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Monthly Archives: September 2014

  • “Work Smarter Not Harder”—The Advantageous Stretch Wrap Dispenser!

    In a world where convenience sales, efficiency = currency and it’s better to be safe than sorry, online companies are in search for better techniques on how to upgrade their operations. For instance, let’s look closer into the online industrial packaging industry. Here you’ll find the flow of competitive juices like no other business genre.

    Like most products, specific enhancements are what make the product more effective during usage. Isn’t coffee much more enjoyable due to the cup sleeve, who likes burning their hands? Or better yet, what do you do when your grabbing coffee for multiple coworkers, if it wasn’t for portable cup holders you’d be in big trouble. Now these are just a few examples out of a world of ideas that can be expressed, mainly the bottom line is getting the most productivity out of things you need, enjoy and commonly use.

    Hand Saver-Stretch Film Holder SetWith that being said, I’d like to highlight a resource called Stretch Wrap Dispensers. This tool is a sure performance enhancer when it comes to preparing large packages for shipment. Nowadays, within the packaging industry, pre-stretch film is the hottest thing. The reason being, it provides similar strength to that of a pallet wrapping machines but yet it can be applied manually.

    Why a stretch wrap dispenser? Well, when you couple pre-stretch film with a dispenser, you add safety, efficiency and an upgrade in performance when preparing shipments. This dispenser is easy to use, it negates hand injuries and you’ll improve load stability as it automatically boosts performance during application.

    stretch wrap dispenser EconomicalNot to be bias to pre-stretch film, the dispenser is a huge advancement for any kind of specified hand film. Not only do you get an upgrade in packaging performance, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com feature this tool in multiple versions at a reduced cost.

    Now if you are apt to working smarter and not harder, go to our website and select the dispenser that best suits you!

  • How To Minimize Packaging Vulnerability With Coreless Stretch Wrap

    In view of making life more convenient, many varieties of packaging products are continuously being launched in the market. For instance, stretch wrap, Coreless stretch wrap, shipping mailing envelopes, packing tape and 2mil & 4mil reclosable bags to name few. But, the question remains, how many of them are actually useful and performance oriented?

    The global customer packaging market is approximately valued at 400 billion US$ with an estimated 500 billion US$ if we’re it include the entire industrial market in general. The sector comprises of 5 key types of packaging which includes corrugated boxes and paper bags as well. It is the largest category of packaging rounding out at a ~34% total packaging market share.

    However, on consideration amongst it all is that paper bags, mailing envelopes and boxes cannot deliver to the best of their ability until wrapped with Coreless stretch wrap. For Example: When goods are being transported from a regional warehouse to a retail outlet, then then palletizing these goods with stretch wrap will negate the chances of damage occurrences during transit.

    Why only Coreless pallet stretch wrap

    Stretch Wrap is a plastic film which can be used for protecting all goods, be it wooden, glass or other delicate items. A highly stretchable film, it’s viable for wrapping items and it’s sufficient for resisting a whole slew of issues incorporated with various transit conditions. How is it possible? Well, because of the elastic recovery which tightly binds items together and the poly material which is strongly defensive against dust, moisture and climatic weather, this product is ideal being that it’s cost efficient and versitale.


    It’s often used to unitize pallet loads but it’s common for bundling small items too.

    Some types of stretch film include hand stretch film, anti-static, machine wrap and the extended core stretch film.

    Eco-friendly plus it delivers immediate benefits through efficiency, performance and stability for shipment success

    Reliable pre-stretch technology eliminates labor costs and core costs

    High visibility attributes guarantees performance, making product codes easy to view from a distance during stock assingments


    A common stretch wrap material used in making Coreless hand stretch wrap is LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene). It gives rise to stretch film characteristics in regards to elongation due to puncture resistance and break qualities. Most films offer a 500% stretch feature up to the breakage point while standard versions only supply on average 300% maximum when in use. After it is stretched, the elastic recovery ability will keep the load tightly secured.

    Some other properties include clarity, cling, break strength, static discharge, tear resistance, etc.


    In uniting the pallet, stretch wrap has various functions:

    • Improved stability of packages & products, forming the unit load
    • Efficient storage after handling of goods per unit load
    • Protects from frigid conditions
    • Degree of resistance & tampering to the package pilferage

  • Bubble Padded Mailing Envelopes

  • Packing List Envelopes- A Wireless Business Tool

    Packing List Envelopes will shed those grey thoughts

    When the pressure sensitive backside bestows with completeness

    Be it item descriptions, invoice, receipts or promotional materials

    Enclosed they all can be, in the reliable, resourceful and resounding packing list envelope!

    With manual efforts dominating the shipping industry at large, eliminating human errors remains a distant dream. Nonetheless, the packing list envelope curtails the mistake making madness.

    If you’re thinking this is the end for the traditional white envelopes, then actually it may be!

