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Aisle Marking Tape

  • Improve safety awareness.
  • High quality.
  • Superior performance qualities.
  • OHSA guideline standardized tape.
  • Displays professionalism.
  • Prevents work related accidents.

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Aisle Marking Tape

Aisle Marking Tape is a fabulous addition to compliment your safety awareness features. Industry coded, whether it’s Colored Aisle Marking Tape or Striped Aisle Marking Tape, companies will be set in forewarning individuals of current hazards within their work areas. Colored Aisle Marking Tape is great for creating safe pathways throughout warehouses, general stores and construction zones. This type of tape is designed with a superior grade rubber adhesive which allows it to persevere at a high level for a long-time period. With its exterior vinyl backing, this tape maintains a glow that can be noticed from a distance and it’s able to be stepped upon without being compromised. Both Colored Aisle Marking Tape and Striped Aisle Marking Tape are OHSA certified and standard for protecting companies against liability claims.

Striped Aisle Marking Tape presents a double benefit as it can also be used for floor markings or machinery lock-out/tag-out notifications throughout work areas. The type of coding these tape provide to help protect individuals,communicates notice’s such as “danger,” “caution,” “safety,” and “boundary.” Another benefit regarding aisle marking tape that it is offered in either 2 inch or 3-inch width sizes.

These tape are very flexible and able to withstand both cold and hot temperatures while providing longevity in appearance. Due to their top notch adhesive strength, these tape can stick well to any surface such as metal, plastic or cement. Aisle marking tape is a product that is applicable for both residential and commercial purposes. 

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