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Monthly Archives: August 2014

  • Overstock Sale on Packaging Materials

  • Best Use of Stretch Wrap Films To Keep Your Stuffs Safe

  • 5 Reasons To Be Addicted To Glamour Bubble Mailers

    As the name suggests, Glamour Bubble Mailers have come a long way from just being a presentable tool for packaging. This high utility tool can be used anywhere and anyhow as per the creativity of the users. The overall feature of this product serves as a unique packing agent by focusing mainly on presentation, despite the goods contained in it.

    Here are a few characteristics listed below describing how these colored bubble envelopes are highly appealing for both residential and commercial purposes.

    Decorative Bubble MailersAttractive:

    These glitzy mailers are enough to catch immediate attention from onlookers or recipients. Available in bright shiny colors like pink, yellow and many more, with an adhesive metallic strip and interior bubble cushioning, these mailers will secure, conceal and safeguard items tightly while at the same time remain attractive and professional. The attractive elements of these mailers will surely lead to a great commercial presentation, or gift packing mechanism, thus enabling many businesses and individuals to simplify the process.


    These mailers are available in standard dimensions covering all sizes that may range from small gift items, to electronics, to fragile goods and even accommodating large but lightweight items as well. Obtaining the correct size prevents products from any damage during transit or uncertain weather conditions also. These mailers are slightly stretchable in nature due to the cushion padding inside.

    Secured mailing envelope:

    The plastic mailing envelopes are highly secured and appealing in nature. You can depend on them for all your light and heavy packaging needs. The insulated cushion padding inside the decorative bubble mailers wraps itself well around the product to impart complete safety such that no tampering or harm can be caused.

    Marketing tool:

    With many illustrious features, these colored poly bubble mailers will serve well for many commercial needs. Business owners and vendors can have their company logo printed on them. By doing so, it can strike a perfect chord with existing customers and new consumers when newsletters or promotional material is sent to them. It often takes effort and additional cost to wrap the products before dispatch. Plastic mailing bags fulfills the need to improve your overall packaging process by enhancing assembly speed and reducing any need for added supplies such as packing tape.


    Ideally, through the use of this one mailing envelope, you can save plenty of money on bulk shipping costs. It presents an opportunity for you to connect with people in presentable manner. Imagine how it feels to the recipient when they receive such a well wrapped product in neat and tidy manner. In addition to that, these mailers are reasonably priced so that you can have plenty of them stored for random use too. Therefore, it’s no need for you to buy different packaging supplies and wrapping paper when you have the one stop capability of glamour mailers!

  • Use, Re-use For Wise-Use of Resealable Reclosable Bags

    In regards to online vending, plenty of plastic bags are available in the market but only a few are FDA/USDA approved. What makes having such an approval as a plus is that they help you expand your ability to sell this product or prevent contamination during residential food storage. Another positive about these bags is their reusable feature. Such resealable reclosable bags as these, have gained popularity due to their wonderful ability to be recycled. With that being said, these bags are also versatile in that they can be an agent for bagging just about anything while at the same time limiting a pile up of irrelevant grocery store bags within your cabinets. Now in the conventional sense, these bags are usually associated with food storage; however what make these bags quite unique are the various forms of closures such as flaps, zippers, drawstrings and locks, allowing them to be of usage for multi-tasked duties.

    Efficiency enhancing and easy to use, these plastic reclosable bags come in handy because they’ll save you time during packaging. Most notably in the kitchen, either residential or commercial, these bags reduce clutter and allow for chefs to locate items directly. The gauge thickness is so durable that items are protected from spoilage, staleness or any other damage causing agent.

    Both 4 mil reclosable bags and 2 mil reclosable bags allows successful food storage in adequate quantities. In addition, toxins caused from oxygen are a non-factor because these bags seal securely. The resealable clear plastic bags can also be directly used for oven heating which enables food to cook fast. Furthermore it is easy to wash them for immediate re-use if you so desire. A common myth associated with these bags is that if you consistently wash and reuse them it will reduce the shelf life of the bag or the sealing strength. However, Zip Top Bags are engineered with such quality that the sealers are able to endure.

