those sending gifts like clothing apparel, cosmetics, toys, plastic ware and a host of various items can accomplish this task sufficiently with this item,” says Brian.

    One the most appealing shipping mailers are the Metallic Glamour Mailer. This shipping/mailing tool offers an exterior appearance that pops. The eye catching feature of this product isn’t the only strong characteristic that it offers, as this mailer is equipped with bubble cushioning to absorb shock hazards that occur during transit. Moreover, Poly Bubble Mailers and Kraft Bubble mailers are similar devices that provide a more basic look and are generally less expensive than the Glamour edition. Both Poly Mailers and Clear view Poly Mailers are effective for mailing books and other products that are less fragile because these mailers aren’t equipped with cushioning, yet they do protect items from dust, dirt, tampering and moisture related damages.

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is a top leader for online industrial packaging and first aid medical supplies. To access this sale, they’re requesting that consumer’s entire the “Novembersale” code within the cart tab. To learn more about this company, log on to www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com, this sale is available for a limited time only.

  • Bundle Pack- A Handy Medical Aid

    Shopping online for industrial supplies is simply just a matter of a few clicks. Nonetheless, most products being offered are packaged for individual sell only. The trouble that many consumers face is limited access to obtaining combo deals. When vendors offer buying options that provide diversity in purchases, these assortments drive the market and produce posivitve results for both the buyer and the seller. The e-commerce world is quite dynamic, and to stay afloat, vendors must develop new ways to engage customers.

    Bundle Pack- A valuable Utility kit

    OFFICE STSRTER KitBundle Packs are a collective assortment of various industrial packaging or medical supplies. These kits are convenient for travel and very useful for residential, office and recreational settings.

    The smaller the better the less complicated shopping can be through bundle packs. This product reduces wastage and expiration statuses because the variety affords consumers the leeway to order on an as need basis.

    Featuring: Cold Relief Packs

    Below are some examples of common bundle packs.

    This kit contains:

    • Advil-200mg
    • Tylenol-500mg
    • Cherry Cough Drops- 125 per box
    • Facial Tissues- 90 per box
    • Cold Relief- 250 tablets

    COLD relief BundleOther bundle packs are:

    • Flexible Fabric Variety Pack-

    For those minor cuts and injuries, this pack is ideal as it offers many unique forms of bandages to suit specific areas of need.

    • Office Starter Kit-

    It’s the perfect kit for office employees, supplying them with a variety of relief aids.

    • Hearing Protection Bundle-

    This bundle pack is comprised of effective hearing plugs to meet all standard safety requirements.

    These super saver bundle packs are immensely useful for all circumstances. Conveniently arranged, medical bundle packs will equip you for emergency situations. When it comes to industrial needs, you’ll be well-rounded to successfully package, store or ship your items.

  • Permanent Solution For Your Grocery Needs- Produce Bags

    Very durable, PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com specializes in stocking premium produce bags. These bags are great to stock and seal your groceries with because they retain freshness and prevent spoilage. You may currently use plastic containers to store certain food items; however produce bags are great for providing more storage space while at the same time maintaining complete sealed freshness.

    Currently, we’re offering these bags at a very low price any many customers are taking advantage of our overstock sale listing. These FDA/USDA bags are transparent in nature which commands attention from viewers as the products contained within them are easily noticeable from a far distance.

    Produce Bags OverstockSome striking benefits of the produce bags are:

    Seals Freshness

    These bags greatly retain the moisture of the stored fruits and vegetables. You can even stock various items like grains and nuts in these bags. This feature increases the lifespan of the goods by keeping them fresh for extended consumption pleasure. The reason being, its high seal quality enhances freshness so that air is locked out and no bacteria can settle in.

    Capacitive Enough

    Our produce bags are available in 11x17 and 12x20 standard industrial sizes which are spacious enough to accommodate large volumes of products while remaining tear proof. It is robust enough to get squeezed under pressure yet outperform aggressive shipping and handling requirements. These produce bags are designed for both residential and commercial food industry settings.

    Reduce shipping costs

    Produce bags are light weight plus durable so that if one chooses to ship certain long distant food packages, the task can be successfully completed. In like manner, the food and beverage industries often use produce bags when shipping large volumes of products.

    For your advantage, we highly recommend you to purchase these multi-purpose produce bags and benefit from our great Overstock Sale offer today!

  • Delivery of Damage Free Consignments With Coreless Stretch Wrap

    The growing challenges for safe and economic shipping are well known to both service providers and users alike. There are various styles of packaging supplies available nowadays, but the key lies in selecting the most suitable one for your packing needs. Comprehensively, the final outcome is the elimination of shipment related damages, regardless if 3rd party handling procedures are faulty.

    Here’s something to think about, after you’ve packed your goods within boxes, how will you securely palletize them? Is the material your using cost efficient? How durable is the material you’re using?

    These questions could be somewhat mind boggling. You may have even become numb to the shipping process and just expect error because it happens so often. However, don’t panic; we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com have the solution to benefit you!

    coreless Stretch WrapCoreless Stretch Wrap is a proven commodity designed for industrial shipping tasks. What makes it effective is the high level of load holding stability and strength it provides. Ideal for storing or packaging items, the coreless feature reduces wastage costs associated with core disposal and enhances labor speed. Also, this bulk stretch wrap offers folded edge technology which allows manual applications to be equal in stability to that of pallet wrapping machines.

    Available in 3, 5 and 18" sizes, this product is great for residential use as well.

    In addition to simplifying the transportation of packages, a major attribute of this resourceful stretch wrap is the $$$ savings. Furthermore, this product allows you to bundle wrap packages in an effortless manner.

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