    Business enterprises have varied in transportation requirements which are all inclusively met through the use of the packing list envelope. With no strings/cables attached, this is a standout mobile business solution which has revolutionized the modern world of packaging because business organizations can interconnect independently. One positive to be aware of is, had it not been for this tool, business representatives would’ve had to take efforts of explaining the complete consignment, particulars, and receipt details over the phone or by means of a video call of some sort. The convenience of this mechanism gives prior notification to the recipient regarding the contained items, which in turn, seals the anticipation for making further processing successful through cargo.

    You can even preserve documents like warranty papers, safety data and informative directions in Re-closable Packing List envelopes. This incomparable toolsafeguards paperwork from dust, dirt and moisture. These envelopes are spacious enough to ship multiple documents within them at a time.

    Another plus is, it enables you to keep all business information confidential and safe with the invoice enclosed brand or even the transparent clear list envelopes will work efficiently too. Likewise, packing list envelopes are easy to open and retrieve information conveniently.

    For Example:

    When business organization A has to interact with business organization B to accomplish commercial objectives of sharing necessary details in a secured manner, it’s those super-functionality features of the packing list enclosed envelopes that makes for a productive outcome.

    • B2B Direct Marketing
    • Simplifies business communication
    • UPS, FedEx, and USPS approved
    • Noticeably Popular
    • Endures weather conditions & transit handling
    • Smooth Distribution process
    • Quality Control
  • First things First! Why First Aid Kits Should be Your #1 Choice

    First off, what is your first line of defense against minor cuts, migraine headaches or minor burns? What is your first option when your co-worker, teammate or traveling partner encounters a fall, muscle ache or slight joint pain? Speaking of traveling, what is your first approach to an insect bite, poisonous rash or eye irritation?

    First-Aid-KitsLet me put it to you in this way, we think about so many other important but not urgent things that we forget about safety being first. We tend to put our health on the backburner a lot of times until the moment of discomfort consumes us in which we bang our heads in regret towards our unawareness and obvious ignorance.

    Excuse me if I may seem a little firm, but my goal is to alarm you because children are incapable of guiding themselves, because workmen’s comp issues are prevalent and because traveling should be a time of memorable experiences not nightmares!

    First aid responder trauma bagsWe at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are aware of companies and individual’s inefficacy that’s why were in the business; to be a source of supply for common equipment. First Aid Kits are one of our staple products and not only do we enjoy supplying them, we feel where playing a huge role in aiding many with healthier practices that will protect them in a time of discomfort.

    You’ll find on our webpage an entire catalog of various First Aid Kits that are suitable for multiple situations. Besides that, our prices are even more complementary as our focus is to first relive the cost burden regarding healthy living.

    Whether it’s a First Responder Kit, a Travel Kit or the uniform Office Kit, you’re sure to be supplied with products that are efficient for various small injuries and ailments. Our concern is that you put important matters first and that is the bottom line as to why you’ll need to equip yourself with this product!

  • Yes! You Heard It Correctly, FREE Shipping! PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com Offers a Deal You Can’t Refuse

    Okay allow me to spell it for you: F-R-E-E, free is good, free is handy, free is enjoyable, free is convenient, free is satisfying, free is profitable, free is cool, free is….. Who doesn’t like free? Excuse me, I got a little carried away but if you have a minute, allow me to freely describe the details of what we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are all freed up about.

    Aren’t you just about sick of paying high rates on shipping products pertaining to the online products you buy? Wouldn’t you appreciate a price break for a change in regards to ideal materials your company must have to maintain success? What would you do if I told you that by logging on to PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com you could experience a sale that is like no other of its kind within the highly competitive packaging/mailing industry, (okay easy now, don’t run through a wall).

    3- Mil Poly Mailers with Free ShippingAs of recently, the goal of PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com was to help “lighten the load” per se by offering “All” shipping/mailing envelopes items such as Poly Mailers, Poly Bubble Mailers, Kraft Bubble Mailers, Glamour Mailers, Clear View Mailers, Returnable Poly Mailers and Packing List Envelopes available with free shipping!

    For a limited time only, you can take advantage of SAVING huge $$$ on your deliveries. Look at it this way; you’re able to eliminate that usual overhead cost that pertains to your shipments. Now might I ask, who in the industry is offering TRUE Free Shipping for such a valuable resource?

    Another cool feature to this offer is that it’s applicable to whatever amount your purchase, (my advice would be that you grab as much you can) and while your log on to the store my shameless plug would persist that you also view our Overstock Products too!

    Lastly, our objective is to help both individuals and consumers finish out their year strong. We didn’t want to wait until the busy holiday season to offer such a great deal, (although I suggest you stay tuned to our black Friday sale too) we decided that such a deal could be useful now. We at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com are extremely glad to serve your industrial packaging needs, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this F-R-E-E offer today! Thanks.

  • Hand Saver Stretch Film Holder Set, Stretch Wrap Hand Dispenser, Economical, Heavyduty

  • Restock Your Packaging Inventory With Overstock Specials

    As of recent, the Overstock sale offered by PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com is an opportunity for end users and vendors to save money by simultaneously upgrading their packaging needs. Likewise, because certain products are at a reduce cost, more purchasing power is allotted to the buyer to survey other needed materials throughout their website.