    The advantage of both hang hole and white block reclosable bags is that they can be used to display particular items or maintain criminal evidences safely. In regards to food storage, these clear zip lock plastic bags are quite tough as they’re able to safeguard food from bacteria’s caused by cold and heat exposure. It is not always necessary to use the same bags again because cross contamination is harmful when mixing different food items. Therefore, the bulk amounts allow you to continuously use new bags at your leisure.

    For more information visit https://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com


  • PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com Announces Overstock Clearance Sale On Industrial Packaging Supplies

    SOLON, Ohio (August 26, 2014) PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com, a top leader in online industrial packaging supplies, have recently instituted a sale offer for a variety of overstock products. In regards to seasonal needs, high demand supplies such as Packing Tape, Reclosable Bags, Shipping/Mailing Envelopes, Packing List Envelopes and Produce Bags have been made available on their webpage, as they’ve aggressively marked down pricing rates. “Our goal is to compliment the consumers purchasing patterns by accommodating low priced premium products during this high point season of shipping and moving tasks,” says Brian Ibold, sales manager of PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com.

    As statistics show, e-commerce is increasing yearly and many small businesses are generating huge savings by using packaging resources that are durable, economical and professional. Available in bulk, these products that are being offered are useful in many aspects such as storage, spoilage control, stocking, protection and packaging.

    “With the discounted pricing associated with these products, companies are able to steer their expense budgets in other directions, stimulate more gross and become more flexible in their buying and selling power,” says Brian.

    Damage control is a huge issue that many vendors face when shipping their products through 3rd party agencies where the normal handling procedures are quite rugged, but common. Not only that, transitioning to a new location or organizing your place of business can be a bit stressful if you don’t have the right tools that will bring forth a smooth process. This is where various versions of Reclosable bags are so vital, because items can be easily displayed or determined by simply describing the contents within them.

    Who doesn’t like to save money? Whether it’s improving your efficiency, lessening damage costs, enhancing storage techniques or promoting your products more visibly, it’s well worth the purchase.

    PackaginSuppliesByMail.Com is presenting this offer for a limited time only. Be sure to log onto their website to gain more knowledge about the products that were aforementioned.

    For more details on overstock visit http://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/Closeout-Specials/

  • 5 Factors To Choose The Stretch Film For Secured Packaging

    Over the years, the industrial packaging industry has come a long way. Stretch film packaging has gained great popularity due to the economical and user friendly enhancement for load unitization. This modern packaging aid has added value to the security levels of consignments during transit and continues to solidify operations between suppliers and purchasers. Thus, stretch film has been a positive resource towards solutions pertaining to safe product delivery on both a national and international scale. For instance, hand stretch film provides an effective and low cost solution for undamaged delivery of goods despite the aggressive handling procedures that regularly exists amongst 3rd party delivery companies.

    Your dilemma

    Once a known resource for unitizing pallets, poly strapping bands nowadays cannot compare to the performance that stretch film maintains. The reason being, throughout the normal tossing, shifting and turning that occurs during transit, the straps cannot maintain steady tension and therefore products are at a hazardous high risk of damage. Likewise, wire, bungee cords and twine also face similar load holding deficiencies and also are unable to guarantee safe shipping of products. Nevertheless, stretch wrap provides certainty for various forms of shipping as it retains the capability to hold the products strongly together because of its complete self-adhering characteristics. Stretch film offers maximum stability, regardless if the package is irregular shaped, delicate, or hefty.

    Solution to the dilemma

    Stretch Wrap proves great for protecting goods against scratches, moisture, dust and damages. In addition, it’s available in various styles, sizes, colors and forms. Stretch wrap is a handy product not only for commercial use, but for residential and recreational use as well. As far as Color stretch wrap goes, this super adhesive packaging aid has a special two-fold feature in which it conceals or enhances shipments. Depending on specific business requirements, this film can be effective for both promotional and confidential deliveries.

    Potential reasons why you should buy stretch wrap

    Better at holding loads together for long:

    Compared to glue, shrink wrapping, or strapping, stretch wrap is quite an efficient method to keep many packages together. Plenty of loads have been subjected to toppling over when transported. Every stretch film has an “elastic” property which is required to withstand vibrations in order to keep loads together. In conclusion, all goods arrive intact in a damage free condition.

    Stretch wrap keeps goods clean & dry:

    Compared with other load unitization methods, stretch wrap does a better job at keeping valuables dry and clean.

    Reduces labor costs:

    The use of automatic stretch wrap equipment can lessen labor requirements during packaging operations. Stretch wrap machines can ensure that every load is consistently wrapped with a suitable amount of film.

    Stretch wrapping keeps the material at low cost:

    If high quality strong packing film is used, then you can cut down the expense of purchasing bubble wrap to reinforce your shipments. When evaluating the cost per load of a shipment, stretch wrap remains the number one most cost effective way to package a load for shipment in comparison to other resources. In fact, statistics analyze that using stretch wrap to cover loads is as low as 40 cents per shipment.

    Stretch film reduce sprains and strains:

    In low to high volume packaging applications, there is constant stooping, stretching, pulling and bending which can be hard on arms, backs and shoulders. Using the stretch wrap dispensers can reduce the injuries caused from packaging loads with other means of packaging resources.

    For more information visit http://www.packagingsuppliesbymail.com/Stretch-Wrap/

  • Top 10 Reasons For Using Stretch Wrap Hand Dispenser

    Using stretch wrap hand dispensers to wrap your merchandise may ease the muscle pain for laborers who rapidly manually package boxes as part of their daily work requirements. However, to counteract such injuries and enhance your man hours, investing in a pallet wrapping machine can prove to be more effective for numerous profitable reasons.

    Below is a list of the top 10 reasons for buying a stretch wrap dispensers opposed to continuing the traditional manual wrapping methods.

    1. Better Package

    One advantage of Pre-stretched wrap is its memory ability because it consistently returns to its original form after each usage. Extreme load holding power, this wrap is able to grip loads tightly. Generally sold as a hand wrap application, this film is comparable in performance to that of a pallet wrapping machine. With an exclusive folded edge technology, breakage during usage is obsolete plus this wrap is quite lightweight too. Due to these characteristics, laborers only need to apply small amounts to each shipment, saving them time, muscle strains and scrap accumulation.

    2. Film Savings

    Brands like cast stretch film; extended core stretch wrap, colored stretch wrap and economy stretch wrap are very durable and present an exceptional elongation capacity for any load. In addition, when using dispensers, these factors will reduce the usage of the film as nearly as 70% in comparison to manually hand wrapping packages. Also, pre-stretch wrap is even more of a plus when coupled with a dispenser. In today’s markets, stretch wrap is available in many options of gauge thickness, like 40-45 gauges for an example. Using pallet wrap dispenserssimplifies wrapping techniques because they save the amount of the film being used per application.

    stretch wrap dispenser-lightweight3. Safety

    Using stretch wrap dispensers can help employees prevent themselves from hand injuries, muscle strains and fatigue.

    4. Freight Due Reduction

    The integrity of the load is always better when using the hand held stretch wrap dispensersbecause less damage related incidents occur during transit.

    5. Reduction in Freight Costs

    Stretch wrap allows for maximum levels of packaging by utilizing higher vertical dimensions during truck loads. Not only that, stretch wrap is a featherweight option that will not add extra weight to loads. Lastly, stretch wrap is ideal for bundling packages, allowing you to ship two products for the price of one shipping fee.

    6. Cost cut down on Labor

    Guess what? Stretch wrap dispensers add efficiency to packaging assemblies which allows for less concentration of workers per task. Also, the extended core and pallet wrap applications allow for multiple workers to be able to package products simultaneously.

    7. Accomplishes heavy duty shipping tasks

    Convenient, proficient, protective and affordable describes stretch wrap dispensers to a tee. It allows packages to be bundled professionally for securing hefty pallet loads which will absorb the normal handling conditions that are common amongst 3rd party shipping and LTL companies.

    8. Increased Production

    Stretch wrap dispensers come in 3 varieties such as the standard, economical and heavy duty options. They will eliminate major risks and increase the production nearly by 200 times in every shift.

    9. Improved Flow of Product

    Universal hand dispensers allows for an entire upgrading for many companies shipment processing. By using this product, companies are able to guarantee swift shipment integrity, sustain great customer service and provided substantial satisfaction to their buyers by delivering damage free products in a timely manner.

    10. Reduction in Product Damage

    2”, 3”, 4” & 5” dimensions of stretch wrap can be installed on stretch wrap dispensers for reinforcing packages and reducing the potential level of product damage during transit. These mechanisms help in successfully packaging fragile and certain “handle with care” parcels for guaranteed safe delivery of goods.