    Reclosable Bags OverstockYou may be wondering how such a deal is possible. Well do to contractual agreements that don’t always go as planned, companies become overloaded with double or triple the inventory and an immediate focus is to move these products off their shelves. Therefore items such as contracts get cancelled due to various reasons which results in accumulating of shipping packing tape, envelopes, reclosable bags, produce bags and shipping mailing envelopes are highly advantageous through PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com.

    Alternative marketing standpoint

    Produce Bags OverstockA misconception associated with such seasonal enticements is poor product quality, damaged packing aids or clearance of dead stock. However, factors like transportation strikes are also major causes that can results uncompleted or delayed shipments and cash flow stall outs. In these instances, the goods are detained and conveyed back to the company for immediate sale, to prevent the degradation of packing supplies before the expiry date. Many vendors deal with excessive stock issues in which profit-loss is at risk because these aforementioned factors. Encountering such issues become crucial since abandoning the supplies without a reason may give a bad name to the company, resulting in revenue loss to investors and bankers. Necessary options like bulk pricing and measure adjustments may curb down the stock issue substantively and spark a rapid increase in inventory flow.

    Further, it encourages the buyer’s market to enhance by affording them flexibility, low pricing and overall gross profit. Many consumer centric companies announce these types of offers while not compromising the integrity of the product.

    Since, transportation costs fluctuate annually; both businesses and individuals seek opportunities to reduce their delivery costs on consignments. Since these are non-perishable goods, these products hold a substantial amount of shelf life, so having overstock at time can be useful as opposed to having inadequate stock to fulfill the need.

    Individual’s Viewpoint

    It is not to discard the global economic ambiguity. Clearly, consumers do not want to pay any more than their currently accustomed to for these products. Cost is one of the key considerations that influence buying decisions. Consumers tend to rush for purchases when running out of stock, instead of looking forward, like in regards to a “pantry-loading” approach.

    Business Viewpoint

    Businesses saving on expenditure costs have the freedom to extend their own discounts to customers. Also, they retain return customers, influencing their future buying patterns.

    Inventory Handling & control is major issue which businesses have to face before predicting the consumer buying trends, which are frequently changing in terms of viewing, interacting and discarding packaging. Whether you are a product marketer or a manufacturer, you must know the importance of reflecting the user patterns in range of products.

    Log on to http://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/ for more features on overstock clearance, secure ordering, satisfaction guaranteed and same day shipping services too.

  • PackagingSuppliesByMail Launched Dedicated Digital Video Channel On YouTube

    The video content from PackagingSuppliesByMail.com on Youtube caters to consumers with inside tips, useful information and the latest discounts for a wide range of industrial and medical packaging materials.

    SOLON, Ohio (September 4, 2014):

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com, a leading industrial and medical packaging provider has come up with an out-and-out video channel on YouTube displaying various sorts of videos that offer unique as informative content for a widespread consumer base. These videos feature topics such as “how to choose”, “using guides”, “instructions”, “in-stock products”, “seasonal offers” & “discount-overstock sale” on industrial products like reclosable bags, packing tape, shipping mailing envelopes, stretch wrap along respective varieties.

    Able to expand their prospective audience, this video library includes a series of videos that bring fresh facts and original trends about the packaging industry. What’s extremely helpful is that these videos depict basic routine applications of various products such reclosable bags for storage use, stretch wrap for inventory managers, poly bubble mailers for homemakers and Glamour bubble mailers for small enterprises.

    “With constant integration of new videos, we aim to serve involved, passionate and opinionated audiences. Packaging supplies is one of those popular searchable categories that many individuals and companies observe”, said Brian Ibold, sales manager of PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com.

    Content is widely distributed across YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/PackagingSupplymail/

    This development empowers product awareness, domestic & commercial applications, multiple uses, reusing capability, storage, handling, special features, terms and conditions, wholesale purchase and maintenance for long term use of aids.

    Further, Brian added, “Our videos provide complete packaging solutions by answering the common and rare queries which may arise in the mind of users regarding a particular product”. Also, “The concerns and answers are clearly addressed to meet all dilemmas in an effective manner”.

    Visual content proves great for new announcements to be well explained for audiences of different verticals. “Uploading such videos brings us nearer to our audience because it creates a personalized approach with them. With this we extend an arm to viewers to subscribe to the channel and get quick news to act upon”.

    Wait no more and subscribe to the YouTube channel now! Learn details of various industrial and medical packaging supplies to conveniently order wholesale quantity at a reduced price.

    Visit http://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/ today

    About PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com

    PackagingSuppliesByMail.com is top leader of industrial and medical packaging products with service features including secure ordering & same day shipping, this company offers a host of packing products for household and commercial purposes.

  • Glamour Colored Bubble Mailers - Mailing Envelopes

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