  • Packing Tape- “The Don’ts When Discovering Quality”

    In life sometimes the greatest knowledge is consisted upon understanding “what not to do.” I’m sure we’ve all purchased things we shouldn’t of, and because of the feeling you get after being burned, you come to know better ways to observe and compare before you buy.

    The mask of commonality can sometimes discard certain deficiencies amongst product. Being that the availability of certain items is everywhere you turn, many vendors tend to devalue the type of quality they offer because their supplier’s rates are more profit appealing.

    Therefore, we at PackagingSuppliesByMail.Com-a top leader in premium packing tape, have comprised a list of don’ts when you’re searching for the right quality of tape coupled with the right budget friendly price for it. There are many versions of packing tape in the market, however the goal of this blog is to highlight only a select few and expose the obvious faults that exist:

    Packing TapeShipping Charges

    Let’s face it, the name of the game is $$$$. One of the biggest expenses that online shoppers face is shipping charges. Therefore, it’s always good to request your tape purchase’s to be bundled for shipment. This can reduce your bill tremendously and since packing tape and hot melt tape is quite durable, your purchase will be safe during transit.


    Just like when you passed the meat or dairy section and tasted a sample of the product when shopping at the local grocery store, it’s needful to request a sample of the tape you’re seeking. Online pictures and well written descriptive messages about a product can be appealing yet deceptive. After you’ve tested the product, be sure to make it known that you expect to receive the tape you sampled because even magic tricks are illusive within the e-market.


    Everyone claims to offer the best discounts, yet what they are actually supplying may not be the exact item that was promoted. Beware of the fluke substandard brands that are not the real deal. Just like there are generic clothing brands posing as the real thing, such is the case with tape. Make sure you test the weight, that will always help when a vendor tries to pull a gauge or length switch-a-roo on you.


    Again, beware of the price shopping addiction. You’ve heard the ole phrase “you get what you pay for,” and if you’re expecting to receive premium quality for cheap, you’ll be got. If it’s too good to be true, believe it, because high mark downs usually mean low performance. Many vendors realize their tape has become outdated, the seal strength isn’t as good, and with tapes like gummed tape and flat back tape, there is a high probability that they’re dry rotted.


    Look, you buy tape to seal your items period point blank. Make sure to search for well-known brand names that have a proven track record. If the vendor supplies their own brand tape, check their past performance, meaning who they have sold to. If well-known companies have purchased from them, that speaks volumes about their quality.

    I hope these were some helpful tips that will advance your purchasing habits. Feel free to chime in so that we all can gain awareness about how to get the most out of our $$$$$!

  • Top 20 Reasons to Use Reusable Bags

    Today, it appears that many supermarkets have withdrawn from the use of plastic bags and have switched to paper bags or reusable grocery bags. Overloading grocery items in single plastic bags may cause the bag to tear apart. Therefore, supermarkets have set discount incentives or freebies for customers who use home brought reusable bags. Due to the ecological fact that plastic grocery bags cause extreme harm to the environment, plus it saves the store from added expenditures, many supermarkets have decided to do away with providing them to customers.

    If you have chosen to make the switch to the recycled grocery bags, then congratulate yourself for being ecologically aware. But, if you’re still stuck on using plastic bags, then considering the facts stated below might help you make the switch, because our world deserves better treatment.

    Reality Check before you buy grocery bags

    1. A plastic bag takes nearly 15 to 1000 years for complete decomposition.
    2. Plastic bags may not biodegrade but remain at risk to photo degrade as light exposure may dissolve into toxic particles from the polymer. Generally, this occurs when being disposed in the ocean only.
    3. The recycling cost of plastic grocery bags is more costly them restocking them. Due to how customers are choosing to shop with reusable bags, more and more plastic bags are becoming less needed.
    4. As per reports of the Wall Street Journal, 1% of plastic bags are reprocessed across the world, leaving the majority percentage to survive in landfills for life.
    5. Nearly 100 billion plastic bags are used only in the USA every year- which makes the quantity for an average person between 350 & 500 bags.
    6. Thanks to their lightweight feature, many plastic bags often fly off the landfills causing more pollution problems.
    7. Public agencies in the USA spend more than $300 million to clean coastal litter per year.
    8. Plastic bags pollute the USA coastline by making up 10% of the washed debris.
    9. As per British Antarctic Survey, the cast-off bags are being found in the north towards the Arctic Circle and also in the southern hemisphere near the Falkland Islands.
    10. Nearly 1 million birds and 100,000 turtles and sea creatures die due to starvation as the plastic bags are ingested, blocking their digestive tracks.
    11. These bags are made from natural gas and petroleum products. Plastic bags use nonrenewable resources which ultimately drive up the fuel costs too.
    12. In the USA, nearly 12 million oil barrels are used for production of plastic bags.
    13. Do you think paper bags are better? If so, then know that 14 million trees are cut down by United States every year just to meet the demand for shopping bags.
    14. Paper bags require 13% more energy for production of one unit than the production of 2 plastic bags.
    15. Made from processed chemicals at high temperatures, the production of paper bags release toxins in the atmosphere at the same rate of plastic production.
    16. Paper bags weigh 10 times more than their plastic counter parts which require fuel to ship out of stores.
    17. Despite a great recyclability factor, only 20% of paper bags are reused again.
    18. Similar to plastic, paper bags produce twice the size of atmospheric waste, making them questionable towards being the best choice for environmental safety.
    19. Reusable bags are available in all kinds of stylish colors, cool prints and various shapes
    20. The average recycled grocery bag offers a shell life of seven hundredthrowaway plastic bags.
  • 7 Quick Tips About Plastic Reclosable Bags

    Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, more powerful than a locomotive….. Sound familiar? I thought so! Although reclosable Bags are not exactly the famous super hero icon Superman, they offer super solutions, super performance, they’re super economical and super versatile too! Able to be used for just about anything in life, (except for currency exchange) it’s always a plus to share insights and tips on efficient and exclusive ways to make your reclosable usage even more beneficial.

    Reclosable Bags can be located functioning strongly almost about anywhere. I’ve seen them in restaurants, lunch bags, freezers, toy boxes, offices, mechanic shops, and labs, on outdoor trips, airports, in luggage and in warehouses. With that being said, what are some tips to improving performance or doing something new with the infamous Reclosable Bag?

    Below are some helpful tips for Plastic Reclosable Bags :

    #1- Quality Control- If you are an up in coming entrepreneur or established online commercial company, well you understand how important secure packaging is for shipping your products or for your customers benefit as well. Therefore, whenever purchasing 2mil reclosable Bags or Hanghole Reclosable Bags, it’s imperative to do a quality check regarding dry rotted edge seals, top seal strip functioning, puncture defects, proper usable space, and hang hole flush and centered alignment quality.

    #2- Freezer Storage- BPA approved is an important standard for content storage. Those who are required to submit to strict guidelines that go above the general FDA requirements will need to know this fact before purchasing from your store. The reason being, certain chemicals that are contained in the bags may affect the health of others and therefore these particular purchasers are not permitted to buy brands that aren’t approved.

    #3- The Mixing Device- You can save on your salad dressings, sauces and seasonings by simply pouring the contents in a fresh reclosable Bag and begin shaking! Your salads, meats and pasta’s will be evenly saturated in whatever flavor enhancer you desire.

    #4- SAVINGS$$$- Save on shipment damages by using these bags to reinforce your products more securely. This will eliminate re-shipments, customer non satisfaction and damage control expenses.

    #5- The Transporter- Are you moving any time soon? We’ll White Block Reclosable Bags are the ideal resource for organizing various things. They constitute easy unpacking success and they certainly keep things intact.

    #6- Conservation- Instead of buying those huge bulky photo albums that consumes too much of your storage space, try Reclosable Bags. Not only can everyone pass the pics around and participate concurrently, you’re hard copy pics will endure the test of time as these bags will keep them safe.

    #7- Efficiency- Calling all chefs… these bags create speed. With the hanghole version, you don’t have to search erratically on those busy weekend rushes. Just grab the herbs and spices from the peg board and sprinkle.

    However, whenever and wherever you need Plastic Reclosable Bags, they’ll surely be there for your convenience. There are not too many products that contain such multi-tasking skills as these. Feel free to live your input, suggestions and advice for unique ways to use this product, thanks.

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